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Wed 6th Jan 2010

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Draaknar commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

I already have a streaming PS3 disc and it works great. But I would always like to get one for the Wii so I can hook it up in another part of the house.



Draaknar commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

Yeah possibly one of my favorite Castlevania games of all time. But still have yet to beat it. Hopefully this will be a download soon. Or maybe part of a Konami Castlevania Collection for the Wii? We'll see.



Draaknar commented on Calling:

Then it might be a great game. Usually when they concentrate on graphics wholly, the gameplay sucks. Besides buffalobob, Dreamcast graphics where great. Shenmue anyone?



Draaknar commented on Capcom Growing Less Keen on Wii?:

They all think that if a game doesn't do well in the first few weeks, its not gonna sell? I for one don't have to money buy a game as soon as it comes out. Plus there are previous releases I try to keep up on. And well, birthdays and Christmas only come once a year. They should at least wait a year and see how the sales go. I mean c'mon EA didn't even wait a few months for Dead Space Extraction to generate any sells before they marked it down for Black Friday.