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Sun 19th Jul 2009

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tambourine_man commented on Next Bungie Title May Head to Nintendo Consoles:

I don't see why so many people on here hate Bungie just because they made Halo on the Xbox and people like it. I honestly don't see why people have to be so 'loyal' to a company/console/whatever. Halo's a fun shooter, if you don't want to play it, don't play it, but I don't see why you should hate everything to do with it.



tambourine_man commented on Review: Art Style: INTERSECT (DSiWare):

"It’s difficult to tell when to deploy these power-ups as there’s no way of seeing your opponent’s progress, so often you’ll waste a steal through not being able to see even a small version of their screen."
You can tell if they have an item or not by looking at the top right corner of the bottom screen. If they have an item, there'll be an orange question mark there. (the steal item steals the other player's item)



tambourine_man commented on First Bomberman Blitz Screenshots Released:

I'm looking forward to this a lot. I liked the bomberman on the DS but thought it was too expensive to warrant a purchase as a full game.
By the way, "We'll have more information on Bomberman Blitz as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service." should be DSiWare



tambourine_man commented on Toribash Has Finished Development:

@DaDun- It's turn based. You have a view of all of your guy's muscles, and you choose whether to contract, extend, hold or relax them. Then when you finish your go, the fighters both move at the same time. It's pretty fun on the PC, but quite hard to execute all those moves like walking.