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E3 2010: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Posted by Reed Kalso

Kirby's journey to the Wii ends in a twist, now with trailer!

Kirby’s debut on the Wii has been a long, confounding process. In fact, it dates back to the waning days of the GameCube, when a trailer of an untitled Kirby game emerged, with a “2.5-D” sidescrolling style, a la Kirby 64, and abilities, co-op and movesets reminiscent of Kirby Super Star. When the Wii came along, it was one of several developing GameCube games that was repurposed to bolster the new console's lineup. However, while Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario and DK: Barrel Blast all saw life on the Wii, nothing more was ever seen of the Kirby game, and it was perpetually listed as “TBA (Current Year)” on Nintendo’s list of release dates. But Kirby Wii resurfaced at E3…in a completely different form.

The world of Kirby’s Epic Yarn appears to be sewn together, a look that evokes memories of Yoshi’s Story, Paper Mario and of course, Kirby's Dream Land 3. But while the storybook appearance of those titles was primarily an aesthetic move, it’s significant to the gameplay of Epic Yarn. Kirby is seen attaching to flying objects to hitch a ride, unravelling scenery to reveal secrets, grappling with foes and “wrinkling” segments of a stage to shorten gaps. He also appears to transform as the situation demands, obtaining a surfboard when crossing water, turning into a submarine when he goes underneath and becoming a car at dashing speeds. His classic UFO ability is present, as are some new ones, such as a giant (but still adorable) robot. A nondescript partner character appears in some scenes, suggesting that the game also supports two-player cooperation.

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Epic Yarn is expected to release this fall, so Kirby fans have a little while to ponder its unique style.


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warioswoods said:

I'm quite impressed with the visual style on this one. It's a worthy way for Kirby to return to the big screen.



nintendogamerftw said:

I'm not sure I want it. I'd been waiting for a Kirby game on Wii for a while, but this isn't exactly what I was expecting. I'll have to wait and see...



Kid_A said:

Positively brilliant artistic design, and it looks like it really plays into the gameplay as well.



JakobG said:

Looks like someone really liked the title of the new Mickey Mouse game.



EdEN said:

Love the look and the game has a lot of potential. Added to my end of the year list.



WaveGhoul said:

brilliant art direction, i was amazed when I saw this, along with Donkey Kong Returns.



Klapaucius said:

Looked beautiful. Same kind of concept to Paper Mario, creating a whole world like paper, except this time its all woven and sewn and with stitching and zips O_O Aaah, looks awesome!



ToastyYogurt said:

When you hear that a game's graphics have been dramatically changed, this is not what you have in mind....



odd69 said:

Day one buy. This is easily put on my number one game to buy now, yes im more excited about this than Zelda.



TKOWL said:

Wow, this looks as innovative as Canvas Curse! Definitely looking forward to playing it.



Tails said:

First day buy for me. Loved Kirby since the very first and will always love him :3.



HappyHappy said:

I am excited that we finally have a Kirby game on the Wii, but I am not sure about this. The gameplay looks cool and I understand that the developers were trying to take this game into a new direction, but I feel like this game needs to go back were it came from.



Megumi said:

Kinda surprised with the visuals...wondered what happened to the GameCube one...well, whatever. lol



rjejr said:

My personal distaste for 2D side-scrollers aside, this looks really interesting.

It does look a lot like Yoshi's Story, which I bought on VC after constantly reading about how easy it was, only it wasn't. So I think we'll wait on this one until after the reviews come out. We still haven't gotten SMBWii after reading how hard it was.

Well, that and the little voice in my head that keeps telling me not to buy 2D sidescollers for $50 when I can buy the originals for $10 on VC.



Tannman42 said:

The graphics just make me smile everytime I see this game. I now have new found respect for Kirby. I have never played a game of his before but I think I'll buy some of his old games now.



ClickMaster said:

Wow,Very unique. Hopefully it will have as much gameplay as kirby superstar ultra, and it looks like helpers will return,too! can't wait for this one, might even hide 50 bucks someone until it comes out!



JimLad said:

The style sells it for me. It's not often I think that way, but this game... makes you smile, just from seeing it!
I just want to buy it and show it to people, it's the most charming game I've ever seeeeeeeen O_O



Crystalking18 said:

This game looks really good, but I'm wondering what happened to Kirby's Signature ability to eat people and take their powers? Don't get me wrong, I'll still be buying this game no matter what, but having Kirby take enemies powers and "sews" them to him to get their powers seems like a good idea



Terra said:

The graphics reminded me slightly of Yoshi's Island when I first saw them. It looks fantastic, great to finally see a new Kirby adventure on a home console.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

If only it wasn't Kirby. That's all I find wrong with this game. I want a real Kirby game... Maybe next year.



jbrodack said:

This looks like crap. The characters aren't even colored in and I don't see kirby inhaling anything. Kirby was always cute and child friendly but this looks way to kiddy.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

This game seriously looks incredible. I love the visual style and the game looks insanely fun. I want it now!!!



Bassman_Q said:

Loving the art style and gameplay, but it almost looks better suited for WiiWare... But then again we've seen some good 2D platformers on the Wii selling for full retail price... Hopefully this will be $40 rather than the usual $50, just like A Boy and His Blob was.



Mike1 said:

This game looks fantastic, and really fun as well. Then again, all Kirby games are fun.



Bobpie said:

  • cries *
    Damn, I thought it said 'Kirby's Epic YAM for a second. That would've been such a cool title......


jer18 said:

gotta be in agreement with others about waiting this long and expecting something different. I prob wont be getting it. ok.. maybe i would.. for the Miss.



Mr_Saturn said:

@18, 43, 59: Heck yeah, I read "Epic Yam" and I thought the creative juices were REALLY flowing. Epic Yarn sounds a little lame, but compared to Epic Yam what doesn't sound a little lame?
But think of the possibilities... Maybe Kirby could eat this epic yam and transform into something all-powerful in order to fight some mysterious force. I don't know. I'm not a game developer, all I know is that Epic Yam would be an instant classic.



super-nintendo said:

I love it, and all you guys have awesome taste!!!!!! Good to see gamers who can spot talent in game design even if you don't see boobs, blood, and guts. Great E3 Nintendo!!!!!



Deviant_Mugen said:

This game's graphical style oozes charm! I've never played a Kirby game, but after seeing this trailer I might have to make this my first...



rafaelluik said:

A Kirby game reinventing the actual games gameplay (like aways).
Cutest moment on E3! I LOVE IT!

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