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Sat 28th Nov 2009

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Snipes commented on Nintendo Responds to 3DS Black Screen Error:

It's a plot of sabotage from Microsoft!
I've put some good time into mine and haven't had it happen yet. Also, what's with all this freaking out and the threats to not buy one? You realize it's under a one year warranty right?



Snipes commented on High Court Outlaws Flash Carts in UK:

lol at homebrew and backing up games being illegal. The reason anyone with integrity downloads a game is to back it up. For example, playing a game on Wii with a disc means load times and it's harder on your system. With a downloaded copy it's loading directly from your system which means it's easier to run.

On another point, outlawing these things may just very well make computer emulation hit an all time high. There are already DS emulators out there that were good enough for someone with little or no skill. This is the problem, not being able to hold as many games as you want on a cart that is portable, but being able to go and download a ds game without even owning the system? Which sounds like more of a loss to Nintendo to you?



Snipes commented on Guinness Appoints Zelda the Third-Best Game Se...:

Halo really isn't that bad of a game... It doesn't deserve to be classified within the same country as a game like CoD... Zelda is great as well but unfortunately not many people have really played the series to enjoy it enough. Overall the gaming community is going to vote a game like Halo more. (BTW MW2 is not realistic at alll... People whine that it is but who really cares if it is or not? Still overrated.)



Snipes commented on DS Successor To Offer 3D Gaming:

This can't really be the 3D most people are thinking of... It will more than likely be like the current DSiWare games that move with the camera to create a 3D effect. The technology to do an actual 3D already exists (IMAX theaters for example) but for Nintendo to put this in a handheld would skyrocket the price so much we would all have to be living on the moon by the time we have enough money to buy this thing. But we'll all find out more about it at E3...



Snipes commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

@brandonbwll Yea I kinda agree.... Lately Nintendo has failed to impress me with their new outcomes. It gets over-hyped and then makes me regret buying it because of its actual quality.



Snipes commented on Near Five Year Development Cycle for Zelda Wii?:

Hasn't it already been verified by Reggie that this isn't coming out until 2011?

Also from the Zelda Informer site:
"That issue came out in January 2007. So it's already official, it has had the longest development cycle since Ocarina of Time."
If this game is half as epic and fun as OoT It will be worth buying 5 times just for the sake of supporting it.



Snipes commented on EarthBound:

I wish they would release a trilogy with all the Mothers for DS.