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Help People Get Their Wii Consoles Online, Get Free Games

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo of Europe announces their upcoming promotion.

Not too long ago, Nintendo of Japan announced a new promotion - those who helped enough people connect their Wii consoles to the Internet would receive free Wii Points and the ability to download a multitude of Virtual Console games absolutely free. Nintendo of Europe has now announced that they will be doing exactly the same.

Starting next month, for each Wii console you help get online, both you and your friend will get 500 Wii Points. The better bonuses don't start coming until you help more people, though: if you help a total of ten friends get online, you'll be able to download every Nintendo-published NES game on the Virtual Console for free. But that's nothing compared to what you get if you double the amount...

If you help a total of twenty friends to get connected, you'll suddenly find a ton of free games waiting for you on the Wii Shop. In fact, every single NES, SNES and N64 game available (including non-Nintendo ones!) will be yours for the grand price of absolutely nothing. Better start looking for Internet-less friends!


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longtimegamer said:

NOA better bring this for us! That'd be awsome. So many games I haven't downloaded on vc. Now I'm not so sure that I should buy anymore of the Nintendo console games till this comes out (I've been thinking of Super Metroid for awhile. Guess it may be awhile longer).

Edit- LOL! I just noticed everyone who's commented so far is from America.
Would that be considered ironic considering it hasn't been announced for us? If not it's definatly funny, to me anyways.



Drake said:

It should be noted that Japanese Wii owners got the ability to help friends back in March, and since then only 5 have managed to help 20 friends. Doesn't look like many people will make it!



Terra said:

It said on the website that when you reach 20, you can download Third party games for the NES, SNES and N64 for free as well as Nintendo games.



Terra said:

@Drake - It did? That is weird as from what I can see on the official NOE UK site, it says First and Third Party. Also, do you know how the system works in Japan?



Objection said:

I have only 1 internet-less friend...but I cant help him get WIFI...anyway, nice promotion. It'll be interesting to see how succcessful people are at taking advantage of it.



Terra said:

@Machu - I'm sending NOE an email to see whether this will work retroactively

EDIT: Sent it. Now we Wait



Dazran303 said:

Man this is excellent! But at the same time stoopid! I have got all my friends to get Wii's allready, and all my family members, and I'm pretty sure they have connected to the net =( Annoying! >.< What exactly do you have to do, make them download a game, or just connect to a router? Does sending them WiiWare/VC games count too? =)



Drake said:

@Terranigma: I think your friend is simply asked to enter your Wii number once connected, after which you get a code you can enter in the special section of the Wii Shop (The same area where you can now enter codes for the free copy of NES Metroid).



Terra said:

@Drake - If it's that simple, then would it work for those who we've gotten connected to the Wii in the past? Also, is that the same area where you enter the code for the Wiispeak channel?



joeshabadoo said:

wow, crazy promotion. I'm really not so sure if NA is going to have something similar. Would create a frenzied atmosphere of recruitment.



Reala said:

I think I know 1 person with a wii who isn't connected, but they don't have broadband at all, looks like I wont be getting any free games then.



Drake said:

@Terranigma: Somehow I doubt it'll be retroactive. I don't have Wii Speak so I don't know where you go for that, but I think it's in the Wii Shop's settings menu.



Betagam7 said:

I remember reading about this on a Japanese news blog but as I could only find one reference to it on the whole of the internet I assumed it was a hoax.
I'd be surprised if they can offer 3rd party games though but then if only 5 people in the whole of Japan have qualified then its a pretty nothing promotion.



Kirk said:

Pretty cool and it's just a pity that I don't know anyone with a Wii console that isn't already online with it.



Betagam7 said:

That's the thing really, they know they'll give away many 500 points for people connecting one or two friends who don't know better, but I'll be surprised if we ever see more than 5 Platinum people in the UK



Terra said:

@Drake - I was thinking of the "Wii Download Ticket" area, which sounds like the one your talking about as well.

I'm just thinking though, would they be able to tell if someone entered a code for your Wii even if they've been on ages? I'm not sure as I can't tell if Nintendo monitors this (Individual users that is, not how many altogether) or if there's something on the Wii which tells them this and makes them ineligible for the promotion, Like those daily reports in the Wii message board which tell us what you've played or maybe (If they have it) data from the Nintendo channel. I'm over-analysing this, we'll find out soon enough I guess.



vherub said:

nice promo, but I still thinking bundling 500 points with every wii or with every sports resort or wii fit plus would get more people online, especially reaching other demographics

What is the total value of all games on the vc? could be worth it to buy 20 systems, sell those around christmas time and break even/take a slight loss.



Kirk said:

Actually, now that I think about it...

Nintendo could save all the hassle by just making all those games free anyway, to everyone (as they said they were going to be back in the day anyway), and then advertising this amazing fact on a couple of tv and cinema ads and on the box of the console itself etc.

I'm pretty sure that would get pretty much everyone who bought or is going to buy the console to go online and would make far more people happy than the small handful of people who are ever going to be able to get enough other people online to make this worthwhile.

Mind you...I suppose that's where Nintendo wins with the current setup...It sounds really good that it might be possible to get all those games for free but only a small handful of people will ever be able to take advantage of the offer and the rest of us will be stuck paying the over the top prices for these old games.

Ah well.

Congrats to those few people who actually benefit from this.



KDR_11k said:

Nintendo could save all the hassle by just making all those games free anyway, to everyone (as they said they were going to be back in the day anyway), and then advertising this amazing fact on a couple of tv and cinema ads and on the box of the console itself etc.

Yes they could also save a lot of hassle by letting people just grab Wiis out of their warehouses without charging money.

Realistically the number of people who can reach the 20 helped count is extremely small, with the 500 point bounty everybody's going to hunt for people to help so you have to be fast to get in first, especially in 20 separate cases. It looks to me like a distant reward that motivates people but almost noone will ever reach.

Giving the games for free to everyone would undermine the whole point of getting all those people online in first place, to get them to buy more games!



NeoRausch said:

i dont get will it going to work?

just add them on my friends list, or what??

and by "all" you mean ALL? like all of them forever?



jhuhn said:

Now if Nintendo of America begins to follow suit on this offer. Of course those who paid 500 Wii points on the Internet channel are already getting a compensated offer.



Rapadash6 said:

Even if NOA offered us this promotion, it would be pointless for a lot of people because they've already bought all the games they wanted.

Edit:Also, sinse Nintendo's being so generous with it's first party titles, why not offer up Mario All-Stars soon. I would assume if you're ready to start giving away games that this would be a viable release now.



Starwolf_UK said:

What is the total value of all games on the vc? could be worth it to buy 20 systems, sell those around christmas time and break even/take a slight loss.
I did the maths for Japan and it works out that if you're losing more than 3000¥ per system then you would be better off just buying the entire Wii shop anyway. Personally, its best not to bother or feel bad if you can't register a million people (I seem to remember in Japan it having some crazy timeframe like the it was 3 months from when you first connected to the Wii Shop)



bestbuck said:

Help 20 people get there Wii's online? Thats mission imposable and Nintendo know it. But its a good Marketing stunt.



Terra said:

I got a reply from the email I sent. Nothing useful was told. All they said was that further details would be released closer to the program's launch.



Machu said:

@Terra: Retroactive awards seem unlikely as there is no proof. The new system will probably involve an invite system that will go via NoE. You send an invite, it gets logged, the invited connects to wfc for the first time, thus completing the process and earning some points. It is a shame, because I would have acquired about 5000 free points by now, if this had been active since launch. Oh well.

But thanks for putting the effort in dude.



wanderlustwarrior said:


I'm jealous. this also gives us two possiblilities in North America:
1) NOA denies such a thing would ever come to America, either while being patronizing or outright dickish. NOA then does the exact same as NOE and Nintendo Japan 4 months later.
2) NOA notices it has to do with both the virtual console and people doing stuff on their Wii that doesn't require buying a new peripheral, which gives it 2 strikes. Fans ask for them to do this, which is the third strike, and it doesn't happen.

...nooo, I'm not jaded at all. But if they actually do it, color me surprised.



Adam said:

I wonder if you could just connect the console online, format it, and do it again. That would be fun.



Terra said:

@Machu - No probs. Regarding the system, Drake described how then Japanese system works above so I'm betting it will be similar to that.

We need some more info on this offer. I reckon I can find at least 10 people with a Wii (Maybe not all of them having been completely offline but we'll see what Nintendo say).



Roopa132 said:

Nice thing but I don't even know one person with a Wii
Well I think I gotta go to different forums to get at least 2 or 3 guys...



Roopa132 said:

@50.Adam I wondered the same thing but I don't think it'll work. Nintendo wouldn't do this if you could cheat that easy.



mjc0961 said:

"You got the metal casing for Metroid Prime Trilogy... Don't be greedy...!"

Oh wow, a metal casing! That's so much better than a crapload of free games!!

... Seriously? A metal casing? Who gives a ****? It's just a case. Big deal. Free games > a case any day.



odd69 said:

Does Nintendo forget that Americans buy the damn Wii too? What are we clams?
Whatever I'm so tired of being left out with Nintendo it doesn't even matter anymore. Oh and by the way I've got 2 of my freinds online. I think us Americans keep our Wii's on the internet so I'm assuming thats why we Dont get special treatment.

Even Nintendo Power magazine stopped with their sweepstakes in America. Geeze..



Sabrewing said:

So, how the heck are they supposed to prove that they assisted in getting it online? Have the person write a signed affidavit? :



Croz said:

Everyone i know have a wii already, lol and ive already bought about 100 vc games... just don't see how this is gonna work, buy and trade in 20 new wii consoles...



SwerdMurd said:

@odd69 - same. My Wii gets so much less love than my PS3 for exactly this reason--I don't remember the last time NoA really made me feel like I mattered for anything as a consumer.



Rebel81 said:

Maybe spent your free time catching new buyers and pay them 5 euro for the 500 wii points. Think you then will be able, sadly only know i friend with a wii which isn't only but I can get hooked.



TanookiMike said:


and this would be perfect. I have so many fiends that have yet to learn the Wii CAN go online,



Pastry said:

I just hooked up my friends internet last week...

Edit: Oh, it's NOA only.



Aviator said:

My question is, how long do they have to be connected??? Brings wireless router to wii friends houses Hehe!



Cryptonic said:

all NES,SNES, and N64 games im going to go and!!!..... im in america...



MarkyVigoroth said:

stares at the whole offer
/bittersweet/ YAAAAAAAA!!!
I would SO take advantage of this offer! (Plus, I would have plenty of points left over in case Donkey Kart Smash Bound Island comes!)
...I wonder if I would be the only Puerto Rican to enter this sceme... However... this sound a lot like those pyramid schemes that collapse for no reason... (If I participate, how am I going to pay back Nintendo?)

...then again, people in this site HAVE been talking a lot about how few people actually have Internet-connected Wii systems... Also, if you manage to convince your clients to buy from Virtual Console, Nintendo of America would notice and bring out more Virtual Console releases!

...but still, Club of Nintendo got kinks in America, so this offer may get kinks as well...

By the way, had you fully fulfilled this trick, you would have 10,000 NP!



Betagam7 said:

For everyone asking "how does this work":

IT DOESN'T. It's a publicity stunt by nintendo that nobody will actually be able to achieve. As Drake said only 5 people in the whole of Japan have actually achieved it and they probably bought 20 Wii's to do so.

Not worth getting excited about bar the 500 points you might be able to get taking a new Wii owner online.



RedYoshi999 said:

Will this work in Australia too? We are practically the same (we both have PAL formats) WOW! EVERY SNES, NES AND N64 GAME FREE!!!!!!



Rebel81 said:

That would 347 euro of nes
303 euro of snes games
172 euro of n64 games

Total value for the person who gets it (and didn't buy any Nintendo based games) would be 822 euro.

At least 3 wii's you can buy yourself.



Big_A2 said:

It does seem a little strange. They didn't even tell us how it all works and how we get free points.

Ah well. I'm in Australia. No need to worry about people around me getting free games (apparantly).



Mario_maniac said:

Love working in the retail industry. As I sell Wii consoles, it should be a snap to help people get online. = ) Love it!

Bring the initiative to Australia, Ninty! Pweez?



Betagam7 said:

Mario Maniac, if it was that easy wouldn't you think that more than 5 people in the whole of Japan would have done it by now?



colmtheperson said:

So... 31 free games and 5,000 free points for 10 friends! And 308 free games and 10,000 free points for 20 friends... How many friends do I have who own a Wii and need help connecting to the net? About 2-3.... Hmmmmm... I mite have a problem!



Aardvark_Soup said:

I don't have that many friends with a Wii, and the ones that do have one are already hooked up to the internet unfortunately.




All the ppl I know are either on-line or have too much wireless security to allow them to be on-line. We've already discussed this in other words. Too late for me.

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