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United Kingdom

Sat 20th Dec 2008

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KevNash commented on MadWorld Director Interested In Stab At Sequel:

i liked the game alot, but yeh it does get formulaic, it didn't provide as many options for killing people as it was hyped up to be and even the bloodbath challanges repeated. I'd like to see a bigger single player, but more variety.

Or perhaps a new title mature title, not sequal would be better



KevNash commented on Review: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Wii):

i really liked this game while i had it, but after a few play throughs, theres not that much replay value.

also i never got the hang on the camera controls, but story line wise and the level design, its a great game that urges u to play on, in fact, i played this more than zelda when i first got my wii



KevNash commented on Wii Fit Plus:

yeh but its expected to come with the balance board, shouldn't have to spend that much twice again



KevNash commented on Sony Expects Wii Owners To Upgrade To PS3:

i thought about getting a ps3 as well as my wii, but only having MSG4 and Res 5 wasn't enough to make up for the cost or lack of BC

perhaps Sony shouldn't be focusing on copying motion control to get wii owners, and maybe attracting more a-class games and developers for ps3 exclusively, games that couldn't be made for the wii (bigger worlds, hd etc)



KevNash commented on Wii Fit Plus:

From what I've seen in the trailer, am rather annouyed that it seems to be mostly the exact same content, with new layout and a few extra mini games. Yeh i realise it wasn't gonn abe too different, but having everything that WII Fit had, means i've paid for the same game twice, if i got wii fit plus, what do i do with my wii fit disc?



KevNash commented on Metroid: Other M E3 Trailer:

Seems to be getting a more cinematic feel (the slow motion plasma shot is awesome) and i like the reference to Metroid Fusion (when that guy calls her lady).

I enjoyed Fusion and Super Metroid more than Prime 1 n 2, so hopefully this could be a good mix of the two, taking the best of both worlds