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Tue 1st Sep 2009

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PhazonBlue commented on La Mulana Developers Discuss Religious and Rat...:

I'd take the 'T for Teen' rating if that is what they're asking. I mean come on, none of the discussed content will constitute a M rating. Teen is fine with me..and pretty much everybody else. So what is the big deal exactly? Leave the breasts uncovered and give me the sacrificial blood!



PhazonBlue commented on Extreme Hangman Breaks Sales Records:

I find it interesting how nobody posting here, or anywhere it seems, has the game, yet it has sold more than any other game on the DSIware service. Something is not adding up and I would take this news with a tall glass of salt.



PhazonBlue commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

I like to believe that every game is someones favorite. Who is Nintendo to judge what should be released as long as it works? Now, if it's broken then that is one thing. But what I personally think the Nintendo Seal of Quality represents is knowing that when you buy a game you know it will work and that the game is not broken. There are two different definitions of quality; What Works and what is Broken or what is Good and what is Bad. The first is a matter of opinion, the second is not. How many games on the Wii are actually broken? Bad game or not, it deserves a chance. Look at the movie industry, for example, there are hundreds of movies that suck and get slammed by critics. But I promise you, someone, somewhere loves the movie.

Dilution creates Innovation. It causes developers to do something different if they want to stick out and make any money.



PhazonBlue commented on Reggie: No New Console Successor Anytime Soon:

If anything, him just flat-out coming out and saying this is foreshadowing that a new announcement is actually very imminent. They want as many people to go out and buy what is available NOW instead of saving their "Ollars" for what will inevitably be announced. People always want the next best thing if they know when and IF it's coming.



PhazonBlue commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

I have NetFlix and a Ps3 You have to insert a disc into that as well in order to stream the movies. It's really not that bad. I am excited about this, now I can watch Nexflix in more places since my Wii is in a different room than my Ps3 and My PC.