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Fri 14th Aug 2009

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primeris commented on A Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Been Confirmed:

I'm slow.
I even forgot I had Revelations and Mercenaries on my system. I have actually not played Revelations yet. Literally NIB in its folder since my last system transfer.
I was not impressed with the demo.
How would it rate compared to RE2?
Because I replayed that one like I did Zelda OOT.



primeris commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS eShop):

I had this on GBC. I remember I hit a glitch while unlocking some achievement and I had to send in my cartridge to have all my achievements show.

I had a lot of fun with this title, and I'd buy it instantly if I didn't already have SMB and Lost Levels.



primeris commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

Well played by Ninja Pig and kudos to Nintendo for proving that anyone really can publish a game in the eShop.

Does anyone else care that the irrelevance of this game has generated 170 irrelevant comments?



primeris commented on Petit Computer:

Ok, I want. I've taken a bunch of intro classes to various programming languages. I want to make something now...



primeris commented on Azure Striker Gunvolt:

Still no review or anything.
Here's mine:
Inafking kidding me, was my first impression, mainly because I was playing the freebie MG as ASG was downloading.

Get it.

I haven't finished it but I'm having lots of fun with Azure Striker Gunvolt even just farming for materials and xp.
The dialog is fun, and pretty raunchy at times, earning its rating.
The freebie, Mighty Gunvolt, is ridiculous and easy, but fun none the less. It successfully ate up my time until I played through it with all three characters. And it's still fun to replay.



primeris commented on Cave Story is Finally Coming to the 3DS eShop ...:

Got the downloadable version.
On Wii.
Then on 3ds.
Then I discovered there was a boxed version and that it was hard to find.
Got that too. Only 3ds cart I've got.
Still haven't killed Ballos.
But I've enjoyed everything so far.



primeris commented on Capcom Is Aware That We All Want A New Mega Ma...:

A sale on the 3DS eShop would be nice.
One of those all-in-one joysticks full of MM would be awesome.
So long as Capcom doesn't deliver broken garbage like the gamecube collection with the messed up unfixable button layout.



primeris commented on Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally:

Considering Nintendo's response to "How can I fix/replace my ($50) game?" is "Buy a new one at your favorite retailer. They might have it used." I have no moral qualms about backing up games by any means. Most of the cost of the games has nothing to do with the actual cost of the (fragile) medium. If I pay for license to play a game, I HAVE LICENSE TO PLAY THE GAME regardless of the survivability of the medium. If they really cared about some form of legal consistency and loyalty to their customers, Nintendo should be helping players recycle the old NES and SNES carts into ROMs, rather than just milking fan loyalty for $5 per ROM with a VC re-release. They have a right to make money, sure, but I don't see the strength of any legal reason to prevent players from ensuring their $50 game stays playable.



primeris commented on Review: Faxanadu (Virtual Console / NES):

I love this one. An 8 is an apt score. I'd describe it more as early metroidvania, but a bit more linear, and no map.

I noticed right away that they corrected one major flaw: Mantras are now easier! Yeah, they're still long, but they no longer use the decorative font (the one in the menus). The Wii release uses the NPC font for passwords, which is much clearer.
No more guessing to fix a wrong password "Was it an H or an N? A c or an e? B or E? O or 0?".



primeris commented on Interplay Straps In with Descent for WiiWare:

I usually spend a good chunk of my time with any new computer I get trying to figure out what hacks and emulators to use to get Descent to run right with a good joystick (Keyboards rarely make good game controllers for me). I would love to play this game with an easy intuitive control system.
So, technically, this should be Virtual Console, but since they're tweaking the control system it's now WiiWare.
Whatever. There are many great games out there that have barely been played in 20 years just because of legal nonsense or other lame reasons to not republish.
I would also love to see Daggerfall get polished up to Nintendo standards and re-released for the Wii (though it might be a half GB).



primeris commented on Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask:

Well, various properties I'd like sequels for (from all over) I'd like Faxanadu and Trojan and Xexyz and Double Dragon and Ikari Warriors and Kabuki Quantum Fighter and Legacy of the Wizard and Guardian Legend and Astyanax and Gargoyle's Quest and Section Z and a zillion things from Squenix. And Kid Icarus. And many more.



primeris commented on Review: Final Fantasy II (Virtual Console / Su...:

Story and characters in FF2 impressed me more than in FF3.
FF3 story and character development certainly had some great moments, but the "freedom" you have in the 2nd half of FF3 just drains the uniqueness out of the characters.



primeris commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

The controls can indeed be super accurate, but learning how to use them properly requires more skill than the average player has time for.
The original controls were perhaps no more accurate, but they were way more intuitive.



primeris commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

N64 version 11/10
DS version 7/10, propped up thanks to new content.
The controls are just not precise enough, and require too much conscious attention.



primeris commented on Trailer: Metroid: Other M FMV Teaser:

" young, and naive"
I don't need Samus having some stereotypical girl-cum-warrior insecurity trip.
Wasn't she raised by magical bird people?
I need Samus hyperactively jumping and rolling around and blowing up giant brains.
Not regretfully looking out windows.



primeris commented on Konami Updates Gradius Rebirth:

I think I can see Nintendo's reasoning. If they allowed anyone to patch, a lot of developers would get lazy and release half-assed games thinking "ah, we'll patch it later" which would be particularly annoying on a highly anticipated game.
I'm fine with just the rare, optional patch. Tweaking a game that sold well, but had one glitch or frequent complaint makes sense.
Though, I guess patching a broken game, that otherwise would have sold better, wouldn't be a bad idea either...
Well, so long as crappy games aren't released, and crappy developers aren't expecting the gamer to be patching stuff all the time. I like console games exactly because I shouldn't have to be a technician to play my games.



primeris commented on Brand New NES Platformer Released:

If they had a digital download version, I'd be all over it. My NES is 4000miles away.
RetroZone! I feel I must plug their site:
Bought the stuff needed to make a NES to USB port so I could play emulators with my NES Advantage. They may have premade adapters now.
And there's a lot of awesome never-released stuff out there from really talented individuals: (they're NES rom hacks, but not just sprite changes) Mario Adventure (a totally new Mario game based on the SMB3 engine, but with many differences in the core mechanics) and Zelda Challenge: Outlands (a Zelda 3 of sorts, using the LoZ engine, but an entire overhaul) Both are real hard but beatable and carefully made, and so worth a look!



primeris commented on Castlevania: The Adventure is Reborn in Europe...:

I liked Aria of Sorrow. I also liked Simon's Quest, but in retrospect, it does have some seriously dumb flaws. SOTN and other metroidvanias were fun. I'd say Drac's Curse was the best as far as combining fun gameplay, exploration and challenge. Order of Ecclesia failed to grab me for long. I'm not a fan of the cutesy Japanese humor or graphics or cultural references in Castlevania games. It's Transylvania, dammit! Rebirth was fun, but I have to play it on hard mode. Normal was a little too easy...



primeris commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

@Mike Does everyone know if a game sucks before they buy?
I read reviews. I rely on them to buy games. Most people however buy whatever was packaged nicely. If most of the games are crap, and most people are discovering that what they bought was crap after they bought it, they will soon drop the Wii like a sack of crap; Nintendo will lose.