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Live Text: European Gamers Summit 2010

Posted by Anthony Dickens

We're LIVE from London for Nintendo's European Gamers Summit 2010

From 10am onwards we'll be live-blogging from Nintendo European Gamers Summit 2010 at the O2 Arena, London. What will Nintendo have in store for us? Mario Galaxy 2? Sin & Punishment 2? Or perhaps a shock announcement, like Pilotwings Wii or Pikmin 3?

There's no need to refresh this page - via the wonders of the internet (and a few magic beans) it will update automatically before your very eyes, timestamps should display in local time to your computer.

We'll be getting some hands-on time with some of Nintendo's upcoming games after the event, so keep your eyes on the site over the next few days.

Live Text - Updates will load here automatically, no need to refresh the page.


Who'd like to buy a 4GB Nintendo branded USB stick? Only joking, as if we'd sell


We hope you enjoyed our live text report. Stay tuned for more a more detailed report later today


Well that's it for us for the day. We're gonna go hit Starbucks and charge the iPhone


The Zapper control scheme works really well, there's lots of variety in the gameplay... One to watch out for!


I really enjoyed S&P2. It's as manic as ever, but is much less confusing than N64 original


Now all that is left to do is play Sin & Punishment 2


More impressions to come later tonight. Watch this space!


So is another stage where you have to jump from red tiles to blue tiles which disapear as you spin


The chilli eating Yoshi stage is fiendish beyond belief


Galaxy 2 is amazing. Feels bigger and better than ever


Back in line to play Galaxy 2


Lunch was very continental and hearty! We're both stuffed now


Need to grab some lunch now. More Metroid insights later today in our big write-up


Other M is really cool. It's still "Metroid" but with a refreshing twist. Perfect reboot perhaps!


Samus is a curvey babe


Watching trailer on 60" LCD. Looks amazing. Almost HD!


But point Wiimote at TV and it goes FPS


Controlled with Wiimote NES style. 2D style


It's cinematic action, lots of cutscenes


Other M story follows Super Metroid


Abort mission!! Orange wristbands going to playtest Metroid Other M


Just joined the queue to play Mario Galaxy 2. It's VERY long!


Looks good for a Wii game thou. Lots of stuff to see and do


Just uses classic controller. Lots of annoying loading times between areas


Played some multiplayer Monster Hunter Tri... Controls take a while to get used to


It's region locked for the moment thou. Euro can't play USA


Monster Hunter Trihas free wifi play


She was a good sport about it though


Dazza just kicked Pandora's ass on Photo Dojo!


Not our timeslot for Metroid yet. Can't wait though!


Take custom sound effects too. Could this be the next big thing in social handheld gaming?


Have to take photos for each move. Daz is doing a virtual Hadouken!


Ready for the Nintendo Life grudge match now, @DaddyNewts versus @darrencalvert!


Playing all of these on XL by the way. It's huge!


Looks quite fun if a bit simplistic and not especially skilful. Looks like a modern Rockem Sockem Robots with photo and custom audio support!


Darren is on Photo Dojo now getting beaten up by a girl!


WarioWare DIY hands on now - seems very versatile and quite powerful for a DS game. Sharing with Wii is easy and looks like it could deliver. Very long training mode though!


Create your own Warioware minigames on DS then play on WiiWare


It links with the DS version


Checking out WarioWare DIY on WiiWare


It's kinda like a Kirby game. Bouncing the ball around screen, smashing blocks


Dazza got an A-rank. He's a gaming legend!


It's a disc game that looks very colourful, motion controlled


Darren is about to play Flingsmash, a MotionPlus pinball platformer with one to one movement.


Will keep you guys up to date with anything interesting


We're gonna go play some games now


The speech is over, no more news!


We're gonna get hands on with Other M later


Metroid Other M due Q3 in Europe


5th March DSi XL launch date


DSi XL 93% bigger screen


Fling Smash due summer


S&P launches 7th May in Europe


Sin & Punishment looking awesome, very frantic


Dragon Quest due in summer


Monster Hunter Tri, free online play, 23rd April


SMG2 to be released on 11th June in Europe


Bigger and better than before!


Mario Galaxy 2 on screen. Looks amazing


We've got orange press bands, except James' is green with "orange" handwritten on it! lol


Woohoo it's starting!


The complimentary Danishes hit the spot. Might have another cup o' tea soon


Sade playing in the background, it's like waiting for a movie in the 90s


Sadly we're not allowed to take any photos during the event. Press packs will be given later


Sin & Punishment logo on one of the screens. Gonna be a big hitter on Wii this year we hope


Just waiting for the event to kick off....


We're finally here!


Dec has just fallen into the Thames


We just saw Ant & Dec teaching a middle class Chinese family dressed in white how to use Wii Fit


We've just heard a rumour that the O2 Arena has been redecorated to look like Samus's spaceship!


We're still alive guys. Out in the open again. James still the worst hotel booker EVER!


Nintendo Life HQ starting to get worried as to the whereabouts of our roving reporters... are they LOST?!


It appears that the hotel which @daddynewts booked for us is about an hour away from the 02!


The breakfast of champions!


Morning all. We're going to enjoy the finest breakfast known to humanity in our luxury hotel... then we're setting off to the 02


Hey, at least he didn't ask you two for beaver shots. Be thankful for small favors!


This is Prosody updating to say that he and Darren are in fact in separate rooms, and will not be sharing a bed. Thanks for those homosexual insinuations though, Damo.


Beware of roaming hands and noxious body gas releases under the covers.


In fact, he said he was relishing the chance to get a bit closer to his good friend Darren.


Sadly due to budget cuts they're having to share a bed, but James has told us he doesn't mind one bit.


We're getting reports here at Nintendo Life HQ that James and Darren are snuggled up in bed with their teddies getting some much-needed sleep before the big event tomorrow


We also hear there's gonna be a bigger DSi... amazing scenes - love James x x


I thought Miyamoto said "I need to get a life FTW"


NEWSFLASH: Mario Galaxy 2 and another Metroid game coming soon...who'd have thought it?


Miyamoto just drove by in his Humvee shouting "Nintendo Life FTW!"


Hello Nlife fans! Dazza and Prosody are in London camped out Nintendo's London Media Summit waiting to report all the news to you lovely people tomorrow

The live text is due to start at 10:30am GMT (05:30am EST, 02:30am PST) on Thursday, 25th February, 2010.

All updates will also be automatically tweeted to our twitter account.

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User Comments (126)



nintendogamerftw said:

I'll be staring at this page all day... or until my eyes fall out, whichever comes first.
EDIT: I know I'm from America, but just in case there are some surprises...



Jonny said:

Same, saying Galaxy one came out over here the same week as the USA i'm very hopeful for a repeat occurrence.



Deviant_Mugen said:

'16:15:42 - Miyamoto just drove by in his Humvee shouting "Nintendo Life FTW!"'

Also, that arena looks awesome...



yoshdude64 said:

16:15:42's thing made me laugh.. So does Nintendo watch us and see what we want from them? ... *Shifty eyes.. I could use this to my advantage!



Objection said:

Nice tech going here. Hope we hear more about Zelda and a few surprise titles soon...



CoffeeWithGames said:

Hoping for a surprise game announcement. I didn't really learn much new at the US and Australian summits...let's go EUROPE!



Awesome5 said:

Wait, im confused with the europe time vs u.s. Time thing... What will the time be when it starts? (based on the 24 hour clock that theyre using for the updates.)



JamieO said:

@Awesome5 It will be approximately 11 hours and 55 mins from now until 10.30am (UK Thurs).
Therefore that is 11 hours and 25 mins until 10am (UK Thurs).
Doh, this comment does not help much, sorry about that. @Zaphod_Beeblebrox 's answer (below) is much more helpful and specific for US gamers.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

I hope there will an announcement about the future of Virtual Console since Nintendo (Europe) definitely doesn't try to support this service anymore if you see the rapid decline in releases on Virtual Console.



AVahne said:

well USA probably gave us all we needed to know, but hey there might be some surprises in Europe since Miyamoto is there
did he actually say "Nintendo Life FTW"?



Megumi said:

So wait, this starts tomorrow right? lol
Stupid timezones always confuse me. XD



Dazza said:

It's close to midnight now, live text will resume in around 10 hours. Goodnight all



bboy2970 said:

Hopefully they saved some surprises for Europe. As awsome as today was, I still didn't get any of what I really wanted.



Machu said:

I'm impressed dudes, the blogification is v.nice.

Have a great time!!!



Raylax said:

James/Darren thing immortalised in sig. This is going to stick forever :3



antster1983 said:

Sadly I'll be working during the Summit but I will check up on everything when I get back



rjejr said:

I can't imagine anything new will be added to today's US media summit (which, while maybe not anything "new new" was still full of very customer friendly release dates) but it's nice to know I'll have something to peruse while drinking the morning coffee. nite nite all.



Token_Girl said:

Looks like pretty much both the Aussie and US summit focused on release dates. I'm guessing that's what'll happen in Europe too. So much for the really "big" surprise! (Though I am surprised both Galaxy and Other M will be summer releases).



Chunky_Droid said:

I'll be looking forward to the hands-on impressions afterwards, especially Metroid: Other M, as we know basically nothing of this game!



CanisWolfred said:

All I want to know is the release date for Sin & Punishment 2. Otherwise I can ignore this like I've ignored every other gaming event out there.



Corbs said:

It's June 7th. You must have ignored the news post about it while you were doing all of your ignoring.



bboy2970 said:

What does anyone think the chances are of Nintendo revealing a DSi SD menu for their last summit?



StarDust4Ever said:

"17:14:57 - Beware of roaming hands and noxious body gas releases under the covers."
"20:10:17 - Hey, at least he didn't ask you two for beaver shots. Be thankful for small favors!"

Come on guys, at least try to act like professionals here!



timp29 said:

I think this starts at 20:30 EST in Australia for those who are interested (namely the Australians and 18:30 for the Kiwis)

Was Darren the big spoon or the little spoon? I'm guessing big spoon.



Sabrewing said:

Finding out Sadness was REAL all of this time -- and was completed, no less -- would be a REAL shock treatment.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm really excited for the european dates as they'll be a good indicator (hopefully) of the Australian dates. Can't wait for nearly every game that was shown in the American Summit. Hopefully Miyamoto does a speech of some description.



Token_Girl said:

Whaaa! The suspense is killing me! That's pretty sweet how it really does update automatically though. I'm guessing that has to do with Ant's awesomeness.



KDR_11k said:

By the time the messages pop up all my clocks show a way later time than the timestamp on the message (several minutes difference), is there a delay between submission and appearance or is that just the current time on the server's clock?



citizenerased said:

I'm expecting S&P2, SMG2 and Other M dates. Literally nothing else. Possibly an Other M trailer, but not counting on it.



Gavin_Rozee said:





killer6370 said:

Hmm the DSi XL is absoulutely not for me i love small and light not huge and heavy and the German magazin N-Zone says the Battery life is shorter than the normal DSi Battery



Token_Girl said:

Yeah, same as all the other conferences. I guess that's why they had 3 separate ones. Just for release dates and no other big announcements.



Cipher said:

I'm not surprised it was fairly short - everyone already knows what NOA had on offer yesterday so all NOE had left to do was announce some European dates. Still glad we have a solid date for SMG2.



Sean_Aaron said:

I actually think NoE is doing a better job of spacing out the releases, though releases dates could alway slip in NA, I suppose.



KDR_11k said:

So that's it then, no Zangeki no Reginleiv for the West. You'd think Nintendo would actually try to use that Motion Plus now that they've put it out there instead of making more and more games use the Wii Remote sideways.



Token_Girl said:

So, our lucky liveblogging Metroid: Other M awesome or is it really awesome?



bboy2970 said:

Just 15 minutes? And no surprise? I knew hoping for Nintendo to come through on that big surprise was too much to ask. Here's hoping E3 will bring some Pikmin 3/DSi SD menu/DSi VC announcements



citizenerased said:

@bboy: they already announced they weren't gonna say anything about the second half of the year... (well apart from Other M, but that's only in Europe). How much would it suck if we have to wait a few extra months for Other M just because they want to do the voice acting in French, Spanish and German?

Also, where the hell is Cave Story? We'd better be getting it in March/April as well.



killer6370 said:

What only those thing an already over looks very boring for a summit(A complete waste of time) theres nothing new only thing that everyone already knew (monster Hunter 3 is free this i knew since 2 months,it comes in April we already knew, Metroid other m and SMG2 are released 2010) damm all the things i already knew about just not so specific but wheres new content?



Croz said:

Awesome can't wait for S&P2 on May 7th!! a little later than I would of hoped for but at least we have an actual release date! Oh and awesome job NL staff keep the info coming!



killer6370 said:

Lucky Americans you get SMG2 on may 23 and we have to wait till 11 june only because those NoE Morons want to make us wait for good games



Cipher said:

@killer6370: Or, maybe becayse rather than releasing Mario, S&P and Metroid in late May, early June and late June, they want to stack them into June, May and July/August respectively? Three great games in three or four months is far better than three great games in five weeks.




Spans Smasher retail changed to FlingSmash wiiware. Uses wiimotionplus. Span Smasher was an insta-download for me, therefore flingsmash is an insta-download! Out in the summer I believe.

Looking 4wd to the Galaxy 2 impressions!



Machu said:

Yo James, glad you enjoyed your lunch. You spotted any babes on your travels? We need more babe updates please!!



Cipher said:

@LEGEND MARIOID - Mmm, just run a check on their website - they have it listed as a separate title to Span Smasher so I think they've probably got that wrong. Both the NOA and NOE conferences confirmed it was still a Wii title. Still, that could always change, I guess.



Cipher said:

Also important to note - the OFLC has rated both Art Style titles. Art Style: light trax seems to retain its North American name whilst Art Style: Rotozoa looks to have had a name change to Art Style: Penta Tentacles in PAL regions.



bro2dragons said:

so, Other M has you point at the screen for first person... interesting. wouldn't have thought of that.



Terra said:

That Other M control scheme sounds really interesting. I can't wait to get the game.



Sean_Aaron said:

I suspect NoE is holding back a firm Metroid release date so they can see if they have a dud release and need something to fill the gap - not that I think this is likely, mind...



MeloMan said:

Hmm... So I guess that means no movement in 1st person perspective then, unless you can move forward, backward, and strafe side to side slightly with the D-pad. Either way, that's a pretty clever control scheme, I was wondering how Tecmo was gonna implement the 3rd person/1st person perspectives.



King_Elemento said:

Seriously? Is that IT?
I expected at least something new other than release dates. Maybe there'll be something at the Australian one.



edhe said:

Where's the No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle release date announcement?

I'm looking forward to most of the games mentioned throughout this page - even Metroid Other M. (But especially Monster Hunter Tri and Sin And Punishment 2).




@Cipher Guess what? ONM have CHANGED the title and description of the game to a (retail) wii game release! They got it wrong! Can't wait for the Art Styles myself (having owned, played and enjoyed all of them).



Supermarioman said:

Wait you get, Sin and Punishment 2 a whole month early? Well thats crap I was wanting play Sin and Punishment 2 while we have the big tests at the end of spring, but oh well I'll just be playing Monster Hunter 3, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, and hopefully No More Heroes to hold me over.



James said:

@Machu - There were some stunning-looking people there, as you'd expect from a summit of video games journalists. Everyone was lovely as well, big thanks to everyone who came over and spoke to us and to the great staff at Nintendo, RED, Matter and everyone else.

First impressions of Metroid, Galaxy and Sin and Punishment should be coming later



MmBuddha said:

Well I can't pretend, all things considered, that I'm not disappointed. And it's not because I was expecting this "big announcement" that everyone was whipping themselves up into a frenzy over. The reason I'm disappointed is that, while I didn't expect a big announcement, I did expect SOME KIND OF ANNOUNCEMENT. Instead we got nothing, a wall of silence. Some exiting release dates, but that really isn't what we come to expect from a conference. I mean, you don't need to hold a conference to announce some release dates. Pass the peas. Gimme some more. This isn't enough Nintendo, it hurts more because I love you.



Betagam7 said:

In your discussions with the folk of Nintendo did anyone bring up the state of the PAL Virtual Console with some of the people you met. Not only the paltry release schedule but the release of broken games like Last Ninja 3, the awful customer service of codestorm and the ongoing problem with 50hz only games and downgraded Hanabi titles.

It's important that Nintendo gets feedback on where its failing as well as where its succeeding so I hope somebody mentioned these things to some PR person or other when the chance was available.

It's so hard to get to speak to anyone at Nintendo themselves due to their farming out of their customer service in the UK that opportunities like this to provide constructive criticism are rare and also important to take.

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