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Mon 4th Jan 2010

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Bananahh commented on Review: Glory of Heracles (DS):

I might pass on this one. I'm going to wait for the next Shin Megami Tensei or something along the lines of TWEWY or Devils Survivor.



Bananahh commented on Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year:

I'm an analyst, my farts are magical T_______T, i would really be a stupid move for Nintendo to release a new handheld, the ds is still making more sales than the psp, the dsi was only released last year and the dsiware shop still hasnt been used to its full potential. My opion is probaly bi-ased due to the fact i just got a dsi though. sigh Btw, the new design is great and all, but it just looks like an SP with a touch screen, and the controls shoved to the side (plus a few extra buttons)



Bananahh commented on Club Nintendo Australia Left Behind:

Rant Im glad this was put up, so everyone could see what a joke club nintendo was in our country. We dont get stars/coins for dsiware, virtual console and wiiware. Nor is there any point in linking your wii or dsi to club nintendo, since all it does is show you what youve downloaded.
And even though we have recently got information on wiiware, dsiware and virtual console games on the site, everything else takes ages to update.
ANDD there are only 5 items in the club nintendo catalogue.
I would really prefer if Nintendo of Europe took over our club nintendo and such. Not only is it club nintendo, but our dsiware has been lacking too, probaly by around 10 -20 apps. (sorry for the long post, but i really had to get that out of my system



Bananahh commented on DSi Gets Motion Detection:

The title function is driven by pure awesomeness and the sensitivity will depend on your awesomeness. That, or nintendo has been holding out on us O.o