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Tue 6th Oct 2009

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Sprace_Bot commented on Nintendo of Australia Sends DS to School But D...:

WOW! i wish i thought of that. my writing is messy wough and i could pass for a sixth grader. but i'll get my chance for something great. but it'll suck cuz i'll be about 95 years old and then i'll win the $70 million lottery and and i'll die the next morning.



Sprace_Bot commented on Miyamoto Hints Towards Next Console:

it could be cool, but not everyone has an HD TV. like a few other people i know, i just got my wii not too long ago. i would kind of suck they already went on to a new system and stop making things for the regular wii. the same thing happened with the first DS, the DS lite came out and accessories for the regular DS just disapeared.



Sprace_Bot commented on Defend Your Castle:

No prob XGen, this internet flashgame was a huge hit so I didn't think there would be any doubt about this awesome title.



Sprace_Bot commented on Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year:

WHAT!?!?!?! it looks like a sucky remake of the first DS! besides now that so many poeple have a DSi, no body will have their GBA games. and a cube won't fit in your pocket too well either. I will admit though, the colors are pretty cool looking. but the name "nintendo DS 2" is not that catchy. i would recommend not getting it if you've already got a DSi.



Sprace_Bot commented on Electroplankton:

Dude, you only used to get this game by internet order. now its at a lot of places. I want it so baaaaaaaad! (soon enough... i'll get it)



Sprace_Bot commented on Black Wii Homes in on Europe:

DUDE!!!!!! i want one of these black wii's so they better get to Canada soon! I've been planning to get a wii for some time now this would be perfect!!!