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Wed 14th Dec 2011

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Jack_Glenn commented on Review: The Hidden (3DS):

This is embarrassing (as is everything published by Majesco). Ghostwire will be so much better than this — it will have an actual story.



Jack_Glenn commented on Mario Party 9 and Rhythm Heaven Fever Release ...:

Mario Party 8 used to be so much fun back when the Wii was a really big deal. But now I'm sort of unsure about Mario Party 9... I think I'll just Gamefly it. On the other hand, I LOVED Rhythm Heaven on the DS, and at such a low price for this Wii version, I'll probably give in.



Jack_Glenn commented on Nintendo America Dates Upcoming 3DS Games:

I'm guessing that Animal Crossing will be formally announced (with a real name) at E3 2012, and will carry a Holiday 2012 release date. A release before then is just unrealistic; a game like this takes a lot of work.