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Thu 18th Jun 2009

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Old_School commented on 3DS Form is Final Shape, says Hideki Konno:

So, let me get this straight, Nintendo is making a new hand held. A hand held that rivals the power of the Wii, the most advanced hand held to date, this includes the PSP and all of the "i" hardware. They are using a cutting edge 3D technology. They have high resolution screens on the thing. The processor is apparently smoking fast. It would appear to have loads of memory. They stated that the game cards will start off at 2 gigabytes. It will be fully backwards compatible. They are working on making the DSi and Wii account based, not hardware, so you can transfer all of you stuff from the DSi. They already have Mario Kart, Zelda 64, Starfox 64 and a bunch of other great titles. All in all most of what everyone has complained about from day one of the DS. And now you are saying you won't buy it because of the color or the fact it is not for lefties? Seriously? Do you have nothing better to do than find reasons to complain? Wow! Seriously! WOW! I would think that this console would hush most naysayers.



Old_School commented on Nintendo Will Release 3DS in October:

Last two sentences in the article: "Nintendo told CVG today's story was merely "rumour and speculation". We get that a lot." Honestly, companies do not need to promote their consoles, when sites go out of their way to post any small detail and take a tabloid style approach. Their new console/handheld is all over the net in seconds because sites want to be the first. Honestly, "I was first" is so annoying. I will believe a release date for the US when Nintendo announces it and I can read and article from or official site along with or hearing it from Reggie.



Old_School commented on Reggie: Nintendo Not Considering Successor to ...:

Really??...Honestly, why are there so many articles will there continue to be about the successor for the Wii and the DS? I believe that is just causes conflict. I am very happy with my Wii and my DS and DSi...I don't want a successor yet! I am still looking forward to a sequel to a Mario game and Zelda game! That is first time we have seen a Zelda sequel on the same console since the N64...But before you say Twilight Princess, I maintain that TP was a Wii game that was ported to the GameCube. And more so we haven't seen a sequel to a Mario game on the same console since the flippin' SNES!! That in itself is amazing! There is so much drama from Wii2/DSi2 to the lack of quality in games. Lets take stock in what we have and now what we want to see in the future due to the fact that you are bored. Find something else to play, honestly.

I love my Wii and DSi! I approve this message...



Old_School commented on Miyamoto Hints Towards Next Console:

So yet another WiiHD post of speculation. It seems these news posts seem to re-occur about every two weeks. It seems that news posts stating that every exclusive Wii title is going to be ported to the HD consoles due to the fact the developer does not think that Wii has the hardware to fulfill their needs.
The posts usually seem to build a tremendous amount of Wii hate and WiiHD love and yearning. One day official Nintendo reps state there will be a WiiHD and then a few days later Reggie makes a press conference to state there will not be a WiiHD. I really hope this type of journalism dies off as it is unattractive and unappealing.



Old_School commented on Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year:

They are talking that nVidia's TEGRA chip will run and that nVidia won the contract.
There are tons more...But alas, all rumors...I just want a system that people won't bitch about constantly! I am a proud owner of a DSlite and DSi along with a Wii...



Old_School commented on First DSi-Only Retail Releases Hitting This Fall:

I honestly hope that the camera feature is not the only distinguishing features of DSi exclusive titles. There is more hardware, why would they put more hardware down? It cannot be for the DSiWare only? Ugg...I would really like to see what the new hardware can do. If they can produce games like FF3/4, Suikoden, ACWW, SM64 and GTA:CW on the limited hardware of the classic, the DSi should demonstrate graphics inline with the PSP and iPhone.