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Super Mario Galaxy 2 up for BAFTA Game of the Year

Posted by Trevor Chan

As the only Nintendo platform game up for nomination, do your bit and vote now!

It's that time of the year again, when gamers have the opportunity to vote which title should win the GAME Award 2010 recognition at the annual British Academy Video Game Awards.

The GAME Award is the only category that's open to public voting, so you better make the most of it. Super Mario Galaxy won the Best Game 2007 category, beating high-profile competition from the likes of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Fable II. Plumber knows how to do his thing! This year, high-flying sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the only game on a Nintendo platform (and a Wii exclusive too) up for the award and faces stiff competition once again, but with your votes, hopefully it can take the top spot like its predecessor.

When we announced our Game of the Year awards last month, Super Mario Galaxy 2 did exceptionally well by earning the accolades of Nintendo Life's Game of the Year, Wii Game of the Year, Best Visuals, and Best Sound. It also took the top spot in our Reader's Choice Awards 2010 as voted by you. But hey, you can never have too many awards, can you?

To vote on the BAFTA Game of the Year Award, head over to the official voting page and register the game that you think should take the crown of GAME Award 2010. By casting your vote, you can enter yourself into a prize draw where you can stand a chance to win a Microsoft home entertainment system. The nominations this year are:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Dance Central
  • FIFA 11
  • Halo Reach
  • Heavy Rain
  • Limbo
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2

The BAFTA Awards will take place at The London Hilton on Park Lane on Wednesday, 16th March. The event will once again be presented by Dara O'Briain.


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User Comments (71)



Archy said:

This is kind of funny and ironic, vote for a Wii game to win a Xbox 360.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

I would vote for Mass Effect 2. But Red Dead Redemption, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Heavy Rain and Limbo are good choices, too. I didn't play any of the other nominees.



FonistofCruxis said:

There should be more than one nintendo game there. I can't beleive that dance central got nominated over the likes of DKCR and NMH2. None of the other games even come close to the excellence of SMG2. Well, maybe limbo.



DrCruse said:

Voted for Black Ops. I haven't played Black Ops, I just doubt any of the other games on that list could be more boring than SMG2.



Linkstrikesback said:

Announcing that you're voting for black ops is a good way to get people to hate you.
Hope SMG2 wins, but I guess Mass Effect 2 and RDR got the hype they did for some reason, so I'd probably be ok with them winning, even though I've not played them.



bboy2970 said:

The fact that Galaxy 2 is the only Nintendo game on the list and Dance Central gets priority over things like DKCR and Kirby is pitifull. Whatever, I'm used to the Wii being totally shafted by the general gaming public. Hopefully 3DS will be able to bring a few of those worthless, mindless drones on board...



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'll gladly vote for Super Mario Gala...

...wait, Red Dead's on that list? /me votes Redemption.



Robo-goose said:

Nuh-aw! I'm not letting CoD: Black Ops take first place!
I'm voting for Shawn Johnson Gymnastics.



ShadowSniper7 said:

If Super Mario Galaxy wasn't on there, I'd probably vote for Limbo (Such an epic game). And if that wasn't there I'd pick Reach.



Tylr said:

Geez, talk about not giving credit where its due: Where's DKCR at?



SwerdMurd said:

...mass effect 2, heavy rain, or red dead. I kinda hope heavy rain wins since it's the only original IP in the list...and limbo...meh....and i'm offended by dance central's inclusion. but yeah--can't in good faith vote for smg2...didn't do much for me.



Chunky_Droid said:

Voted for SMG2, tough decision between that and Red Dead.

As for anything else on the list, meh.



MR_SUPREME69 said:

Sorry Mario I voted Mass Effect 2. ME2 and Red Dead were the best games.Mario just couldn't hit as hard with all the other games that came out.



Robo-goose said:

Seriously though, if SMG2 loses to Call of Duty: Reskined3 Black Ops, I'll lose a ton of faith in the gaming gods.



The_Fox said:

It's actually pretty simple to see why Black Ops could easily beat Super Mario Galaxy 2. Blops was released on all three systems while SMG 2 only hit the Wii, meaning more people were exposed to Black Ops. Pretty simple.

That, and Blops was the superior game compared to SMG2. But few on this site would agree.
Mass Effect 2 was still the best overall.



Ickaser said:

I'm sorry, but Halo: Reach is the best on that list. And I don't even have Xbox Live Gold (which is necessary for playing online).



Pj1 said:

What would Nintendo win if they re-did Mario 64 with Galaxy style graphics?



Robo-goose said:

"It's actually pretty simple to see why Black Ops could easily beat Super Mario Galaxy 2. Blops was released on all three systems while SMG 2 only hit the Wii, meaning more people were exposed to Black Ops. Pretty simple."

I can't argue with that, although I am embarrassed that I forgot such an important fact. You win.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Is it fair to vote for a game I still haven't played yet?
I loved the first Mario Galaxy but just haven't gotten around to part two just yet.
There are so many games out there, I wish I could somehow play them all at once!
I feel like I would need several lifetimes to play all the games worth playing these days.



NassaDane said:

If i voted i'd go for Heavy Rain. I never got the love for Galaxy (only played the first) Don't get me wrong, i've been playing Marios since a wee lad and really loved Sunshine but Galaxy just wasn't fun. But i would vote Galaxy over Black Oops easily since FPS are very boring game (All you do is controle a cross hair and press a button). A flawed Platformer is much better than a FPS, if you ask me. But Heavy Rain is just crazy. And Red Dead got boring pretty fast.



Noire said:

I would have seriously considered voting for Donkey Kong Country Returns had it been on the list.

As it stands, I'd totally have to go with Mass Effect 2 over all of those. Such an amazing game.

Of course I'm not gonna vote anyways, I would feel weird voting in another county's awards ceremony. D:



edhe said:

What? Only one of these games has any British input (RDR). Why is the list mainly populated by foreign games?

BAFTA should only allow nominations for British produced games - that is if they want to promote the British games industry like they do with films and the main BAFTA film awards.



JimLad said:

@edhe Isn't NFSHP made by Criterion?
I voted Mario, without him 3D platforming would be pretty much dead by now.



edhe said:

I must have overlooked that one, but my point still stands. There should be a greater focus on homegrown games.

I'm not voting because (besides my original point), out of all of them, I've only played FIFA 11 (very dissapointing, unless it's only because I own the Wii version) and Mass Effect 2 (if only for a few seconds to register content - I'm still in the process of playing the first one).



outrun2sp said:

RDR deserves to win. Takes months to get through it all.

Mass Effect 2 is a good nomination.

There is no reason for DKCR to be on there. Thats fanboyism itself to expect it to be there.

Nintendo has changed allot over the years. Next year I cant even imagine a game being on the list as they shift the focus to handhelds.



Mahe said:

Bahta. Isn't there anything better? I don't like Super Mario Galaxy.

Just Dance 2 should at least be there.




To be honest that's a good list of games but Super Mario Galaxy 2 should win hands down. Simply because not only is it an all time great and better than the 2007 winner SMG1 it is inclusive and appeals to all kinds of gamers (and the odd non-gamer). The other games are isolationist, hardcoreist and cinematic games (except Fifa 11 and Dance Central) which - although I like having the odd playthrough on - I have renounced. Its sony that's changed a lot over the years and much as nintendo. Ninty are going the way I like, Sony et al aren't. Hopefully, Microsoft can improve the Kinect (although I'm boycotting Prime Sense, so I can't get that platform unfortunately).

There ought to be a larger list so games like Donkey Kong Country (I really like it, but don't love it - but I acknowledge its near perfect 2d platforming) can get up there. I wouldn't care if that were made by Capcom or anyone else, its not fanboyism at all. Rather an inclusional gaming fanman/fanboy than an isolationist, cinematic gaming fanboy - sorry. DKCR should be up there if fracking Fifa 11 and Dance Central are up there anyway. Fifa 11 wasn't as good as the previous games in the series anyway was it?

I don't think SMG2 would win an award like a Bafta gaming award as they tend to go for the cinematic, joypad/gamepad controller in hands gaming which lean heavily toward the hardcore. SMG 1 was a surprise exception when the Wii was new and a little wonderous in that it bucked the awful trend that gaming had been taken down.

That's just my honest opinion




Portista said:

These selections of games aren't even that good. I might vote for Mario Galaxy 2 because Nintendo should be on top.



Tylr said:


Not necessarily fanboyism but it was a dang good game, i personally prefer it over SMG2. Well polished, creative gameplay, and actually challenging levels is something shouldn't go unnoticed. It has its flaws too, still, a cut above the rest of the usual stuff. Go ahead and call me a stuckup fanboy but its one of the better platformers in my opinion.

I would like to see something else besides FPSs and zombie fighting games on that list.




@60 ... yes, I've re-adapted it from its main use in politics... the meaning when applied to video gaming ought to be clear...



Chris720 said:

I haven't played any of them except for Fifa 11, but Ima vote for SMG2 and hopefully win an Xbox :3



VoltSlash said:

I might have missed them, but where are Ocarina of Time, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Final Fantasy VIII or Shadow Hearts Covenant? Seen as they're timeless games, they should compete every year. No game on that list can even hold a candle to these, not even SMG2. Still, out of that pathetic list, SMG2 is the best thing to vote on.



Phobos said:

Call of Duty: Black Ops may steal the win with all those brain-washed Xbox smashers.



OldBoy said:

Voted NFS:HP awesome game!
Haven't played SMG2 so I can't vote for that and out of all the others I've played I liked NFS the most. What can I say , I love arcade racers

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