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Nintendo Download: 25 December 2009 (EU)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Not much in the Wii's stocking this year, but DSiWare users must have been very good indeed!

Well, after North America's big release Monday this week, it has to be said that Nintendo of Europe are coming off a little like Ebenezer Scrooge with this week's European download offerings on the Wii: just two WiiWare offerings and no Virtual Console content for Christmas. The DSiWare stocking is fuller with a respectable five titles to choose from (even if they are mostly catch-up titles). Ah well just think of the extra money you'll have for the Boxing Day sales!

Nintendo have also created a new WiiWare page for their UK site accessible with a dedicated url: Most upcoming releases are still listed as TBD, but it definitely looks like Nintendo are trying to make it easier to find tutorials and available title information online which can only be a good thing.

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle (700pts - RTL Playtainment) -- As recently reported this is a "hidden object" game for children. We'll discover if it's worth your while and report back when we return!

TV Show King 2 (800pts - Gameloft) -- Hot on the heels of the North American release yesterday, Europeans may have some user-generated content to look forward to on Christmas Day -- if enough people across the pond took the plunge and submitted their own questions that is!

Rayman (800pts - Ubisoft) -- Reviewer Jonathan Walgren was less than impressed with this game -- even if it wasn't a bad port -- but no doubt fans will be happy to have it available for download anyway.

A Little Bit of...Magic Made Fun (200pts - Nintendo) -- This is the more awkwardly named Master of Illusion Express title released at the end of November which resident sorcerer Jonificent Walgrenii though was a real waste of time. Still if you're collecting all of these you'll be happy to have a shot, no doubt.

Art Academy: First Semester (800pts - Nintendo) -- This Nintendo application came out in the rest of the world ages ago, so it's nice to see it in Europe; especially since our resident chicken reviewer thought it was a cracking art program.

Sparkle Snapshots (500pts - Nintendo) -- A program targeted at girls who like taking photos with their mates. It'll make for a nice way to spend those newly gifted Nintendo points according to our own girly girl reviewer Desiree.

Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever (800pts - Gameloft) -- A pet sim game from Gameloft. We'll let you know if this one's for the pound or your new best friend!

Enjoy the full press release below:

22nd December 2009 – Bring a little Christmas sparkle to your consoles this week with a thrilling adventure at The Mystery of Whiterock Castle and TV Show King 2, both on WiiWare this week.

And that’s not all. This week you can learn how to draw and paint on your Nintendo DSi and enjoy some festive fun with, impressing your friends over the Christmas period with mesmerising magic as both Art Academy™ First Semester and A Little Bit of...Magic Made Fun join DSiWare. Other top DSiWare titles added this week include the legendary Rayman, Sparkle Snapshots™ and Me And My Dogs: Friends Forever.

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle
(Playtainment, 700 Wii Points)
Experience a thrilling adventure at Whiterock Castle on your search for the missing princess. Find all the hidden objects in ten meticulously detailed settings as you get to know the various inhabitants and rooms of the castle. You can journey through a medieval fantasy world in a single player game, compete against other players or enjoy co-operative gameplay where you help each other out. Make haste and explore the King's vast castle with its gloomy dungeons and secret nooks and crannies. Every adventure will be unlike any other, because the hidden objects will always be concealed in different places. The hunt for the highest score has begun, and is looking for a champion.

TV Show King 2
(Gameloft, 800 Wii Points)
TV Show King, the WiiWare best seller, is back for a second round. There are 8,000 questions sorted into 12 categories on the program, including general knowledge and sports, movies, music and more. And that's without counting the questions that you can create yourself! Compete in a game of four in a local multiplayer mode, or play online with players from all over the world through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Have fun and learn fascinating facts with image questions: for example, identify a work of art, or determine the correct location of a country on a world map. You can even create your own quiz and post it online, or download new question packs generated by other players for endless challenge.

(Ubisoft Entertainment, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)
The Legendary first Rayman adventure is now on DSiWare. Play Rayman and try to save his amazing world from the evil Mr Dark. Discover a charming universe with colourful landscapes and meet funny characters who will help Rayman through his quest. Take advantage of the new DSi features as the DSi photos, the touch map selection or play against time and win bonuses.

A Little Bit of...Magic Made Fun: Mind Probe
(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)
Impress your friends with mesmerising magic using A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun – a collection of easy-to-perform tricks that you can carry wherever you go. Mind Probe uses the Nintendo DSi system's built-in microphone in magical new ways!
Ask a spectator to write down the names of six people, including someone they really like, and then ask them to read the names into the microphone. Amazingly, the software will detect who the spectator's favourite is. This trick can also reveal spectators' other likes and dislikes - for example, their favourite foods or films. You can even experiment and use the trick as a lie detector.

Art Academy: First Semester
(Nintendo, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)
Learn how to draw and paint with this easy-to-use software that transforms your Nintendo DSi system and stylus into a canvas and brush.In Art Academy: First Semester, friendly tutor Vince takes you step by step through the basics of artistic theory and techniques. Start simple with still-life pencil sketches before moving on to watercolours. Soon you’ll be putting your skills into practice, emulating classics from old masters like Dürer and Cézanne. Art Academy also features a Free Paint mode for creating original works. You can exchange images with the Nintendo DSi Camera album, from where you can share your masterpieces with friends and even upload to Facebook.

Sparkle Snapshots
(Nintendo, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)
Have fun with photos, and let your imagination run wild, with Sparkle Snapshots!
Get snapping with the cameras on your Nintendo DSi system, and then take your pick from a wide variety of fancy frames, backgrounds, stamps and crazy outfits to decorate your photos, or use the powerful painting functions to manipulate them in more detail. Sophisticated camera features let you adjust the lighting conditions and lens types to match your subject. There’s even a timer if you want to put yourself in the picture. And when you’re done, save your favourite snapshots in the Nintendo DSi Camera Album, from where you can share them wirelessly with friends and even upload to Facebook!

Me And My Dogs: Friends Forever
(Gameloft, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)
Have you ever dreamed of having your own cute dog? Thanks to Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever, you can have up to three of the cutest pups imaginable and take them with you everywhere you go. Choose from Labradors, ChowChows and Beagles. Like real dogs, you’ll have to feed, wash, and give them lots of love. Play in the park, teach them tricks or have them compete at the stadium. You can even call them like in real life thanks to the microphone! Plus, personalise your in-game profile with the camera feature.

As the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop are continually updated with exciting and refreshing games and applications, make sure you keep checking the Nintendo Channel, Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop for all the latest news and releases on already available and upcoming Virtual Console, WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare titles.

Be sure to also check out Nintendo of Europe's recently re-launched WiiWare portal, which functions as the main hub for the latest WiiWare news and game sites, while at the same time providing the perfect entry point for newcomers to the service. Weekly and all-time Top 10 lists show which WiiWare titles the UK's Club Nintendo members are currently downloading most, and which are the most popular of all time.

The portal also provides step-by-step tutorials explaining how to connect the Wii console to the Internet and how to download WiiWare games, as well as a video showing how to use Nintendo Points. Visit for all the details. Downloaded games can be saved to Wii's internal memory or SD card and added to the console's Wii Menu or SD Card Menu for anytime easy access.

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Djungelurban said:

Nintendo gave us a big bowl of suck (and no Cave Story) this Christmas... "Thank you Nintendo"! (kicks them in the groin and runs away)



blackknight77 said:

No VC games like SMK or Indiana Jones. That's not right. That is more like a lump of coal in the stocking.



Bass_X0 said:

Lame... I was expecting Super Mario Kart for sure but no VC games at all?



astarisborn94 said:

I cannot say that this is right. Normally I tell you that you should be glad that you get games weekly now, but this is just unacceptable. Everyone here might as well boycott everything from this week.



Terra said:

They could just be keeping any VC games they might release secret to surprise us but I'm not counting on it



NintenDaan said:

Sure, it's terrible to see no Virtual Console this week and the line-up could have been better, but at the end of the day i'll still be playing Art Academy and TV Show King 2.

Terrible? Nah, just another mediocre week for Europe.



indenmark said:

We've officially been lied to . . . the EU release date for Excitebike: World Rally was "2009", and this is the last update of the year.




Jacob said:




bboy2970 said:

Why is everyone so hostile toward this update. It could have been better but c'mon. You got TV Show King 2, Art Academy, and Sparkle Snapshots. 1 great game, and 2 great apps. As far as Mario Kart goes, not to sound rude but, get over it! We had to wait for many months for SSB so as far as I'm concerned, Nintendo is being fair for once.



pixelman said:

They can complain just as much about Super Mario Kart as we did about Super Smash Bros.




RGVEDA said:

Normaly Catch up Weeks for Europe are good because Europe is way behind USA and Canada.

Here are the "US and EU Only Lists":


US Only:

01. 12.05.08 V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack (High Voltage Software)
02. 23.06.08 Gyrostarr (High Voltage Software)
03. 14.07.08 Major League Eating: The Game (Mastiff)
04. 08.09.08 Groovin' Blocks (Empty Clip Studios)
05. 06.10.08 MadStone (RiverMan Media)
06. 17.11.08 Target Toss Pro: Bags (Incredible Technologies)
07. 24.11.08 Boingz (RealArcade)
08. 08.12.08 Bruiser & Scratch (Steel Penny Games)
09. 08.12.08 Hockey Allstar Shootout (Big Blue Bubble)
10. 15.12.08 Big Kahuna Party (Reflexive Entertainment)
11. 22.12.08 Tiki Towers (RealArcade)
12. 05.01.09 Sandy Beach (Konami)
13. 12.01.09 Planet Pachinko (Allied Kingdoms)
14. 19.01.09 High Voltage Hot Rod Show (High Voltage Software)
15. 16.02.09 Evasive Space (Akinai Games)
16. 11.05.09 Family Pirate Party (Aksys Games)
17. 18.05.09 Silver Star Chess (Agetec, Inc.)
18. 15.06.09 Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (Semnat Studios)
19. 22.06.09 Drill Sergeant Mindstrong (XSEED Games)
20. 22.06.09 NEVES Plus (Akinai Games)
21. 22.06.09 Family Mini Golf (Aksys Games)
22. 29.06.09 Reel Fishing Challenge (Natsume)
23. 29.06.09 Silver Star Reversi (Agetec Inc.)
24. 13.07.09 Incoming! (JV Games)
25. 13.07.09 Ant Nation (Konami)
26. 20.07.09 Battle Poker (Left Field Productions)
27. 27.07.09 HB Arcarde Games (HB Studios)
28. 03.09.09 Overturn (Studio Zan)
29. 14.09.09 Mart Racer (Joju Games)
30. 21.09.09 Family Tennis (Aksys Games)
31. 05.10.09 Word Searcher (Digital Leisure)
32. 12.10.09 Gravitronix (Medaserve Studios)
33. 02.11.09 Carnival King (Aksys Games)
34. 02.11.09 Family Card Games (Aksys Games)
35. 09.11.09 Excitebike: World Rally (Nintendo)
36. 09.11.09 Frogger Returns (Konami)
37. 23.11.09 Bit.Trip Void (Aksys Games)
38. 23.11.09 Harvest Moon: My Little Shop (Natsume)
39. 30.11.09 Christmax Clix (JV Games Inc.)
40. 14.12.09 Stunt Cars (Icon Games)
41. 14.12.09 Diatomic (Grendel Games)
42. 21.12.09 Eco Shooter: Plant 530 (Nintendo)

EU Only

01. 05.12.08 Bang! (Engine Software)
02. 10.07.09 Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory (Snap Dragon Games)
03. 09.10.09 Happy Holidays: Halloween (505 Games)
04. 16.10.09 Heron: Steam Machine (Triangle Studios)
05. 06.11.09 Manic Monkey Mayhem (Code Monkeys)
06. 06.11.09 UNO (Gameloft)
07. 27.11.09 Rabbids Lab (Ubisoft)
08. 27.11.09 Solitaire (GameOn)
09. 04.12.09 Mahjong (GameOn)
10. 07.12.09 Flowerworks (Nocturnal)
11. 07.12.09 My Dolphin (T&S Ltd.)
12. 07.12.09 Stop Stress: A Day of Fury (Abylight)
13. 18.12.09 Eat! Fat! FIGHT! (Tecmo)
14. 25.12.09 The Mystery of Whiterock Castle (RTL Playtainment)


US Only List

01. 28.09.09 Art Academy: Second Semester (Nintendo)
02. 05.10.09 Thorium Wars (Big John Games)
03. 12.10.09 Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon (Nintendo)
04. 19.10.09 Crash-Course Domo (Nintendo)
05. 19.10.09 Hard-Hat Domo (Nintendo)
06. 19.10.09 Pro-Putt Domo (Nintendo)
07. 19.10.09 Rock-n-Roll Domo (Nintendo)
08. 19.10.09 White-Water Domo (Nintendo)
09. 09.11.09 Electroplankton Trapy (Nintendo)
10. 09.11.09 Electroplankton Hanenbow (Nintendo)
11. 09.11.09 Electroplankton Rec-Rec (Nintendo)
12. 09.11.09 Electroplankton Nanocarp (Nintendo)
13. 09.11.09 Electroplankton Beatnes (Nintendo)
14. 16.11.09 Arcade Bowling
15. 16.11.09 Robot Rescue (Teyon)
16. 23.11.09 Electroplankton Luminarrow (Nintendo)
17. 23.11.09 Electroplankton Sun-Animalcule (Nintendo)
18. 23.11.09 Electroplankton Lumiloop (Nintendo)
19. 23.11.09 Electroplankton Marine-Crystals (Nintendo)
20. 23.11.09 Electroplankton Varvoice (Nintendo)
21. 30.11.09 Bookworm (PopCap Games, Inc.)
22. 30.11.09 Sudoku Challenge! (Digital Leisure Inc.)
23. 07.12.09 Ball Fighter (Teyon)
24. 07.12.09 Pop Island (Odenis Studio)
25. 14.12.09 Miami Nights: Life in the Spotlight (Gameloft)
26. 21.12.09 Dragon's Lair (Digital Leisure Inc.)
27. 21.12.09 Hot and Cold: A 3D Hidden Object Adventure (Majesco Entertainment)
28. 21.12.09 High Stakes Texas Hold'em (Hudson Entertainment)

EU Only List

01. 07.08.09 City Transport Map Volume 1 (Nintendo)
02. 07.08.09 City Transport Map Volume 2 (Nintendo)
03. 14.08.09 Sujin Taisen Number Battles (Nintendo, Mitchell Corp.)
04. 28.08.09 Oscar in Toyland (Virtual Playground)
05. 04.09.09 6 in 1 Dictionary with Camera Function (Nintendo)
06. 11.09.09 2-in-1 Solitaire (Nintendo)
07. 16.10.09 Wakugumi - Monochrome Puzzle (Nintendo)
08. 30.10.09 Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ (Gammick Entertainment)
09. 13.11.09 A Little Bit of... Nintendo Touch Golf (Nintendo)
10. 27.11.09 Reflect Missile (Nintendo)
11. 04.12.09 Just Sing! Christmas Songs (DTP Entertainment)
12. 11.12.09 Hell's Kitchen VS (Ludia Inc.)
13. 18.12.09 Starship Patrol (QGames)
14. 18.12.09 A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Psychic Camera (Nintendo)
15. 25.12.09 Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever (Gameloft)

Virtual Console:

US Only

01. 09.04.07 Bravoman (Namco, TG)
02. 05.03.07 Elevator Action (Taito, NES)
03. 11.06.07 Lode Runner (Hudson, NES)
04. 04.06.07 Milon's Secret Castle (Hudson, NES)
05. 07.05.07 Ordyne (Namco, TG)
06. 26.03.07 Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (Koei, SNES)
07. 30.07.07 Star Soldier (Hudson, NES)
08. 12.03.07 Tecmo Bowl (Tecmo, NES)
09. 19.02.07 The Legend of Kage (Taito, NES)
10. 10.09.07 NES Play Action Football (Nintendo, NES)
11. 15.10.07 Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NES, Tecmo)
12. 15.10.07 Metal Marines (SNES, Namco)
13. 12.11.07 Axeley (Konami, SNES)
14. 03.12.07 Zanac (Compile, NES)
15. 17.02.08 Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom (Tecmo, NES)
16. 24.03.08 King's Knight (Square Enix, NES)
17. 24.03.08 Powerball (Sega, Mega Drive)
18. 07.04.08 Bases Loaded (Jaleco, NES)
19. 05.05.08 Renegade (Aksys Games, NES)
20. 19.05.08 Sky Kid (Namco Bandai, NES)
21. 22.09.08 Super Dodge Ball (Aksys Game, NES)
22. 29.09.08 Super Turrican 2 (Factor 5, SNES)
23. 16.02.09 Life Force (Konami, NES)
24. 06.04.09 Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (Koei, SNES)
25. 27.04.09 Nobunaga's Ambition (Koei, SNES)
26. 08.06.09 Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf (Koei, SNES)
27. 03.08.09 Tecmo Bowl (Tecmo, Arcade)
28. 14.09.09 Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge (Aksys Games, NES)
29. 05.10.09 Final Fantasy (Square Enix, NES)
30. 16.11.09 Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (Lucas Arts, SNES)
31. 23.11.09 Super Mario Kart (Nintendo, SNES)
32. 30.11.09 The Combatribes (Aksys Games, SNES)
33. 14.12.09 Blaster Master (Sunsoft, NES)


01. 07.09.07 ESWAT: City under Siege (Sega, Megadrive)
02. 07.09.07 CrackDown (Sega, Megadrive)
03. 14.09.07 Mario's Super Picross (Nintendo, SNES)
04. 21.12.07 Skate or Die! (Ultra, NES)
05. 28.03.08 Uridium (Commodore Gaming, C64)
06. 11.04.08 Impossible Mission (Commodore Gaming, C64)
07. 25.04.08 World Games (Commodore Gaming, C64)
08. 23.05.08 Paradroid (Commodore Gaming, C64)
09. 25.07.08 International Karate + (Commodore Gaming, C64)
10. 19.08.08 Jumpman (Commodore Gaming, C64)
11. 17.10.08 Mayhem in Monsterland (Commodore Gaming, C64)
12. 31.10.08 Devil World (Nintendo, NES)
13. 12.12.08 Last Ninja 3 (Commodore Gaming, Commodore 64)
14. 12.12.08 Impossible Mission II (Commodore Gaming, Commodore 64)
15. 20.02.09 Winter Games (Commodore Gaming, Commodore 64)
16. 17.07.09 Smash Table Tennis (Nintendo, NES)
17. 21.08.09 Pilotwings (Nintendo, SNES)
18. 27.11.09 Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (Sega, Mega Drive)
19. 07.12.09 Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Capcom, SNES)
20. 11.12.09 Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (Sega, Sega Master System)




Sean_Aaron said:

@RGVEDA: Stop Stress was actually released in NA first -- we have no release date (and it's a European dev too, criminal!). Eat! Fat! Fight! should be hitting NA next Monday as well.

There's a whole lot of NA WiiWare games we could have had and VC content as well. It is a rather disappointing update and more in line with what was happening earlier in the year on the Wii. T_T indeed...



Mike1 said:

So Europe doesn't get any VC games for Christmas? Ouch (goes and plays SSB)!



Egg_miester said:

after the nice club nintendo update you guys got this month that makes up easily i wish we got that i'ld gladly given are vc games for a good club nintendo update



Sneaker13 said:

I might be interested in The Mystery of Whiterock Castle. Otherwise a pretty mediocre update. I doubt that no VC would come here. But it's silly to say that it's only fair in comparison to SSB for the US. Look at the list earlier in this news item or to LiT which took about nine months till it get released in Europe.



Adam said:

Looks like you guys have been bad this year. This update is just shy of putting a lump of coal on the shop channel.



vakama94 said:

wow, mostly just a catch up updated, thats lame, also for virtual console fans this will mean a bad update



Rapadash6 said:

Maybe releasing Smash Bros in June was some kind of error and you guys too were suppose to recieve it today. Or maybe Nintendo are just being jerks.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

No Super Mario Kart AGAIN? And even worse NO Virtual Console game at all? If it's true and no "suprise" Virtual Console game turning up this week I have only four words to say: **** you Nintendo Europe!



KDR_11k said:

Maybe Nintendo thinks that Europeans don't celebrate Christmas.

As opposed to Halloween, apparently.



Smileoscar said:

I barely buy VC games anymore so it's not such a big deal for me,but I'm sorry for you other guys.



Bobpie said:

OMG! I've ALWAYS been waiting for a pet simulator on my DS! It's not like there's a thousand other shovelware ones out there! [/sarcasm]



timp29 said:

I think the problem is that the last 3 EU updates have been significantly lackluster.

For shame nintendo of europe. Give yourselves an uppercut.



Varoennauraa said:

Shoryuken even! One for every Street Fighter 2, with what you have wasted time and virtual space.




Although TV Show King 2 is an insta-download and Art Academy is decent, that is STILL an insulting update to the EU-ites. Especially considering what we were promised. Shame on you NoE.

Excitebike? Cave Story? Neves Plus? etc etc etc. Oh and the NA even get blumin' Magic Obelisk on the 28th Dec. I mean, c'mon NoE.

Super frcking Mario Kart on the VC too?!



Mario_34 said:

I hope that this is a joke and that Super Mario Kart will be coming out on Christmas as I have beeen waiting years to play that game again.



xesbeth said:

"And we hope you're going to enjoy all these gooooood gaaaaaaaames! Oh and please, stop using the homebrew channel, thanks! Cheers from Nintendo european staff!"



Ristar42 said:

Saving my money again. What happened to Indy's greatest adventures and Mario Kart? Makes you wonder what is influencing their decisions... seems like a wasted opportunity.



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, I can only hope that's wrong. I mean, that would just really, really suck. And I thought NA got the shaft this year.



dangermouseuk78 said:

uk wiiware releases aare gettin a bit of a joke now whats bettin that NA get another long list of downloads for wii again. guess its great if your a DSI owner tho which im not. who are the people who decides what gets released and when.



Kidpit said:

And cue the throusands of Forum topics saying that Nintendo is abandoning the virtual console....again.



RGVEDA said:

@ wii man10

Thank you very much! I hope that were all mistakes

Sorry, unfortunetally the games in the wrong list... __



y2josh said:

Is it already the 25th in Europe or do they just anounce games early over there?



Mario_34 said:

I still think that they are going to release Super Mario Kart on Christmas, I think they are keeping the Virtual Console release's a secret.



Twisted said:

Wow, and I just decided to ignore WiiWare in favour of the VC. Personally I find WiiWare largely lacking - particularly in the challenge and longevity departments (yes, even Rubiks: Rush) It's a good job I've got plenty of outstanding VC titles to complete like the sublime Revenge of Shinobi.

Talking about Sega games: It's nice to note that they're kicking me in the balls the Christmas too. I probably have the majority of their top titles and I now hear they're giving them away over the holidays for 300 points a piece less. Thanks Sega.

So not only is it a crap update but I find out I've been ripped off too.



Djrr-ific said:

But the Nintendo Channel says Hair Salon thingy is also going to be released this friday on DSiWare...

Nintendo Channel is a good source right?



Twisted said:

The Nintendo Channel has posted at least two inaccurate release dates for DLC so I wouldn't count on it too much.



parmi said:

casual gamer alert! we got pretty rubbish games, think i'll be holding on til sum good games come.

hint* Mr Driller. Casual game but i love it



Dazran303 said:

Where the hell is Super Mario Kart (SNES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

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