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LucasArts Bringing Classic Games to Virtual Console

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The ESRB has rated one of LucasArts' classic SNES games. Update: And more are on the way too!

If you've been keeping up with LucasArts lately, you might've noticed that recently, they've begun to rerelease many of their classic games, after years of seemingly not listening to the cries of fans asking them to do so.

Online download service Steam recently got a bunch of games from their back catalogue with more to come, and the Wii version of Indiana Jones' newest adventure, Staff of Kings, included the classic Indy adventure game, Fate of Atlantis. There have also been talks of bringing back the classic Star Wars X-Wing games.

Now, it seems that LucasArts is taking it one step further - According to the latest ESRB ratings update, Super Star Wars, an awesome SNES platformer based on the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, will be making its way to the Wii sometime. This all seems to be timed too well - Last week on Twitter, LucasArts said they would be making an announcement today concerning more of their back catalogue.

We'll keep you posted on any plans LucasArts has for Virtual Console.

Update: As you've probably seen, Super Star Wars is available in North America today. Nintendo has released a LucasArts press release which goes into a bit more detail - This won't be the only LucasArts game we'll see on Virtual Console!

The press release is below:

The Force is Strong with This One: Star Wars Content Blasts onto Wii Console

Multiple LucasArts Super Nintendo Games Head to Virtual Console

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fans of Star Wars® and classic Nintendo games will want to keep an eye on their Wii™ Shop Channel for the next month. Nintendo will be releasing multiple LucasArts favorites for Virtual Console™, starting today with Super Star Wars®. In the coming weeks, both Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back® and Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi® will be added to the Virtual Console lineup. All three Super Star Wars games were originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ and will be available at 800 Wii Points™each.

The arrival of the first three games will be accompanied by additional Star Wars-themed content on other Wii channels throughout the week. The Check Mii Out Channel will invite people to submit their best Mii™ character renditions of classic Star Wars characters. On the Everybody Votes Channel, users can cast their votes to help settle old debates, such as the proper order to watch the six Star Wars films, and who fired first – Han Solo or Greedo?

“Our expanded partnership with LucasArts brings the Star Wars and Nintendo universes together,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “These three Super Star Wars games represent fantastic additions to the growing Virtual Console library, and the exclusive Star Wars content on the other Wii Menu channels is sure to have people from different generations having fun and interacting with one another.”

“Virtual Console on Wii is a great way to make these games available to our fans again, and it’s an awesome opportunity to expose our classic console titles to an entirely new audience,” said Darrell Rodriguez, president of LucasArts.

Additional classic LucasArts games for Virtual Console will be announced in the future.


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User Comments (94)



Bass_X0 said:

This should satisfy certain people's strong desire for licensed games.



Cheezy said:

I want Smash Bros. FIRST

EDIT: Ughh...oh well. But still, c'mon, Smash Bros. please they're taking too damn long!!



DiggerandIndy said:

Do you think they'll get Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures out? That one's the best I.J. game IMO.



Bass_X0 said:

so will this be 900 or 1000 points?

Could even be 800. LucasArts releasing a Star Wars game is the equivalent of Nintendo releasing a Mario game. I think. Star Wars is LucasArts' own property after all. Its not like with TMNT where Konami didn't own the rights themselves. I hope LucasArts shows a lot of interest in the VC now.



Link79 said:

Holy crap I never thought it would happen! Lucasarts supporting the VC!? This is madness! The super Star wars games were awesome! That's how you make a movie based game. They were amazing for the time and you could really tell the guys who made them were fans. Now how about Disney supporting VC as well?



Bass_X0 said:

Zombies Ate My Neighbors should be possible to be released on the VC too now.



Atlantis1982 said:

Am I dreaming?!?!?!?!?!


Think I might get this since I never played the SNES games.



blackknight77 said:

Oh joy!!
This is great news because I am a huge Star Wars fan. This gives hope that Star Wars arcade could come out one day as well. Now if they could just get NES Batman



Link79 said:

Now maybe there's hope for super Empire and Jedi. As well as Shadows of the Empire and Rogue squadron on N64. Thank you Lucasarts!



Atlantis1982 said:

I would rather see the Pod Racer game come out, but I won't hold my breath for anything. I learned that lesson long, long ago in a galaxy far away. (Oh I am getting terrible with these SW puns )



TwilightV said:

Can't post a link (posting from Wii), but I just read an article that says for the rest of the month we'll also see Super Empire and Super Jedi!



motang said:

I remember playing Super Star Wars, but never finished. Now I get a chance to.



ejamer said:

AWESOME... The Super Star Wars series had some odd problems, but were very good licensed action games on SNES. This is the best Virtual Console news I've heard in a long time!



Knux said:

This is AWESOME! Come on Lucasarts, I want to see Rouge Squadron on the VC.



wmdwf said:

Complete waste of a Nintendo download. Super Star Wars isn't a bad game but EarthBound was ESRB rated for the VC long before SSW was, again Nintendo of America refuses to listen to its hardcore fanbase by only releasing one VC game instead of multiple VC games like Japan each week. Stop letting us down NOA! Give us the games that we want! SSW is a start, but give us the other games that we want and more VC downloads every week instead of one a week. My Wii makes a good paperweight but I would like to use it on some quality VC games like Earthbound. If I want to play SSW I'll just download a rom of it.



astarisborn94 said:

This is so awesome! My extreme desire for licensed game is being fufilled and it's all thanks to Lucasarts.

Could this mean Disney will finally support the Virtual Console? And is the Virtual Console truly in an revival after all?

We may not see the former of the second paragraph, but the latter seems likely.



accc said:

Don't really care about Star Wars games. Release SCUMM games like Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle instead!



Bass_X0 said:

Could this mean Disney will finally support the Virtual Console?

No. LucasArts releasing Star Wars games is like Nintendo releasing Mario games.



Terra said:

Well, this is a bug surprise. Fantastic news, I heard these games are really good.



Jockolantern said:

Great news to see Lucasarts partnering up with the VC and getting some great licensed content up. All the Super Star Wars games are excellent and will definitely be great additions to my VC library in the coming weeks. Keep it coming, Nintendo! This is not only great news in and of itself but bodes well for the future of licensed material appearing on the Virtual Console! Awesomeness!



Kid_A said:

Super Star wars is freakin' hard. I never got past the first level. I still have it for my Super Nintendo.



Stuffgamer1 said:

This is AMAZING! We were just talking about licenced games yesterday, and I had to explain to my brother how Star Wars games theoretically COULD come to VC, and now look! I never expected them to start pouring in TODAY!

@wmdwf: Hey, guess what: You can download a ROM of Earthbound just as easily as one of Super Star Wars. I want Earthbound on VC too, but I'm not going to complain about an unexpected update THIS awesome! Stop raining on our parade!



AVahne said:

wow,there must be something going on....Rogue Squadron 4 maybe?and it would be nice if the release the original rogue squadron on virtual console



GN0LAUM said:

"No. LucasArts releasing Star Wars games is like Nintendo releasing Mario games."

True, but is it still not just as likely that Disney will see other licensed games making a profit and then approach Nintendo about a release agreement? They may not have their own game company to release The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse, but they could make the wheels turn a little easier by agreeing to let it be released in the first place. I hope.



Mike1 said:

Well that really blows for people who don't give a crap about Star Wars. So in other words if you don't like Star Wars, this week and the next 2 will suck.



JonWahlgren said:

If Rogue Squadron and Zombies Ate My Neighbors finally make it, I'll probably just soil myself right then and there.



pixelman said:

Holy crap! YESSSSSSSSSS! Now it is definitely possible that we'll see Star Wars Racer and Rogue Squadron eventually



Kirk said:

It's all profit for these companies so I'm not surprised to see everyone jumping on the bandwagon and in fact I would be surprised if some companies didn't take the opportunity to make just a little bit more money.



ClevelandRock said:

What's with all the people calling Super Star Wars a licensed game? It's made by the same company (LucasArts, subsidiary of Lucasfilm) who makes the movies. You don't license a game to your own company; you just make it.

But, this is great. Here's hoping this means good news for Indiana Jones's Greatest Adventures, and one of the best games ever: Zombies Ate My Neighbours.



jpfan1989 said:

I hope they release the N64 games as well
@ Mike: Yeah I'm more of a Star Trek guy anyway



Lotice-Paladin said:

OMG! Head Explodes Super Star Wars was great back then and will be a fantastic addition on the VC now. This is a definate day 1 buy for me .

Unfortunately I have no money . You are lucky guys . Enjoy!



Darknyht said:

Hopefully Super Empire, Super Return, Rouge Squadron, Shadows of the Empire, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and the other greats from LucasArts will be making their way to the VC.



Junkface said:

Who would we have to kidnap to get all the great N64 games? Well looks like the VC may still have some life left in it.



Objection said:

Good to see some Lucasarts love. I wonder if Shadows of the Empire (64) will follow.



RadioShadow said:

Please release Zombies Ate My Neighbors! Something that should have gotten released when the Wii first came out!



Stevie said:

I hope we get some classic Lucasarts Point and clicks such as Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. Who said the VC was dead ???



slatters said:

Please please please please please Lucasarts, can we have the ultra rare N64 title Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine !!!!

God I would love you forever if you released it!

What do you guys think? Seeing as this was US only and I think only availible at Blockbusters, don't quote me on that though.



warioswoods said:

I hope other companies look to this as a precedent -- not so much just for licensed content, but for taking your VC content and making a month out of it, with a series of releases accompanied by events on other Nintendo Channels, etc. If only every month could have some particular retro theme or franchise highlighted, the VC would get a lot more attention and momentum.



x10power said:

I think they should release one of there best games nobody don't know really which is Metal Warriors.



retro_player_22 said:

August is now officially "Super Star Wars Trilogy" month for VC. Does this means that we won't see The Revenge of Shinobi, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Kart and Final Fantasy IV hit NA until September or so?



vio said:

Now where's that idiot that was saying there would be licensing "issues" with Star Wars games? I told you LucasArts can release pretty much any Star Wars game on VC!



Bass_X0 said:

Does this means that we won't see [games] hit NA until September or so?

Its a possibility. Or the very end of August.

I told you LucasArts can release pretty much release any Star Wars game on VC!

It wasn't licensing that wasn't the issue. Until today, LucasArts said some time ago that they wouldn't support the Virtual Console. We would all have said no Star Wars games for VC before today.



Smashbro99 said:

ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS PLEASE LUCASARTS! It was voted 3rd most wanted action game in this months Nintendo Power!



b_willers said:

Any word on an EU release for this? It is going to be a definite download for me, and the first VC game in a long time, happy days!



Sean_Aaron said:

Ooh ooh! Please please 8-bit Lucasfilm Games releases for C-64! I would happily buy all of them!



Rapadash6 said:

Great news for Star Wars and Virtual Console fans alike. Oh, and the more SNES games added to the service the better. At least now we know what the rest of August will look like. What about September though? Will we finally get Smash Bros. and/or Mario Kart? We shall see...



Kelvin said:

A good series of games, but I'm hoping that this means that stuff like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle might be on their way, perhaps through WiiWare or a VC version of SCUMM. High hopes, I know...



Bass_X0 said:

Please please 8-bit Lucasfilm Games releases for C-64!

Like Night Shift? I read about that in the Retro Cabin section of CVG Magazine.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'd love a SCUMM section on VC, with pointer support for the mouse, that'd be fantastic.

Though with the size constraints, I'd imagine they'd all be the text versions, unless they compress the bujeezus out of it



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

AWESOME! I already have Super Star Wars, but I'd rush out and get a points card immediately if Super ESB and Super ROTJ come out! Can't wait!



DreamWatcher said:

(crosses fingers) Come on ZAMN! I haven't played that one in years... Please be the SNES version... If they decide to release it.



naut said:

Heh heh cool. These are some of the hardest games of all time. And BTW, if Lucas Arts re-releases the X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter games, I will jump up and down, clap, and scream like a girl.



sirgrim said:

Holey crap. Thanks Lucas. This game is possibly the most awesome crap to hit the VC in a long time. Pew pew pew. Awesome.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I already have Rogue Squadron, Episode I Racer, and Battle for Naboo on PC, but I'd love to see Shadows of the Empire and Star Wars Arcade on VC.

@Sean Aaron - you can already play the Atari games on the GameCube game, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike.



edofthe209 said:

I'm excited and bummed for this. I've got the SNES carts for all 3 already, but a busted SNES. Choices choices... I gotta say, SSW was amazing, and knowing the tricks like the extra life cave off of the second cliff in the dune sea made it all the more of a blast to play. ESB was uber hard! I never made it past the Hoth levels. Return was amazingly fun. I could beat 1 and 3 but ESB was just over the top on being difficult.



cangelo said:

Their ScummVM games are all coming out on the IPOD Touch / Iphone...not sure we'll see them on VC but it's possible as I'm sure the ScummVM could be ported to it.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Bass X0: Can't say I know that one, I was thinking more along the lines of Ball Blazer, Rescue on Fractalus, The Eidolon and Koronis Rift, but really anything would be nice as long as it's good!



Kadaj said:


I LOVE the original SNES Star Wars Trilogy! I have them all for my SNES xD But only Return of the Jedi works now...which is no longer a problem I hope they bring em all over!

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