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Fri 13th Nov 2009

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Jacob commented on Review: Sudoku Sensei (DSiWare):

There are so many sudoku games on the DSiWare...We need more shameless ports from Ds games. maybe A magic port... or another puzzle game.



Jacob commented on Glow Artisan:

For some reason, I think it will be a lot like Art Style: PICTOBITS because of the large pixels in the photos at the site.



Jacob commented on Review: Dragon's Lair (DSiWare):

To be honest, I thought it was disappointing at some points. The gameplay in whole was about 20 minutes, and after that, there's no real incentive to play to beat it again, unless you want a higher score. But there were much more high points as well, so I'd only recommend to fans of the series for sentimental quality, so it's worth the price.



Jacob commented on Dragon's Lair:

This seems like a very interesting title and I'm going to download it right NOW!!!



Jacob commented on Review: Electroplankton Luminarrow (DSiWare):

Wolfneko, not a whole lot of people bought (or even knew) Electroplankton. These are small pieces that give Electroplankton (and Master of Illusion) a chance to get the publicity and opportunity to be bought that it should have had originally.



Jacob commented on Nintendo Download: Rayman, Notebooks, Stress B...:

I had the GBA version too, KDR_11K, but most re-copies of games on DSiware are "Express" or "A little bit of..." (Puzzle league Express, I'm talkin' to you!), and for Nintendo to have an actual, entire copy of a game (Excluding Paper chase and the other WarioWare game [I forget the name] ) is kinda rare, right?



Jacob commented on Snakenoid:

Wow, it'll be developed by HBO's main competitor, Cinemax.