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Tue 19th Jan 2010

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ninji commented on Review: Knights in the Nightmare (DS):

I'm still in love with this game. The title chosen fits it perfectly,
And it is hardcore! and it is quiet a lot taking in consideration when playing..lots of preparation and leveling and a million other things. It is also very nice to look at during the game, there is a lot happening to not bore you. And it is nice in dark background (good for my eyes)
...I just love it



ninji commented on Review: Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight fo...:

meh, PASS! played the battle of giants but the dragon kind was real bad, very monotonous, but VERY. And the game dont have replayability. I wish i never bought it. By the looks of the screenshots and the review, this seems just as same, but with dinosaurs instead of dragons...the game was a huge turn off...even the ping pong game from the 70's was more fun!
who wants to fight a toilet anyway...just dumb. Now whenever i here battle of giants y go 'mehhh'



ninji commented on Pop Island:

bought this game since dec, its AWESOME. It's still is!!
Anyone tried the Insane play? my DSi just flew out of my hand fingers just rejected it, haha.



ninji commented on Brand New NES Platformer Released:

30$ is rather a very cheap price to go back in time for. id be all over this game, wish it would sell over here, id sure give myself a copy. seems better than anything there is on DSiWare...except for popisland.



ninji commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

a 7?!!? WHAAA This first one wins in fun and just the multiplayer mash up! I do agree that it doesn't compare much to the others. But the game is still THE SAME in the others, with just added characters and moves. But I didn't like the melee one bit. It was not as fun!
I guess it just depends who your other 3 players your playing with are. They can only add to the fun.

I give it a 9. And I judge this game based on itself, and not comparing it to others. It could have only had more characters, that would be my only complain about SSB64.



ninji commented on Review: Glory of Heracles (DS):

I love micromanaging rpg's!! its like driving a car with a shift stick. it always makes me feel im driving the car for real. I think micromanaging is more efficient. Healing in hotels, bla bla bla..death or gameover repeats are time wasters. being strategic on attacks with each member of your team and the order of it...its a preparation , i guess i get a thrill from it. im gonna get this for sure.



ninji commented on Review: Dark Void Zero (DSiWare):

9 is a bit high and the game is short indeed, i finished it whithin 2 hrs at difficult setting. the bosses are indeed very difficult. And THE GAME IS AWESOME, makes me wanting for more! fully worth the 500 pnts and more. imo



ninji commented on Dark Void Zero:

i loooooove how you have to blow the dust off the cartridge...very nostalgic