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Thu 4th Feb 2010

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MmBuddha commented on Japanese Virtual Console List - September 2011:

This is such a shame. As much as I like the idea of WiiWare, it pales in comparison to how great the virtual console is, and I wish Nintendo Europe would localise more games for i - ESPECIALLY, as far as i'm concerned, for the Neo Geo. I desperately want King Of Fighters 96'.



MmBuddha commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - February 2011:

Could I get some opinions from anyone who has the collection about KoF 96 vs 98? They're both considered classics of the series, I'm not sure which one I want to hold out for. From watching videos online, I got the impression that 98 is the benchmark game, but 96 looked like it had a more simple/pure presentation. Is that true?



MmBuddha commented on Nintendo Defends European Retailers' Pricing o...:

Now don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the 3DS, and I will definitely own one at some point, but £220 pounds? That's the same price as a Playstation 3.. with Blu-ray capacity and a 160GB hard drive. UK retailers have definitely hit off the mark with that price.



MmBuddha commented on Lots of Monkey Business in New Donkey Kong Cou...:

I don't want to write this game off, in fact I expect it will be great. But in the graphics department, am I the only person who's disappointed? The graphics seem very jaggy and pretty bland, especially when compared to the original Donkey Kong Country games which had an incredibly distinctive visual style that still holds up to this day. I can't see this game looking good in even two years time, so let's just hope the gameplay can deliver that old-fashion Donkey Kong magic.



MmBuddha commented on Super Mario All-Stars Warps Straight to the To...:

I'm hoping Nintendo Japan's low price idea is carried over. The UK always get's a bad deal when it comes to pricing, so we can only hope. I'm looking forward to getting Mario All Stars, but it's definitely the aesthetic and nostalgic value of the whole package that sold me.



MmBuddha commented on The Last Story Gets Incredible First Trailer:

WHAT!! Is this same game we saw concept art for? It's got such a different look and feel compared to what they've shown before, I'm actually really disappointed. It looks a lot more generic than I expected.



MmBuddha commented on E3 2010: New GoldenEye is Real and it's Coming...:

Two things strike me watching the trailer. Firstly it looks more like a true sequel than I thought it would. But it also looks very last gen. I mean it honestly looks like it was made with the original Goldeneye engine! hahhaha.



MmBuddha commented on You Can Watch Nintendo's E3 Presentation Live:

I want to see footage of The Last Story, Zelda Wii 2, Pikmin 3, maybe even of Dragon Quest X if anything's ready. As for announcements, of course I want to see Starfox and F-Zero, but also I really hope there'll be some kind of completely unexpected new franchise from Nintendo. It's been far too long.



MmBuddha commented on Only 8.8% of Japanese Consumers Want to Buy a 3DS:

A luckwarm reaction at best is only to be expected, after the complete hash-announcment on Nintendo's part, I mean it's been a complete mess, very uncharacteristic for Nintendo. And yeah they've gone way to fast on the DS releases. I question whether they should have even bothered with the DSi XL. However, I'm actually really exited about the 3DS, I can't wait to try one.



MmBuddha commented on Nintendo's Room Migration Kit Makes it Even Ea...:

I thought for a minute that this was some kind of awesome Wii transmitter that meant you could play on a different TV without moving anything. I honestly don't know how I thought that would work, but I can't say I wasn't disappointed to find out it's actually a big box of cables.



MmBuddha commented on Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

It was a happy day when I discovered this site. I've been checking it multiple times every day since. It's by far the best source of Nintendo news and reviews on the net, and just as importantly, the community is great too. Happy anniversary.



MmBuddha commented on Live Text: European Gamers Summit 2010:

Well I can't pretend, all things considered, that I'm not disappointed. And it's not because I was expecting this "big announcement" that everyone was whipping themselves up into a frenzy over. The reason I'm disappointed is that, while I didn't expect a big announcement, I did expect SOME KIND OF ANNOUNCEMENT. Instead we got nothing, a wall of silence. Some exiting release dates, but that really isn't what we come to expect from a conference. I mean, you don't need to hold a conference to announce some release dates. Pass the peas. Gimme some more. This isn't enough Nintendo, it hurts more because I love you.



MmBuddha commented on Upcoming Media Summit Promises Surprises, Hype:

We're all going to be disappointed by whatever announcement Nintendo make. I'm not saying it might not be exiting, but it can never live up to the insane expectations everyone has for some reason pinned on it.



MmBuddha commented on Review: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii):

I loved Monkey Ball 1, am loving Monkey Ball 2, but was utterly disappointed by this, I think the review gets it right. This is definitely a game that suffered from being released on release, they didn't do a good job of using the hardware, included way to many mini-games, didn't spend remotely enough time on them to make them balanced/deep/in some cases even playable.



MmBuddha commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

If the Zelda team has faith in the game being first-person, then I have faith in them. The best Zelda games have always been the most daring ones that have broken away from what came before.



MmBuddha commented on Sonic Playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2?:

I really hope this isn' true, it feels like a weird clash of franchises. Sure, in party-games it's great to have the mascots together, but in the next Mario game!? How would you feel if you were plodding through a dungeon in Zelda the suddenly Knuckles pops up out of the blue? Having said that, I can imagine it working more if it was maybe a Sonic planet, or a really short cameo of some sort.



MmBuddha commented on Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~):

I'm almost nervous about this, because I desperately want it to be incredible. I've heard mixed things. Some import reviews I've read (although all from websites I have very little trust in) seemed to say it was good, but they weren't exactly raving, but then Famatsu gave it 40/40, which they've only awarded 12 other times in their 20+ year history. What to make of this confusing intel...