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Tue 15th Dec 2009

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Vander commented on Ask Steve Wiebe:

Have you tried to contact Billy Mitchell and have a face-to-face showdown again? If so did he respond? And if not then will you try to get the Donkey Kong world record back? And if so, when?



Vander commented on Reggie: No New Console Successor Anytime Soon:

@aaronsullivan: the Wii's technology is a lot better than you think, just because of these moronic gamers (in general NOT an attack on Nintendo Life users) who are obsessed with HD complaining about a lack of HD on the Wii console doesn't mean it's bad. and the Wii looks to be having an awesome 2010, it's not even close to wane.

@PhazonBlue: I was glad with the update of the DSi, the DS Lite fixed a few things that the original DS had problems with, so I don't see a problem with Nintendo pumping out a new DS every 2-3 years, but the DSi XL is unnecessary. Oh, and HOW many versions are there of the PSP? And how much did they improve each version?

For the people complaining about lack of storage space, Nintendo made a SD card slot for a reason, I have a 1GB SD card and I still have 1000s of blocks left and now they're making the SD cards even larger so no worry about that, AND Nintendo made the SD card channel so there should be no more complaining about the hard drive.

I third Machu, no need for a new console yet, just waiting for the next game.