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Sun 22nd Nov 2009

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Twisted commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

@Panda. Not at all - because that makes sense. Using a disc for unlocking a system makes no sense:

  • It's totally wasteful in terms of manufacturing. Why waste discs and valuable resources when the front-end could be downloaded at a fraction of the cost to the company and the environment.
  • It's flawed. What if someone pinches your disc or it gets damaged irrecoverably (which also compounds the previous point) Do you pay a premium for a replacement? I guess they'll let you off once (or twice) but I doubt they'll be too happy after two or three replacements discs. And remember you'll be inserting/removing that sucker a hell of a lot more than you would your regular DVD and game discs. Added wear-and-tear on both your disc and your console.
  • It's impractical: Why should people need to insert a disc? Shouldn't the service be available "on-demand"? It sounds lazy, but surely having to get your fat ass off the sofa to physically set the system up every time you want to use it kinda goes against the whole idea of on demand.

I suppose it could have been worse - they could have used a USB dongle



Twisted commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

No sale. Who the hell wants to put a disc in their console to play downloadable movies? Kinda backward don't you think? Then again, it is for the Wii.... so it all strangely makes sense (in that "I don't have a clue what people really want" kind of fashion)

Plus, disc based piracy is so much more popular than WiiWare piracy so using the medium for security makes no sense at all unless they're looking to eke out another $40 for the disc (with the usual 'free months subscription' that actually cost you $40)



Twisted commented on Even More Nintendo Titles Get The Axe:

It's good to see more core gam-es being dumped in favor of more potential shovelware like Wii Fit Plus Activity-Z or what-ever-the-hell Nintendo are planning next. It also proves that the Wii is for casuals and fanboys because no-one wants to touch anything related to proper game play on the system.



Twisted commented on Nintendo Download: 8 January 2010 (Europe):

Two weeks of very few interesting releases? Two months more like and the VC has been criminally neglected even with this watered down hybrid of Shinobi and Metal Slug.

Maybe next month, eh, Nintendo?



Twisted commented on Review: Last Ninja 3 (Virtual Console / Commod...:

Meh ... the control issues and the sole reason why I stopped buying games for the C64 when it first appeared on the VC. I bought one "highly recommended" game and am glad to say I'll never touch the system again. Another horribly flawed idea by Nintendo. You have to give them credit where it's due.

Sorry to hear of your troubles though, SKTTR.



Twisted commented on Wii Dominates 2009 Sales:

@Sean: Don't count on that many games appearing, because:

@Maka: Nintendo failed royally at encouraging third parties to take on the Wiimote's motion sensing capabilities as a viable means of control, and with Sony and M$ offering motion control in the near future, developers will be focusing on that tech rather than the buster with an awkward upgrade. It's not the first time that the industry has learned that doing it first doesn't necessarily mean doing it best,



Twisted commented on Wii Dominates 2009 Sales:

All those MotionPlus accessories and no decent games to use them in... what a waste. Oh wait ... there is tennis and golf, I guess, and a whole package of half-baked mini games that only Nintendo could cook up (or cock up) for the casual crowd. Well worth it then.

Good to see Mario Kart and NSMB did well although it goes to show that Wii gamers only buy casual and first party games though. Outside of obvious titles like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the usual gaggle of casual fitness crap there wasn't really any other non-Nintendo published (or affiliated) Wii games in the top 100, other than the Lego Indiana Jones series (woo hoo) Such a shame - better luck next gen. eh?



Twisted commented on Nintendo Download: 25 December 2009 (EU):

Wow, and I just decided to ignore WiiWare in favour of the VC. Personally I find WiiWare largely lacking - particularly in the challenge and longevity departments (yes, even Rubiks: Rush) It's a good job I've got plenty of outstanding VC titles to complete like the sublime Revenge of Shinobi.

Talking about Sega games: It's nice to note that they're kicking me in the balls the Christmas too. I probably have the majority of their top titles and I now hear they're giving them away over the holidays for 300 points a piece less. Thanks Sega.

So not only is it a crap update but I find out I've been ripped off too.



Twisted commented on Review: Flowerworks (WiiWare):

I guess it's one of those games you have to try because judging by the YouTube videos I've seen this game looks pretty naff. I can only hope it gets a good demo because between its name and the rather dull video footage on the web, I wouldn't hold out much hope of it getting anything more than low sales.



Twisted commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - December 2009:

I wouldn't count on NoE having any sort of clue about what people actually want (unless it's been burned onto the back of their hands)

We might see Final Fight 3 before Christmas. That's if it doesn't interfere with NoE's 1 VC title every week policy.



Twisted commented on Nintendo Download: Flip Champs, Missiles, Shan...:

Outside of DSiware (which I can't access due to not owning a DSi) I'd say this is a worse week than I originally envisioned. I was hoping for at least Excitebike or Indiana Jones (I'm not a big fan of SMK)

Maybe Copter Crisis will turn out ok but I'm going to wait for a review first. Good to see the Austrialia got a great 300th VC release though



Twisted commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare):

Don't waste another minute thinking about buying this game: It sucks.

Not only is it waaay to easy (I'm on A rank after 2 hours play) but it's really repetitive. The Pokemon do have different powers and the types do have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of attack and defense. However, you'll soon realize you can power around the same damned levels, mashing your preferred attack button and play the whole thing through with very little effort. Hell, I remember completing Rank B with Gloom's HP recovery attack alone.

The rumble stages (and the controls) are about the only good thing about this game and for 1,500 points that's totally in-excusable. The graphics are nice (read: nothing spectacular), but like the power-upgrades you'll soon get fed up of them and the audio side of things is completely forgettable. This game feels like a missed opportunity and certainly doesn't compare to similar games of the genre. You don't need to know a great deal about Pokemon to play or beat this game (in fact, I hardly know anything) so I'd say this one is really for the Pokemon addicts alone and only if you're desperate enough to want every Pokemon game around regardless of quality.

One final thing: Don't get fooled by the demo! It doesn't let you know that each rank comprises of the same set of levels repeated and it doesn't show you how pathetically easy it is to breeze through the game because the difficulty only increases if you play through with the earlier Pokemon you get.

Avoid this like the plague unless - like I mentioned earlier - you really like Pokemon. 2/10 (2 for the the graphics, 2 for the decent controls and -2 for being laughably expensive)