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3DS Video Recording On the Way

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

More StreetPass also confirmed

Amongst the frenzy of announcements of new games and peripherals, some other news of interest has emerged for 3DS owners through a Nintendo press release.

A system update in November will bring two major updates to the system. Firstly, there will be a new function to record 3D Video with the camera. Details such as the functionality that will be available for viewing and editing, as well as how much recording time is possible, are not provided. It's also confirmed that 'new experiences' are on the way for those who have conquered the puzzle and quest challenges in the StreetPass Mii Plaza. There are no hints at what these experiences will be, so fevered speculation can ensue.

Although in depth detail is scarce, there's not long to wait. Will you be filming your next event with your 3DS?

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kdognumba1 said:

This sounds nice but I'd like to know about messaging and voice vid and text chat functions as well as if we'll ever be able to invite friends to online games as well as if I'll ever be able to add people over the net to my friends list.



TKOWL said:

Lol, last night I was thinking "Why doesn't my 3DS record video?", then I see this.

Very happy about this



daznsaz said:

couldnt be happier someone will probably make a video site you can access and view everyones vids.just realised need another update to enable flash.



Burning_Spear said:

StreetPass sounds good, but 3D recording? There's not enough battery for it, and the camera sucks anyway.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

bout time, but then, the announcement says November, which means we'll be lucky to have it by Christmas if the track record is any indicator



Kyloctopus said:

What you have posted has been announced for a while now. (Save for the release month, but Satoru did say fall)



Samholy said:

allright! sweet move nintendo, i didnt see this one coming neither ! (with 2 monster hunter titles)

glad i got a 16gb sd card (lexar platinum 16gb SDHC for the interested. it works flawlessly so far)



Birdman said:

Eh, I could work without the video recording, but the "new experiences" intrigue me ...



NintyMan said:

I can probably use some 3D video recording, but like anyone else, I find these "new experiences" interesting as well.



Joco84 said:

the 3d photos aren't that great, so i don't think 3d video will look any better.....



daznsaz said:

they should support flash and get together with create 3ds tube would be good.dont think theyd go down that road though



Ren said:

3D video makes this entire purchase worth it for me. Totally awesome. Yeah, it's cheap and cheesy but what other device can you get at this pricepoint that does it? (and all the other stuff a 3DS has?).
As a film maker by trade this is the coolest toy I could get. Light stuff well and you could make some real neat videos on the fly. (at least until more phones can do it here in a couple years)



McGruber said:

Thats cool that the function will finally be added, but the quality of the cameras is so terrible I can't imagine how it is going to look with moving video. Give me video chat, or even regular chat with friends an I might be a little more happy



19Robb92 said:

Nice Though it was pretty obvious this would be coming at some point. I'm more interested in the Plaza overhaul tbh. I love the street pass games!



Blaze said:

I still haven't finished Streetpass Quest anyway (I am in the last room) and I've finished 2 puzzles out of...... I think it's four? I don't need a new update, what I need is more Streetpasses than one since March 25th.



Muzer said:

The important thing for me is whether or not you'll be able to convert and add your own videos.



Sneaker13 said:

3D Video is interesting, but I look more forward to the new StreetPass things since I've complete both ages ago.



FonistofCruxis said:

i still haven't finished the streetpass games that we already have so I'm not that bothered about the new ones.



Supremeist said:

Haven't finished the 2 Streetpass games but I'm excited to see more. Also 3D Video Recording - Good quality or not - It's a gaming handheld, can't expect a nice camera quality on it. Awesome news.



UNC5052 said:

I would be excited about it, but I just got the LG Thrill 4G which will probably have better 3d video recording than my 3DS.



Milkman-123 said:

this sounds like an application, which means its free. but this is a system update, so i expect it to be on my menu when its complete



Shadow100 said:

I think I read that wrong, but is the new streetpass game only for people who finished the first two?



SuperLink said:

I just wish you could earn more than 10 play coins a day.

I go to school every day, and I get about 4,500 steps...and 10 play coins! 10! That's so stupid! I should be able to get at least 30, but 10? Seriously? That's pathetic!



Thwiidscube said:

More StreetPass games, 3D video recording, info on Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.... Nintendo, I love you!



RantingThespian said:

I am dying to do some funny SCTV parodies with that 3D video camera. Now all I need is a tuxedo, small glasses, pancakes and syrup. Gotta love John Candy, rip you kind and funny, funny man.

As for the Mii Plaza stuff, that doesn't interest me. I can't do much there because I don't live in the city, and I know of no one that owns a 3DS. Actually, almost none of my friends like video games. I have been carrying it with me if I do go downtown or to the store, yet I never get anything when I get home . . . and yes the streetpass is on.

Right now, just give me SM3D Land and MK7.



Token_Girl said:

Nintendo actually providing promised future services through firmware updates?


Still, it's a pretty neat feature, or it would be if the cameras were stronger than .5 megapixels. Great! A Blurry Blob now in 3D!

I tried really hard to be not sarcastically excited, but I failed.

/goes back to Pokemon and Zelda.



grumblegrumble said:

If I could save the world or shoot a movie with my 3DS that would be wonderful! It wouldn't matter, though. The battery and camera are sub-par and low budget. Hey, maybe we could make an indie film?!



Sam_Loser2 said:

I don't mind the video, but the new streetpass functions catch my eye. It is rare for me to get a streetpass conection at all, let alone with a game I have, so more built-in streetpass options would be nice.



LordAndrew said:

@53 The exact same way someone with no Internet and no friends would use them. StreetPass doesn't require or use the Internet, and you don't have to have ever met anyone you tag.

If you refer to the use of Internet for the system update, try to get access to a connection temporarily when updates come out. I'm not sure how StreetPass interactions would work when an updated system communicates with an un-updated system, hopefully the unsupported features are just silently ignored by the older system and doesn't cause problems.



crazyj2312 said:

If it didn't need to be bright as hell to see anything with the camera, then I would give it more consideration. Also, no pictochat? The 3DS needs a chat function lol



Raptor78 said:

"I'm not sure how StreetPass interactions would work when an updated system communicates with an un-updated system, hopefully the unsupported features are just silently ignored by the older system and doesn't cause problems."

If you play any games that use Streetpass features like DoA, Nintendogs, Street Fighter etc... those features only pass to other systems that also use the feature but will only show up as a normal Streetpass hit to people who dont, so I would imagine that any systems that havnt been updated would work exactly the same. However I would imagine that you could still use Streetpasses from those who havnt updated on new Quest levels and suchlike because something like that wouldnt depend on or affect their systems but there is nothing to stop you using their mii.
Until we know what new Streetpass features they are going to add we will never know.
One of the Streetpass features I use, nobody out of the fifty hits ive had use it and that is the 3D music Streetpass feature and I dont think that causes any problems.



Maggots said:

class 10 32 GB SDHC card? ... check.... now let me do fun things with video Nintendo... like the fun I had on the DSi camera... (also bring that functionality back ... i miss that)



Nintendo3DSLife said:

Woah for real?I think nintendo is making the 3ds 5-10x more popular with the 3d video app on the 3ds on november.Can't wait!I may finally record 3d videos and watch them over and over again.Maybe I can also post them on the web too IDK.

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