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Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year

Posted by David Snoddy

According to research firm EEDAR, we could have our hands on the next handheld by April 2011

With the Wii smashing sales last month, it is no surprise to hear that Nintendo is planning on revamping its handheld market. According to EEDAR, a new version of the DS could be available by April 2011.

Jesse Divinch, who is the director of the analyst service at EEDAR, had this to say:

Even though the Nintendo DS posted a record year in 2009, EEDAR expects Nintendo to make an official announcement on the DS2 within the next eight months. Many publishers including Sega, Capcom, and now Ubisoft have all expressed that they may be reducing their exposure to Nintendo’s consoles, which will likely lead to heavy declines in both hardware and software sales for the Nintendo DS.

Thus, it seems we may know more about Nintendo’s plans regarding the DS2 by November. One thing is for sure however, with gadgets such as the iPhone taking up a large sector of the handheld market – especially as the new 3GS is capable of running a ported version of the Unreal engine – Nintendo definitely need to revamp the DS. Furthermore, although only speculation at this moment in time, according to president Satoru Iwata the successor to the DS will have “highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.”

We can all agree this brings exciting prospects to the DS2. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo announces in the months to come.


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Porky said:

I think the Dsi is better looking and has a larger screen, but hey! looks like you can play Gba games on it. Looks as if it was a remake for Gba SP.



Sylverstone said:

That looks like a slick design.

Like the analog stick, but I want all my DSi features back! (camera, DSiWare etc.)



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

maybe they'll make it with three screens? ㅎ_ㅎ
i am curious as to what else they can do with a 2 screen system.



Bass_X0 said:

Looks like I'll be sticking with my DS Lite for some time to come yet. I have no real interest in a DSi right now still but I may go for a DS2 when its released.



Donatello said:

Um, guys that's just a mock up
As for me, I'm still waiting for the 'White' DSi XL to come to America ;p

So anyways, Nintendo has Basically confirmed that the DS2 will have High Resolution Screens and better graphics, along with Motion based sensor Controls which is pretty awesome. And I'm guessing they'll make both of the screens WideScreen and both will be touch capable. And why do I get the feeling that Nintendo will release the Portable Virtual Console for the DS2 instead of the DSi? Seems like a smarter move to release it for the DS2 anyways if you ask me.



V8_Ninja said:

Can't we PLEASE stop saying "Wii HD/2" and "DS 2"? It's not gonna happen. Nintendo will make a new handheld and a new console, but they won't be called the DS 2 and the Wii HD/2.

As for the article itself, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. An around 7-year handheld life is pretty good, and It's true that Nintendo does need to up the game with the hardware side of things if they'll want to compete with the Handheld Unreal Engine (or HUE, if you prefer) that will be made.



Donatello said:

Also I doubt there will be GBA compatibility which isn't a big deal at all imo, and besides I already have a GBA SP. But ya, there most likely will be DS compatibility on the other hand no doubt. The Virtual Console will have GB, GBC and GBA games for sale and whatever other Portable consoles Nintendo can get out as well. Game Gear is most likely in the cards....On another note, Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge is insanely tough to find, even on eBay and super expensive. that's one title i'd love to see on the DS2 Virtual Console



King_Elemento said:

@10. V8 Ninja:
Care to suggest a better placeholder name? Wii 2 and DS2 seem to make the most sense as far as speculation goes for the follow-up systems, and that's all the names are, speculation, because that's all they can be at this point.

Anyways, next year is hardly a surprise for the next system, they're almost certainly going to give hints towards new systems at E3 '10, if not give a full announcement. We know discussions are underway for this anyway, so it would only be a matter of time if it isn't announced.



Cowmansr said:

@ V8 Ninja: people don't have anything else to call these systems right now, and I think it's fair to expect they will carry over enough of the DS/Wii ideas to qualify more-or-less as sequels. We can't call them by their real names until the names are revealed, and we'll probably get code names first anyway.

@ Everyone else. I would bet good money that the "DS2" won't look anything like that. Too many moving parts to break, would be difficult to hold like a book, buttons not protected in "pocket mode," etc.

I'd like to see dual touch screens, with iPhone-like multi-touch, while retaining stylus support. As long as they don't go too far in iPod direction and get rid of buttons.



Donatello said:

pie4prez It's an analog stick, and it doesn't matter because again it's just a Mock up Design somebody created over a year ago ;p



Donatello said:

I'll be buying the DS2 on day one hehe. And It's funny beacause i never baught the original DS on day one,.. but when the DS Lite hit i nabbed one right away with New Super Mario Bros.



warioswoods said:

GBA slot = extremely unlikely. When they ultimately get around to a new DS, it will be further in the direction set by the DSi: a focus on downloadable games, an even slimmer form, photo / personalization emphasis, and certainly no room for bulky backwards compatibility with older cartridge-based handhelds.

Also, that fan-proposal in the picture is hideous.



suburban_sensei said:

Whenever it comes, I would still wait for it to drop in price. I just got my DSi recently and I am quite happy with it.



Slapshot said:

PLEASE PLEASE Nintendo whatever you do...... PLEASE dont make the buttons CLICK, its the most annoying thing ever. PLEASE!!!!
..... When can I put my preorder in?



BulbasaurusRex said:

GBA compatability is important to me, because I would want to Pal Park some of my Pokémon from Emerald version over to my future Platinum version. It will much harder and time consuming to complete the Pokédex otherwise. It's also much more convenient to switch between DS2, DS, and GBA games on a single handheld.



Curt said:

As long as Nintendo doesn't decide to eliminate button based controls entirely in favor of touch screen capability, I'll be happy.



MasterGraveheart said:

Too soon... but 2012... hmmm...

...dear GOD!

...the Mayan prophecy will come true! The new Nintendo handheld will be so awesome it'll be so sought after it'll cause international warfare that will destroy us all and the earth will end up shattering to pieces beneath our strife! Nintendo! ...DO IT!!! ^^;



RebeccaGunn said:

It should be pointed out that usually Analysts for the most part are GUESSING on DS2, Nintendo hasn't announced anything and the motion control thing was a mis-interpreted comment. So all this should be taken with a good pinch of salt.

I remember when DS was Project Nitro and there were mock-ups all over the place, though then we had some official indication. In any case I think it'll be a while before DS2 arrives regardless if its a continuation of the DS brand or not.



motang said:

I think he is right, it's about high time for Nintendo to bring out a new handheld system and not a incremental release but a whole new system.



irken004 said:

I'd rather not get a DS 2 anytime soon. My DS Lite and DSi need my attention!



Bugpy said:

I think that looks absolutely disgusting... what were they thinking



miletich3 said:

It's one of the first few handhelds to have a control stick. I can easily see that!



Objection said:

Pretty lame mockup in my opinion, but I think 2011 or 2012 would be a fair time to release whatever one wants to call the DS' successor. Number one requirement is that its backwards compatible, at least for me. I have an extensive DS library that I wish to keep playing on the new, shiny system.



Donatello said:

I have a feeling Nintendo will release a portable Virtual Console for the DS2 giving us GameBoy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games...yet DS games themselves will be backwords compatible with it
So no worries there. And on another note, am i the only one who doesn't give a damn about DSiWare?...WiiWare on the otherhand is fantastic .



Adam said:

Got to love analysts. Apparently ever year Nintendo announces new hardware if we go by analyst predictions.



ninji said:

ech...just bought the hating the every yr upgrades. considering the XL just coming out 2010, dont think a next DS gen will be coming for at least 2012



Hardy83 said:

I'm not touching ANY new Nintendo systems until they improve their online support to match the market.



fortius54 said:

Listen, it makes no sense at all for Nintendo to come out with any system in the near future. The Wii sold more systems last year than the PS3 and 360 combine. We all know how the Wii stompped all over the handheld competition. Business that record that kind of market share do not bring something new to market until they have bled the life out of what they have got. It just does not make good business sense to bring out something new now.

The Wii has another price drop left before we even talk about a new system.. They are still making money off of the consoles (more than Microsoft and Sony can say). The two factors that will give us a new home console are:

1) They figure out a way to amp up the system and still make money.
2) There is something they want to do with a new system that the Wii just won't do.

As for the handheld, I know the companies mentioned said they are reevaluating Nintendo, but I really think that is on the Wii side. I think the DS has made plenty of them money. I agree with an earlier post. I think the earliest you'll see something new is late '11 or early '12. Again, they are not going to do anything until, the goal can not be accomplished on the DS.



aaronsullivan said:

Honestly, I just want a way to play some DS games on my TV. / Maybe the big one will help with the problem of the DS being an almost completely non-social device.

@V8 Ninja
As far as the naming conventions go... the DS might get a new name, but I doubt it. Remember the Game Boy moniker lasted a LONG time through a couple of revisions and one major update -- Game Boy Advance. It only changed names because Nintendo was a bit nervous about the DS, promoting it as a third platform (not just for little boys anymore). It will stay a DS (dual screen). If not, no backwards compatibility whatsoever, right? The one caveat is that it's a horrible name for a fun little portable device for all ages. It's pronounced as two consecutive letters. It sounds like a type of battery or something.

The way Wii has been branded so heavily there are MANY people who don't even care or know that a company named Nintendo made it. Seriously. If you make the follow up console with a different name, you have some extra education to do. No, Nintendo has invented a new brand called Wii and it will be in the successor console's name. At least that's the way I see it.



Curt said:

Guys guys, Nintendo never actually confirmed that they would make an announcement. The article is mostly speculation, and the screenshot was just a fake one somebody created. Stop over-analyzing them. It's one thing to create updated versions of consoles, but to announce a whole new handheld when DSi exclusive games haven't seen their initial release? Seriously, think about it for a bit.



Hardy83 said:

"DSi exclusive games haven't seen their initial release?"

I have a feeling that is going to disappear and Nintendo will pretend they never stated the existence of DSi-enhanced/exclusive games.



Tails said:

Looks like I'll be sticking with DSi until I see the real thing. Nice pic btw .



Phobos said:

A remake of the original Nintendo DS is what it is. Not an upgrade to the DSi. I'll be waiting for when this comes out. Might buy, might not, but I don't think the sales of these things are going to sky-rocket. Good pictures by the way.



Sean_Aaron said:

I think they could make the download-only thing a real success unlike Sony. Just keep the cart slot for the impulse cart purchase and focus on downloads for new software via an SD storage solution a la the Wii.



3230ru said:

the pocket mode of "that thing" looks pretty stupid, because slim things are good for pockets, not a cubical ones...



JimLad said:

I agree with Sean.
Obviously digital purchases will be the norm in the not too distant future, but I think the iPhone has shown there is a large enough audience out there now, in the portable space at least.
Nintendo should get a headstart on this before they are left behind again.
Keep the cart slot, but move all the first party games completely into digital space to lead the way. Have download stations in game stores or wherever for those don't have wireless connections at home.
And promote the price! let people know your games will be very cheap.



JustYourAverageBleh said:

Meh, the DS had too many revamp-tions (or if that's even a word.)
give the GBA SP a chance to become a better Game console.



Bananahh said:

I'm an analyst, my farts are magical T_______T, i would really be a stupid move for Nintendo to release a new handheld, the ds is still making more sales than the psp, the dsi was only released last year and the dsiware shop still hasnt been used to its full potential. My opion is probaly bi-ased due to the fact i just got a dsi though. sigh Btw, the new design is great and all, but it just looks like an SP with a touch screen, and the controls shoved to the side (plus a few extra buttons)



KarlThomson said:

Its unlikely that the DS will be replaced soon, since Nintendo like their long handheld lives. That said, I will eat my hat if there is another version of the DS before a successor. The DSi XL must SURELY be the last update/version of the current hardware.

It appears Nintendo like 3 versions of a hardware before upgrading it. Gameboy, the smaller version whose name escapes me, and the GBC. Then the GBA, GBA SP and GBA Micro. So 4 versions of the DS is already outside the usual Nintendo MO.



Rhansley64 said:

I doubt it's real, in my opinion as soon as Sony announce a successor to the PSP, Nintendo will announce their successor the DS and based constant redesign's my guess is it won't be till 2014.



Old_School said:

They are talking that nVidia's TEGRA chip will run and that nVidia won the contract.
There are tons more...But alas, all rumors...I just want a system that people won't bitch about constantly! I am a proud owner of a DSlite and DSi along with a Wii...



Donatello said:

Rhansley64 2014? are you serious? There's no way in hell...A Succesor to the DS seems about right for Spring 2011, if not no later than 2012. Hell the DS Phat was relesed Christmas 04'....Now it's 2010 So the DS has been out for slightly over 5 years....While the DS Lite was released in Spring 2006 Which is when I actually jumped on board hehe

Anyways, 5 years(Every nintendo system has done it so far) or 6 at the most for any Game Console seems about right when it comes to releasing a Successor. As for the Wii, that hit in Christmas 06'. So it's been out for for alittle over 3 years. 2 more to go before Nintendo busts out a new System. BUT it could be longer, everyone is saying the lifespan of this generation may be longer...Personally I'd expect something for Christmas 2012....anything later and i'd be totaly annoyed.



Donatello said:

It would be nice though if the Wii got a new System release upgrade with Flash memory so there wont be any use for an SD Card. So there will be tons of room for all saved WiiWare/VC games as well as an HDMI Input and of course some sort of HD scaler....Not that it will display games in HD of course, but to scale better on HDTV's sets weather that is possible or makes any sense ;p

On another note, I'm going HD once the Wii2 hits....Honestly the Wii is the reason why i havent baught a 50" 1080p Plasma. Wii Games play and look better on a CRT SDTV using Component cables. i'm rocking a 32" Sony Wega Trinitron and Motion, Color and Black levels are second to none. BUT I'm missing out on Widescreen and Progressivescan which sucks of course. but I've played the Wii on a few plasma's and while those 2 things are fantastic, the upscaled image and Lag is the deal breaker for me. I could always keep my CRT for Wii games and buy a 50" 3D 1080p Plasma for Movies(Bluray/DVD)...But, that would be annoying as I'd want my gaming set up to be in the living room and so on. Argh....i wish Nintendo had some sort of scaler that would work with 1080p, so the PQ would look better and there would be zero lag...hehe, went alittle off topic there ;p



Crazygamerfreak said:

Really? A DS2? I never expected this and I am becoming more curious about it. This seems like something that might be of interest.



Donatello said:

lol..some of the people are so clueless on here and clearly dont read other peoples posts. that DS picture at the top is a 'MOCK UP' holly hell



Ren said:

yeah, that looks like a very old mock up of, like, a DS lite or something. It's just something to stick in there to fit the article, people. It has a GBA slot too so that should tell you how old it is.



ToastyYogurt said:

I hope this doesn't happen soon. I've already had my DSi for not even a year yet (got it day one) and I don't want to have to buy ANOTHER handheld if it's going to be next-gen! D:



jdarrell said:

"I think they could make the download-only thing a real success unlike Sony."
I would prefer this, but honestly the North America reaction seemed brutal. I think most people who want downloadable games are settled with an iPod or their phone and don't want another handheld just to download games.



Sprace_Bot said:

WHAT!?!?!?! it looks like a sucky remake of the first DS! besides now that so many poeple have a DSi, no body will have their GBA games. and a cube won't fit in your pocket too well either. I will admit though, the colors are pretty cool looking. but the name "nintendo DS 2" is not that catchy. i would recommend not getting it if you've already got a DSi.



Kevin said:

If it does come out in April that might be the best early/late birthday present ever!



Mabbit said:

ds, 2005
ds lite, 2006/2007 (not completely sure)
dsi 2009
dsi XL 2010
ds2 2010
ds2i, 2011
ds2i lite XL spurs the apacalypse in 2012



Altkey said:

Great now I have to download all of my dsiware again, that will me expensive. Not really but they should do the same thing they did with wifi settings so you can move all of them for free. Who's happy for that!



childofacid said: doesn't seem like a very reliable source, its obviously just an internet rumor...How about sticking to real news?



Meffaliss said:

I personaly don't like this idea of a DS2 so soon, well even though it came out in 2004, there was the DS, DSlite, last year the DSi and soon enough, the DSi XL. I think Nintendo is a bit "cashing in" now... And that,s my personal thoughts.



WiggleMan said:

I have zero respect for the DSi! I've had two of them, and, soon enough, the L and R buttons broke!



KiroX777 said:

@leonidas lmao!! i think thats happening to my dsi now my L and R buttons are taking 2-3 tries to get the camera to start up at the dsi menu.

also that picture of the ds2 looks UGLY AS HELL oh please dont do things like that, people want to actually look forward to the ds2. and i think gba is a waist of space and will make the system more bulky



BigPaws said:

Ok i have to say one thing...
No WAY!!!!!!
i just bought a dsi 3 months ago and im still waiting for some nice firmware upgrades. if there gunna do anything make a new and improved firmware first that includes dang vc in it.
theres 7 pages of posts on what people are waiting for! Dont make a new system until you fix the old one!

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