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Reggie: No New Console Successor Anytime Soon

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Wii will prevail

Be it an upgrade to the existing hardware or a brand new console, there have been many rumours and forum chit-chat over the last year concerning Nintendo’s plan to release a successor to the Wii.

However, Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed the continued support to current hardware in an interview with Bloomberg Business Week.

Reggie has gone on record to say that no announcement will be made regarding any new hardware at the upcoming Games Developers Conference and that the Wii has a very long life in front of it.

Many analysts believe that rival companies plans to step into the motion control market with higher specification consoles and a slowdown in sales of the Wii will drive Nintendo to release a new console.

But with new games based on fan-favourite characters due out this year in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, Nintendo is confident that any downturn in hardware sales will be reversed and the Wii will continue to be a console that dominates the living room and sales.


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KanrakusPizza said:

Thats ok I guess. But if they plan on having it out for a while, at least put some updates in it like a feature for you to watch movies on it.



primeris said:

Not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. I kinda want HDMI and a bigger hard drive... and better 3D graphics. But good games that I want to buy don't really have to have any of these things.



Flandy said:

hmm I'm kinda happy as I only have about 21 games (includes VC,WW)
and i dont want to be tempted to get a new consle as I have so little games for it now




I'm kind of glad. Just got a Wii and don't want them to come out with new console anytime soon



LinktotheFuture said:

Doesn't matter to me either way, the new console will come out when it comes out, whether I am ready for it or not. I love the Wii, so I am glad they are still going to make games for it.



Marvelousmoo said:

Yah, I'm glad too. When I got my first game system ever, the game boy color, I was so happy until right after that, the game boy advanced came out. For that reason, I have never liked new consoles being put out all the time. It makes the old ones obsolete and then you have to buy new consoles just to play the new games all of the time. I agree that consoles should be released once in a while to make things more interesting, but it is annoying when it feels like you just got the old one.



Hoffkage said:

Good, I dont want another console just 3 years after the realease of the Wii



Aenaida said:

I read this earlier today at Siliconera. They actually provide a more in-depth quote of Reggie's that explains Nintendo's reasoning.

“But, even more importantly than that, the consumer has voted. Over 26 million consumers have bought a Wii. The consumer is saying, for them, the quality of the visual is not nearly as important as the overall entertainment, the overall value of that experience and that is really what has propelled us. In terms of what the future holds, we’ve gone on record to say the next step for Nintendo in terms of home consoles will not be simply to make it HD, but to add more and more capability and we’ll do that when we totally tapped out all of the experiences for the existing Wii and we are nowhere near doing that yet.”



gblock said:

There's a bunch of stuff on the Wii that I'll get and already have, plus it's this gens regular Xbox as far as emulation and hacking goes, so I'm satisfied with it.



Mandoble said:

Where is the problem? None of us is married with Nintendo, everybody here can buy a PS3 or XBoX, and might be the time to do that will arrive as soon as these release motion controls.



firecookie29 said:

GASP! oh well. I like my wii and the games I have, but I'll have to change consoles sooner or later because of beating most games that I get in a weeks time.



jhuhn said:

Why fix something that isn't broken? I would've like to see the Wii consoles have a 2GB flash memory inside so there would be more data and channels to store inside the console rather than moving games from the SD to the console over and over again.



AVahne said:

well i'm kinda glad since theres still a ton of Wii games i want, though i wanted to see what kind of machine Nintendo will think of next.oh well, if they intend to have the Wii going for a while, i hope they make put even more support into more of their franchises, Mario, Zelda, and Metroid is getting plenty of attention from them. they should get F-Zero, Fire Emblem(another one please), Kirby and many other franchises back up again. and they should consider rebooting the Star Fox series, like maybe something like what was done to the Star Trek franchise when that new movie came out



skywake said:

I don't really want a new console but Reggie has flat out denied this so many times that I am beginning to think that it might actually be true. He's starting to sound like a kid who walks into the room and after an awkward silence says "stop looking at me! of course I didn't steal the biscuits".



Ren said:

great, no reason too. I was getting worried, since I do think it's too early to ditch it now. Mo + adds a lot of life if devs can stick with it and use it well. WW and VC and soon netflix will have me tied up with content for a long while to come, so I'm totally satisfied.
If Natal is as neat as it looks in the videos I'll consider it later, but never ditch my wii, theres too many great games I haven't even had time to try yet. It's a great time to be a games consumer (if you can afford much of it).

Though, I read a recent article that made the good point that all the great tech devices with so many great cheap apps and games are starting to flood the market and prices really need to go down on console games. I just don't even buy them anymore, since they're too expensive when I can get great stuff on WW or used that satisfies me enough.



Objection said:

"It's selling like hotcakes, so we don't need to make the HotCake 2.0 yet."
I'm happy with this, I'd like this console generation to last a while longer. New ahrdware is expensive.



Why is everybody obsessed with a WII HD?

The Wii is selling like crazy. why they should release another one NOW? That's just plain illogical.
And no, just becuase the DS had revisions means that Wii should follow. Consoles and Portable are different in nature.
Is obviosuly that only geeks care about prettier graphics. The Normal people just want to have fun.
And the wii only has like 3 years! They are not as dumb as MS to release another console so soon.
Wii HD is just unnecesary at the moment. A very small percentage of TVs are HD worldwide and it will take more time until it became the majority.
HD is the future not the present.



Slapshot said:

Hopefully Nintendo will step up the First Party releases until the next console comes out to keep consumers happy. Im kinda looking forward to seeing what Nintendo does with the next console, guess we will wait longer to find out. By then I will prob have a Slapshot Jr at home and will be about time to invest in his/her first gaming system. All Good!



aaronsullivan said:

I was kind of hoping for a new console. I want HD Metroid/Mario/Zelda. Especially Metroid and Zelda which are currently going for amazing transportive visuals while still maintaining some realism. The current tech just doesn't cut it. I was feeling it with Metroid Prime 3 as great as that game was. Can anyone play that and not wonder how stunning it would have been if it was on a higher powered console?

Anyway, I'm also okay with this. I thought there was a great opportunity to make a performance leap while Sony and Microsoft caught up with interactivity, but at least Microsoft is waiting for the end of this year. That helps. If Sony also waits for this, Nintendo could still win out with the Wii. How? Release Mario, Metroid and Zelda: October, November, Decemeber. lol.

Also, I'm feeling good about having a PS3 this year as the Wii sort of wanes. The PS3 sort of feels like it's just getting started.



PhazonBlue said:

Since when can we ever trust Nintendo about things like this?
Frankly, I don't buy it. Just look at the rate they pump out new versions of the DS.



V8_Ninja said:

Knowing Reggie and Nintendo of Japan, I'm not really sure what to think. I'm pretty sure we'll not see any mention of another console until E3 2011 or December 2010, but there's a good chance we'll see at least a mention of a new handheld console at E3 2010 since the DS is over five years old.

EDIT: @Buffalobob You get my freaking respect. This silly notion of "HD Wii" is nothing more then that.



The_Fox said:

You guys sure are a trusting bunch.
Of course they're going to tell people that.



Vander said:

@aaronsullivan: the Wii's technology is a lot better than you think, just because of these moronic gamers (in general NOT an attack on Nintendo Life users) who are obsessed with HD complaining about a lack of HD on the Wii console doesn't mean it's bad. and the Wii looks to be having an awesome 2010, it's not even close to wane.

@PhazonBlue: I was glad with the update of the DSi, the DS Lite fixed a few things that the original DS had problems with, so I don't see a problem with Nintendo pumping out a new DS every 2-3 years, but the DSi XL is unnecessary. Oh, and HOW many versions are there of the PSP? And how much did they improve each version?

For the people complaining about lack of storage space, Nintendo made a SD card slot for a reason, I have a 1GB SD card and I still have 1000s of blocks left and now they're making the SD cards even larger so no worry about that, AND Nintendo made the SD card channel so there should be no more complaining about the hard drive.

I third Machu, no need for a new console yet, just waiting for the next game.



aaronsullivan said:

I don't know about worldwide numbers, but almost 50% of US households have HDTVs. To put that in perspective, apparently only 40% of US households have game consoles. So, if you think HDTVs are an insignificant niche, game consoles are a smaller one. In the US, at least. ( And this is just from memory, but isn't the US one of the slowest adopters of HDTV? Or maybe I'm just comparing to Japan. )

Also, keep in mind that you don't need an HDTV to have more impressive visuals from an HD console. HD on gaming consoles has, like it or not, taken on an extra meaning. It's not just resolution, it's the name for this generation's collection of features. Most big 360 and PS3 games are still more impressive looking than Wii games on smaller televisions -- just don't try to read text in some of those games.

As far as the Wii only being 3 years old, that is true. However, if it gets announced this year the EARLIEST it would launch would be the END of this year, making it 4 years old. Only a year less than previous consoles. Not as dramatic a change, especially for a console that took a technology hit on purpose leaving it in the dust performance wise. (Btw, I'm not knocking the incredibly successful strategy!)

Seems like Reggie's comments are very careful. Saying there is plenty of life in the Wii is true whether there is a new console or not. Specifically targetting the Game Developers Conference as a time they WON'T announce anything leaves other events open (like E3). As far as I've read he hasn't said they won't announce a new console this year, even!

Some people are using Wii HD to mean a slightly upgraded Wii with no real new features except a higher resolution (maybe larger onboard storage). The could release that this summer and just say it's still the Wii. No harm, no foul. (I don't see this happening at all, myself.)

That being said, the delay of Natal until the end of this year seems to leave a pretty wide open door for Nintendo to take its time. If we get stellar versions of the big three Nintendo franchise game this year and early next year, I'll be okay with the wait, myself, but I'd bet major bucks we won't get through 2011 without a new console announcement at least.



aaronsullivan said:

Hey, the moon is still beautiful as it wanes. Don't get me wrong. Think about it, though. If there is a new Metroid, Mario, AND Zelda for the Wii next year, what do you think there will be to look forward to on the Wii after that? To me, that's waning.



RonF said:

I don't spend a single second evaluating Reggie's comment. Even if a new console announcement is eminent, he still would say it is not going to happen to not compromise the current hardware sales. As such, statements such as this from him or Iwata has no meaning at all.



AlexSays said:

I hate it when I come here to say something and the person right above me just said it. lol

Yes, either way he would say there's no new hardware on its way. Nintendo could release a new console next week, and they'd deny it to keep selling consoles this week.



aaronsullivan said:

@Monteblanco and AlexSays
That's true up to a point. For instance, if they announced a new Wii at the Game Developer's Conference Reggie would lose any and all integrity and would not be able to continue in his position. In other words, they speak carefully to help control the market while avoiding outright lies.

There's even legal issues with the stock market and shareholders as well. Inside traders and such could greatly benefit from someone like Reggie misleading people through obvious lies, for instance.



thaantman said:

I see this as good news the wii has alot of untapped potential. Were about to get netflixs & a possible demo service for wiiware. I think nintendo should find a way to make sd card support as an update as far as playing music on games they could let you access with the home button, same for wii speak they need to find a way to make an update so wii speak can be compatible with all online. Also if they plan on keeping the wii around for a while they need to patch games and make download content for games like smash bros I would love to have some new characters.



PhazonBlue said:

If anything, him just flat-out coming out and saying this is foreshadowing that a new announcement is actually very imminent. They want as many people to go out and buy what is available NOW instead of saving their "Ollars" for what will inevitably be announced. People always want the next best thing if they know when and IF it's coming.



longtimegamer said:

@AlexSays: I was thinking the on the same line. Didn't Regge say before, not that long ago, that the Wii would not be dropping in price. It went down in price not long after, right? I don't recall how long after. So I wouldn't put much into what he says.

@PhasonBlue: Preach on brother!



AlexSays said:

Yeah that is true Aaron.

And yeah the price cut thing was denied again and again until they surprised everyone. Even then the stores said something before Nintendo. lol



Kevin said:

We don't need a new console yet. Maybe in two or three more years.



Tsuchinoko said:

im so happy to hear this. i put so much money into my wii already, and to hear that i've got a current gen system for the next few years at least is fine with me. With all the big Wii and Wiiware games coming this year, im so excited.

Max & The Magic Marker, And yet it moves, Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Cave Story, Night Game, Warioware Showcase, Zelda Wii, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, and thats just what i can remember off the top of my head. yay



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm sure there will be some kind of incremental upgrade with a couple of cosmetic changes that will mean nothing to me and most existing Wii owners like HMDI out or extra internal flash.

Of course if you are the type to want these things I also expect no ability to "trade in" or upgrade your old system, just like DSi - DSi XL so Reggie's statement will be quite correct in that there won't be a compelling reason to make the shift (unless you really really care about those things) because the software/interface will be the same.



JimLad said:

It won't be too far off, but obviously they're not going to tell us it's coming until sales really take a dip and we need something new to look forward to.



Phobos said:

...Well, that's ok, I guess. But I'd have liked to see it sooner and with upgrades, like the flick with Netflix and more memory in the console too. Nevertheless, I won't settle for anything other than Nintendo consoles, so I guess I'll just have to wait.



Cipher said:

I didn't expect a successor until 2014 or 2015 anyway, but still, it's a shame that Wii can't do HD even with any sort of system update. The hardware just isn't powerful enough, not even for 720p. I have never been big on graphics - one of the least important aspects for me - but with HD becoming standard I don't want Nintendo to start lagging behind.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

im actual;ly kinda happy cause ai got my wii last year and its still a crap load of game i still want for it that i need.

i love nintendo



RonF said:

@Sean Aaron: I agree that an incremental upgrade is a strong possibility. I believe the DS successor will be announced and released first. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo releases a new version of the Wii at the same time. If feasible (I'm no engineer), I would like to see an update of the GPU to allow upscaling to 1080p and more memory to downloadable games. I am online advocating the upscaling not a really replacement of the graphical engine. This change would allow higher resolution images but the same polygon count and texture detail of the current Wii. As such, all Wii's versions would be compatible with all software, although the newer ones would display better in HD TVs.



motang said:

We all know they are working on a new console, but I think it's in the best interest to say stuff like this as they don't want to hurt their sales for the Wii.



Knux said:

I try to tell everyone that Nintendo does not want a sucessor to the Wii or Nintendo DS anytime soon. The Wii and DS are printing tons of money for Nintendo, and I'm content with what I have. I honestly don't want another sucessor to any console or handheld for five years.



Mandoble said:

The funny part is that there is no Nintendo forum where people doesnt speculate with the need of a Wii replacement as soon as possible. This doesnt happen in PS3 or XboX boards, BTW.

Sadly Nintendo business go quite well (which is the very worst possible news for the customers), which directly means Nintendo will not have any reason to push forward with new HD consoles. The best possible news for us is seeing Nintendo going down in sales/flames, this would force them to release more and better games as well as possibly a powerful replacement of the Wii, better and cheaper motion controls,etc. But this is what happens in a market without competitors ...

On the other hand, this is pretty good news for most of you, fans of boxing/mario/wiifit minigames and similars, you will have lots of these nintendo or 3party shovelware forever, so lets celebrate ...



Pj1 said:

I've got a feeling Nintendo could find it 'harder' to sell more Wii's, Wii sales will tumble but with three huge Nintendo titles coming out this year then things will or could pick up. People who want a Wii will have one attached to their TV, also when Nintendo say there's no new console on the horizon there's one in the pipeline. Also I'd say it's hard to make improvements to Wii, all they could do is HD graphics, make a few motion-sensor games, being able to play blue-ray discs. Depends how many lessons Nintendo have learnt with the DS, how many different versions of the DS is there?

My money is on Nintendo are looking at "new ways to play" but history shows Nintendo do not rush things...



Larkin said:

This is good news to me because I think the Wii should be given a bit longer to show off its stuff but a new console does sound cool



NotEnoughGolds said:

I'm not a graphics whore or anything.
I love my retro consoles.
Still, I would love to see Nintendo go HD as soon as possible.
I have a 46" Samsung and would like to make full use of it.



Chatham said:

Great, now Nintendo can release the Wii in 30 more colors over the next 5 years and drop the retail price to less than $50 (fondly remembering Gamecube's slow-demise). I really think Nintendo does need at least a minor revision to this generations hardware... I mean, Sony launching the slim provided huge success... And we all know MS is quick on their way to copying the same buisiness move... So why not a Wii+? Simple, Nintendo is cheap, and they just don't care anymore. (rightfully so, if I printed money I wouldn't give two ... either)



Mandoble said:

Really? I bet you would be quite happy playing to a wireframe monochromatic Mario Galaxy 2 full of wireframed monochromatic mushrooms.



Stevie said:

I'm glad about this news, I would rather Nintendo took their time with their next console and release a awesome, problem free console. With the cash they have made from the Wii they certainly can afford to take the time to make their next console even more ground breaking and amazing than before.



BlueFlameBat said:

I'd rather Nintendo wait until the time is right, although I wouldn't mind some sort of HD-enabling attachment if that's possible in the meantime.
And when the Wii's successor does come out, I hope Nintendo continues to support the Wii as a less-expensive alternative where all the "niche" (is that the right word) titles can continue to be developed rather than greedily halting all support of the Wii like the did with GameCube to selfishly usher all their faithful fans to the next console. I'd rather Wii's successor compare to the PS4 and the next X-Box rather than the PS3 and XBox 360.




Honest I would like a new console from nintendo in the next few years. I mean it would be cool to see zelda and mario in HD. Even though they don't need they'll always be awesome no matter what graphis they have, but it would be great for nintendo to have a wii HD, I mean what if the wii could be for the caual gamers while the wii HD could be for the hardcore gamers. You know that's not a bad idea! YO! Nintendo when to get serious and hear some great ideas call me.©



Crazytimmy2 said:

its fine but they need to make more hardcore games not just mario and metroid. what happened to F-Zero? is that ever gonna come back?



Crazytimmy2 said:

its fine but they need to make more hardcore games not just mario and metroid. what happened to F-Zero? is that ever gonna come back?

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