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South Africa

Tue 15th Dec 2009

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KarlThomson commented on Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year:

Its unlikely that the DS will be replaced soon, since Nintendo like their long handheld lives. That said, I will eat my hat if there is another version of the DS before a successor. The DSi XL must SURELY be the last update/version of the current hardware.

It appears Nintendo like 3 versions of a hardware before upgrading it. Gameboy, the smaller version whose name escapes me, and the GBC. Then the GBA, GBA SP and GBA Micro. So 4 versions of the DS is already outside the usual Nintendo MO.



KarlThomson commented on Review: Sands of Destruction (DS):

Was hoping you would cover the story, but given the above comment, perhaps that tells me all I need to know. I would much rather use the money on the next SMT game.



KarlThomson commented on Nintendo Hits Rock Bottom In Greenpeace Rankings:

The 'power' being used argument is pretty much moot since what happens if all the power to your house is made from renewable sources?

Its similar to the Toyota Prius argument, yes it uses less fuel (power in this case) but its 'greenness' is gone when you look at the manufacturing process.

Btw, I have no interest in Greenpeace whatsoever, I'm more interested in a proper argument .



KarlThomson commented on Review: Jambo! Safari (DS):

I had SO much fun with this in the arcades, and never quite finished it by catching the white lion. Pity the DS conversion is so average. Good review Luke.



KarlThomson commented on Intel in Talks with Nintendo:


I don't think a new console is needed just yet, the current gen consoles have wonderfully long life cycles that is really helping the consumer in general. My guess, this is a late 2011 project.



KarlThomson commented on Monster Hunter 3 Tri Delayed In North America:

This is really clever by Capcom. After most of the BIG Q4 releases were moved to Q1, anything released in Q1 has the risk of being buried under the release glut. By pushing those titles forward to Q2, they have a better chance of selling much better.



KarlThomson commented on Review: Outlaw Golf (GameCube):

@JimLad: The demo of that game gave me so many good laughs despite the awfulness of the game. Anything that allows you to pull off a flying headbutt ON THE REF is worth playing, even for a little while.



KarlThomson commented on Legend Of Zelda TV Series Hits Hulu:

Lurch, did you watch the vid? Its PAINFUL. Apparently, the phrase is said 29 times over the 13 episodes

James, its my pleasure .

Aviator, I wouldn't call watching this series a perk, but I have to agree. Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans all get screwed when it comes to this kind of thing.