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Top 10 RPGs We Want To Come To The Virtual Console

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Role-playing games have always been extremely popular in Japan, but over the years they've become quite popular in other parts of the world as well. There's just something amazing about getting to take part in an epic story line and watching as it all unfolds in front of you. I personally own over 130 role-playing games at last count, so I decided to take a moment to put together a list of the top 10 role-playing games I'd most like to see released on the Virtual Console.

10. Legacy of the Wizard (NES)
Legacy of the Wizard is probably the most obscure release on this list. The game was actually developed by Falcom, creators of the popular Ys and Legend of Heroes series of rpgs, and has got to be one of the most unique rpgs ever released.

The game is set up in a side-scroller type atmosphere and requires you to explore huge underground mazes. You'll have to collect useful items along the way in order to defeat the many enemies that you'll constantly come into contact with. This might be a rather strange title to include on an rpg list, but I just couldn't resist.

9. Dragon Warrior (NES)
The Dragon Quest series was already one of the most successful game series in Japan, so it was no real surprise when Enix decided to bring the game to other parts of the world. It's the game that introduced the world to the slimes and has become one of the best-selling game franchises in video game history.

Computers had long been the preferred means of playing role-playing games at the time, but Dragon Warrior gave the game consoles a chance to show that they too could be just as effective at playing rpgs as home computers were. The game has become an all-time classic that deserves another chance to shine on the Virtual Console.

8. Ys Book I & II (TG16)
When Ys Book I & II was first released on the TurboGrafx-16 CD format, it did things that no other rpg from the time period had done to that point. The game featured full voiced dialog, gorgeous anime sequences, and an epic quest that basically spanned two separate games. Over the years this game has become one of the most beloved classics available on any game console and a must-have for any rpg fan that might have somehow missed it along the way.

7. Final Fantasy III (SNES)
This one got bumped down on the list mainly due to the fact that it's been recently re-released on the Game Boy Advance system. Had it not been, this outstanding classic would have obviously been much higher up on the list since it's one of the best rpgs ever made. Final Fantasy III gives new meaning to the word "epic" and is still considered by many rpg fans to be the best of all the Final Fantasy releases to date. So even though the game has been re-released over the years, it still deserves a place on the Virtual Console. It's simply too good not to be.

6. Phantasy Star (Master System)
Phantasy Star took the turn-based rpg format and carefully wove a futuristic outer space theme around it to form one of the most unique rpgs to come out of the 8-bit era. The game uses a careful mixture of dungeon crawling as well as some well done exploration sequences in an overhead perspective to give the game a wide range of game play options. While it would have been easy to have included any of the Phantasy Star releases on the list, I went with this original due to the fact that it's probably the least well-known game in the series and also one of the most unique as well.

5. Super Mario RPG (SNES)
Many gamers were skeptical when they first heard that Square was developing an rpg title that centered around the Super Mario Bros. universe. Of course all those fears were quickly put to rest once gamers got their hands on the finished product. Square had somehow managed to create an unforgettable rpg experience using the Super Mario Bros. characters and it all worked together like a charm. Although there have been many spinoffs of the game, there's still nothing quite like this original masterpiece.

4. Terranigma (SNES)
Terranigma was released in Japan and in the UK, but never made it to US shores. That's a terrible shame considering that it's actually one of the best action-rpgs in existence. The game is the third and final release in the "Soul Blazer" series following the original Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia titles that were also released on the Super NES system. The game deals with the creation of the Heavens and the Earth and carefully molds one of the most unique and engrossing plots ever created for an rpg around this theme. If you love action-rpgs, this is one game that should be at the very top of your list.

3. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)
It could be argued that Zelda is not an rpg, but I just had to include it in this list anyway. Ocarina of Time was a work of art, but there's something unique about Majora's Mask that makes it just as worthwhile. The game looks and plays much the same as Ocarina of Time, but this time around there's a time limit to deal with. This time limit turned some long-time Zelda fans off when this game was first released, but I think it gives the game a very refreshing feel and makes it yet another Zelda title that deserves a home on the Virtual Console.

2. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES)
Lufia 2 is probably one of the most underrated rpgs ever released. Not only does it feature a brilliantly written story line, it also makes use of a very simple, yet uniquely playable turn-based combat system. One thing that makes Lufia 2 such a unique title is its mind-bending dungeon puzzles. You can't just blow your way through these dungeons by merely doing battle with various monsters. You have to put on your thinking cap if you want to come out of this one alive. This is easily the best non-Square/Enix rpg to come out of the 16-bit era.

1. Chrono Trigger (SNES)
What else needs to be said? This is probably the greatest role-paying game ever created by human hands. It features an epic story line, an engaging turn-based combat engine, and characters that you'll remember long after you've finished playing the game.

Did I mention that it also features one of the most moving musical soundtracks ever created for a video game. If ever there were a game that deserved a release on the Virtual Console, it's this one.

I realize that I had to leave off a lot of quality role-playing games, but there was only room for ten games. It was tough to narrow this list down to ten titles, so much so that I probably spent twice as much time deciding which games to include on the list than I did actually writing the article. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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Shortay said:

Great article Corbie. I'm looking forward to getting into the RPG genre more, and what better way than with the games that started it?

I'm most interested in Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG and any of the Final Fantasys, even though they're unlikely with Square Enix' relative lack of VC support. An RPG that's not on your list, Earthbound, is one that I've heard much praise for too.



AlexSays said:

nice article.
i want most of these.
especially Super Mario RPG, Majora's Mask, and Chrono Trigger.



Kelvin said:

I'm surprised to see Majora's Mask on the list (because good as it is, it's not an rpg), and just as surprised to see Earthbound neglected.

With the C64's appearance on Virtual Console, we've now got the possibility of some classic CRPGs appearing. I'd happily drop Ys for Wasteland, for example. And it'd be nice to play a proper Ultima rather than the compromised NES and (slightly less so) Master System ports of IV.

Good article!



Drake said:

The day Soul Blazer gets OFLC/ESRB rated for an upcoming release is the day I start a crusade to get every single person to buy all three games in the trilogy. They're that good.



Damo said:

Personally I find Earthbound to be terribly overrated...

(runs for cover)



Damo said:

@Drake - Soul Blazer/Blader is a masterpiece. I soldiered through the Japanese version waaaaay back in the day. Wonderful game.

I didn't really like Gaia/Time that much but Terranigma is great also.



Spore said:

Bad Damo, bad! Apologize to Earthbound and worship it blindly like everybody else.



Dazza said:

Note to VC:R review team: Don't let Damo do a review of Earthbound should it ever appear on the VC!



brooks83 said:

I would love to see Legacy of the Wizard on the VC. If I'm not mistaken, that game was published by Broderbund, and Tozai released Spelunker on the VC, which was also published by Broderbund back in the day. So hopefully this means that LotW has a chance!



KeeperBvK said:

Thanks a lot for mentioning Terranigma. Way more people need to know about this gem. It's my favorite SNES-game which is saying quite something considering the tons of great games for it.



APissedOffGma said:

legacy of the wizard, majoras and chrono trigger are all must haves!
i still have the original legacy of the wizard cartridge



Corbs said:

I've always thought Earthbound was mediocre. The graphics are average, the combat system is vanilla, and the music just got on my nerves. I know there is a loyal legion of fans, but I just don't care for the game myself. I keep it only because it's so expensive to buy now. Thanks for the kind words though.



Corbs said:

It broke my heart to leave Soul Blazer off the list. I love that game so much. That and Secret of Mana were two I went back and forth on for hours. I should have made it a Top 20. And no, Earthbound still wouldn't have made it.



DDR_Paladin356 said: kinda disappointed that EB isn't up there...and what about Secret of Mana? I know, im probably just as bad as every other EarthBound fanboy out there, but I really think its a great game.



Drake said:

Earthbound's good, but Mother 3 is the pinnacle of the series.



MyAnonBox said:

DRAGON WARRIOR! Ooh, I had forgotten that one! I hope that gets out there sooner than later.



SergeEXE said:

More EarthBound is needed, but your top 2 are perfect.

I still have my original cartridge of Lufia II

That game ROCKS



ReZon said:

Pretty good list - Secret of Mana and Earthbound are missing from your list though (rearranges Dragon Warrior and Legacy of the Wizard to 11 and 12).



The_Indigo_Effect said:

First of all, I think you've put together a pretty good list, but if you judged Dragon Warrior by the same criteria as Earthbound, I don't think it would have made your list either.

1) The combat system in Earthbound is practically identical in Dragon Warrior, but you don't have to deal with random battles in Earthbound.

2) The graphics in Earthbound may have been considered "average," but Dragon Warrior also had average graphics for its time, and honestly, Earthbound's visuals are a real improvement over Dragon Warrior.

3) Not that this is part of the criteria you mentioned in comment 15, but Dragon Warrior's story is about as cliche' as you can get; although Earthbound followed a common, save-the-world premise, it doesn't suffer from lack of originality.

Also, I've never played Legacy of the Wizard for the NES: I'll have to check it out.



Ness012345 said:

Just like to point out that the screen shot you showed of Dragon Warrior is, in fact, Dragon Quest.

Yes, I'm that picky. Oh, and I suppose I should let the fact that you called FFVI slide since we are talking about the SNES release, but it's still irritating to see that game called III, just a pet peeve you see.

And I agree with Indigo's comment on how DQ made your list, but Earthbound didn't. You do realize that EB uses the same battle system as DQ, yes?



deggs said:

yeah, crystalis is prob the best action rpg i've ever played but a vc release means little to me seeing as i've beaten it a few times in the past... for me, the top rpg/action adventure wish list would look as follows:


#1) Gargoyle's Quest 2 (nes)
#2) Golden Axe Warrior (sms)
#3) Terranigma (Snes)
#4) Soul Blazer (Snes)
#5) Faxanadu (nes)


#1) Super Mario RPG (snes)
#2) Lufia 2 (snes)
#3) Final Fantasy 5 (sfc)
#4) Dragon Quest 5 (sfc)
#5) Dragon Quest 6 (sfc)



deggs said:

and yes, Illusion of Gaia was only alright even back when it came out... i'd hate to see how the game holds up today



bakamono said:

I don't want to start a debate whether the Zelda Series should be considered RPG or not. I would like to point out though, that Majora's Mask is the only 3D Zelda game that even from Nintendo wasn't called an "Action Adventure" like the rest but an "Action RPG". I guess due to the many characters and their stories in the game and the heavy interaction with them, on which the game was based on.
I think the list ought to be a "top 20 RPGs" so, many other great games could show up in it. Maybe even some "Japan exclusives" too? Even though the trouble translating such games makes it almost impossible, I would still like to see games like Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, Treasure Hunters G (already on VC in Japan), Wonder Project J and so on on the Virtual Console...



Ark said:

Yup, no objections anywhere to your list! Also, welcome Corbie! =)

One thing though...unless we get Gameboy/Gameboy Color/Gameboy Advance games on the Virtual Console, Majora's Mask will be the last Zelda. If it's going to be last, wouldn't we expect Nintendo to hold it out a while? Hmmm...



deggs said:

and yeah, i always found chrono trigger to be overrated... i mean, i got the thing the day it hit stores back in the day and i had already played through the 3 snes final fantasy games (2 (4), 3 (6) and mystic quest). though CT looked amazing at the time and played smoothly, i still found it kinda lacking the in depth that other rpgs had at the time (FF3/6 and Phantasy Star 4).



Atlantis1982 said:

After reading the list, and being reminded by Damo; it is rather surprising the list does NOT have Earthbound, but I could careless about getting it anyway although I know a lot of people are drooling for it (just as much as everyone is drooling for a harddrive >.>).

Personally, only BIGGIE one I am looking forward to is #1.

PS: Repeat after me, "Legend of Zelda is NOT A RPG, it's AN ADVENTURER."



Kawaiipikachu said:

Hard drive ? why ?
I would be happy enough to run them from my memory card as the files are tied to one system meaning you would only play them on one system .
2gb is pleanty as compared to whats in the Wii .I even heard only 300mb only open rest is only for the Wii os itself .
And if Nintendo is worryed about slow memory cards it can allways be buffered into the Wiis ram meaning it be leaving the N64 titles the only one to be the ones to be left on the system memory as 128mb can't fit into 88mb of ram .
As for Final Fantasy I to VI i got the GBA/DS remakes even imported copys of V & VI .



Bass_X0 said:

I liked Illusion of Time. At the time it was released. I haven't played it many years so I don't know if I'd still like it now although I do have fond memories of it still.



whalleywhat said:

Even just on a technical level, stuff like not forcing you into random encounters with underpowered enemies, Earthbound stands head and shoulders over a lot of its competition, but it's the personality and writing that makes earthbound so enjoyable for me. If you want to get a band of warriors and mages and save the world from the ultimate evil, there's hundreds of different games that provide that, but Earthbound manages to be unique, genuinely funny and interesting. I would watch Earthbound if it was a show or a movie, and apart from FF III/VI and VII, there's not many of these games, as much as I enjoy them, that I'd say that for. And Advent Children sucked balls.



Corbs said:

I got the Zelda being an RPG from old magazines back in the 8-bit days always calling it an rpg. As I said in the article, it could be argued either way (and has been to death at times) so I stuck it in for the heck of it. I do love the loyal following that Earthbound has. I'm just not one of them. : )



Adamant said:

Dammit people, stop calling it FF3. The SNES game is called FF6.

Also, the original Dragon Warrior is dull as all hell. Let's get some of it's excellent sequels instead.



Corbs said:

Oh, and I judged Dragon Warrior on its merit as one of the original great rpgs and the fact that it was an 8-bit NES/Famicom game, not the 16-bit SNES game Earthbound is. The only thing I loved about Earthbound was the scratch & sniff. Now THAT I loved.

And the box says Final Fantasy III so that's what I call it. Even though it is #6. I'm in the US, so it's #3 to me. : ) I wanted to include Dragon Quest VI, as it's my favorite, but I felt I needed to stick to the games that were more likely to come, not the ones that Square will rehash in a few more years.



Adamant said:

" one of the original great rpgs"

Eh, it's from 1986 (and wasn't released in the US until 1989). Ultima IV and Wizardry III were out at the time (and both series had their 5th installment released before DW reached US shores), Dragon Quest was horribly archaic compared to these.

I love the DQ series, don't get me wrong, but the original game is pretty blah.

As for FF6, the game has been released 8 times (for the SNES, PSX and GBA in Japan, US and Europe, with the exception of a SNES release in Europe) so far, and 7 out of these 8 times it has been called FF6. It was called FF3 once in a single region, which has later recieved a completely different game also titled FF3.



jacknozwad said:

remove number 10 add Final fantasy II... or IV however you want to call it somewhere and I would be happy...



Lugia2 said:

Not much into Earthbound? I understand. If you're not into being a power trip with somewhat lesser grinding or the quirky atmosphere I see what you mean. The game is still great though- and still above Dragon Quest. Sure it came out first, but the question is NOW and NOW EB is probably the better game. Now if you were talking about DQ3...drools

Oh, and I'd support any move that cut the price of Earthbound and Chrono Trigger on Ebay. Add me to the Chrono bus!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Corbie: How can you say you were trying to stick to games that were more likely to come to VC and not be rehashed by Square down the line when your list includes FFIII/VI? I'll tell you right now that there is a 0% chance of that game ever hitting the VC. Not when Squenix can keep making such excellent remakes and charging full price for them. The very thought that that game could ever reach VC is completely absurd!

Also, anyone who doesn't like Earthbound has no sense of humor, and would be better off just playing Ben Stein: The RPG for the rest of his life.



aut0matic said:

i always thought chrono trigger was overrated. i missed it's original release, but i played it on an SNES emulator for a solid 4-6 hours, and never went back to it. i'd probably give it a second chance if it ever hit VC, as i did kinda like chrono cross on PS1.

lufia 2 deserves top spot, imo, and is hands down the most underrated RPG of all time. nobody but the hardest of the hardcore have ever heard of it! great game.



aut0matic said:

@ stuffgamer1

i didn't find earthbound to be particularly humorous, (except for those mr. saturns, lmao!) but i loved it because it was so unique and different from the common "swords and sorcery" type thing RPGs are known for. still have the orignal SNES cart! : D



Zinjak said:

for one thing, Majoras mask is not an video game RPG, if you do not earn experience and level up as part of a basic gameplay, its not an rpg, not even an action rpg, at least in the sense of being a video game rpg (not absoloutly essential for real role-playing mind you). also it really is one of the lesser Zeldas, and im not the only one who thinks that.



Corbs said:

Yeah Stuffgamer1, that's kind of what I meant to say. And since DQ6 would have to be translated, I figured it might be one for a future release a good few years away. But I doubt we'll ever see any games that require a full translation, at least as far as RPGs go, on the VC. Hudson didn't even bother to translate the few bits of English on DoReMi Fantasy. And in truth, Dragon Warrior has a special place for me, that's more of why I included it than anything else. I was mostly playing Wizardry, Bard's Tale, Ultima, and Kings Quest on the Commodore 64 and Apple IIe at the time anyway, so that's where most of my RPG action came from until Dragon Warrior on the NES. Then I moved over to the console rpgs from that moment on and rarely touch a computer rpg anymore.

And don't get me wrong, I appreciate the oddball humor in Earthbound and it's not what I would consider a "bad" game, I just find it a bit dull. A bit like I find Secret of Evermore a little dull. I can play it and enjoy it, but not like I can games like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger. I only had 10 spots. Some games had to be left out.

As for FF3, I normally call it 6 nowadays, but when it comes to the SNES, the game that came out here in the US was called FF3, so when I'm speaking directly about that SNES release, I call it 3. All other times, it's 6.



Zinjak said:

also i am in the US too, and its FF6 to me, not 3. i may have called it 3 once, but i have seen the error of younger ways.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Zinjak: By your definition of an RPG, games like FFII and Chrono Cross don't even make the cut because they don't have experience levels. This is the true embodiment of the RPG/not RPG argument, although I do agree that calling Zelda an RPG is a huge stretch (though a true Zelda RPG would be so awesome!).

@Corbie: I kinda see what you mean about Earthbound can be dull, but definitely not as much as Evermore (I'm not dissing that game either, because I like it too)! Earthbound (and, indeed SNES RPG's in general) just means more to me than Dragon Warrior ever could because they're what I grew up with (I'm 19, and a life-long gamer). I have played the GBC version of Dragon Warrior, and while it was okay, it was mostly too short and boring for me. In the end, we all have different tastes in old games, and we all particularly have a few games we can't stand to hear spoken of with anything less than total reverence as gods among games. And I agree with your FFIII/VI mentality, I just type it this way to avoid arguments and/or confusion. After all, IF it somehow hit the VC, it would be labeled 3.

Any way you look at it, this kind of list exists almost solely to start arguments about what should have been added or removed. That's why such a variety of games exist in the first place. And while I'd love Lufia II on VC, I'm not sure how likely a lot of this list is to ever appear on VC (although Lufia II holds hope as Natusume has released one VC game already: Harvest Moon). Let's all just hope for what we want most and let others do the same. If we're lucky, one sixteenth of our wishes may actually come true!



CuzinMike said:

I will continue to advocate for Crystalis (NES) to be released on the VC. I loved its gameplay and music. Its published by SNK so I don't understand the what's keeping it from being released.
Lunar Silver Star and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue (Sega CD) were also fantastic tradtional RPGs with a great story, character development, and soundtrack. The script was hillarious on the Sega CD, but some of the funnier lines said by the characters were unfortunately changed in the Playstation re-releases.
I'd also love to see Ultima 3: Exodus (NES) released on the VC only b/c i could never beat the game.
Finally, while I know we won't be seeing any SquareSoft/Enix releases, I still have to praise Secret of Mana (SNES) as being one of the best rpg's ever and should definately be in this list's top 3.
Here's to wishing for some Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior games!



arobo21 said:

@Damo -
I sure hope you are still ducking for cover, because I just read your comment and Earthbound was the first game that popped into my head before i even clicked on the headline.

aside from that, great list.



Manicfatty said:

The Lufia games never got their due. They were well written, and the second had beautiful graphics on par with any rpg released stateside on the snes. Lufia II also had beautiful and haunting music.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to plop my butt down with my SNES and play it right now. Shame it probably won't see a VC release (for those who haven't played either, and don't have any other access to them)

@ CuzinMike - Definately pulling for Crystalis. LOVE that game! And the Lunar games of course. But I'm pulling for the underdog!



Draygone said:

People, people. This is one person's personal opinion of what he thinks should go onto the Virtual Console. If you have a problem, get over it, or write your own Top 10. (Though, to be fair, there'd be less of an issue if the article was instead called "Top 10 RPGs I'd Like To See On The Virtual Console".)

Anyway, I am hopeful on a Chrono Trigger release, myself. I have the version that released on PS1 (with IMO the best version of Final Fantasy IV released to date, though we'll see what happens with the upcoming DS release), but while it has some nice, if choppy, animé cutscenes, it also has horrible load times, and I want to play the version with the original not-likely-to-make-the-ending-out-of-sync quick load times. I can just look on Youtube for the cutscenes any time.

Lufia II and Earthbound are two games I've never played though they were both highly recommended to me. I've been unable to find a cheap copy of either, so a VC release of each would be great news for me.



Corbs said:

I thank all of you for the kind words and the civil arguments about games that you thought should have made the list. Normally I just get pummeled and crawl away.

Crystalis was fantastic. I even played through it again a few months ago. There were a lot of games that I wanted to include but didn't have room. I did a top 100 rpgs about a year ago and even that was tough to put together because so many of these games have a special place for me.

@Stuffgamer1: Wow, you're half my age exactly. Now I feel old as hell. Thanks. Just kidding. But seriously, that's exactly what I was trying to say. I love just about every rpg I've ever played, but there are some that I love more than others. It's mostly just a personal preference more than anything.

I'm playing through Lufia 2 right now and it's an amazing game that's never got the credit it deserved. But the same could be said about a lot of rpgs out there that somehow got swept under the rug. I hope everyone enjoyed the list. I had a blast putting it together.



Serpent said:

This is a great list
But i would replace Legacy of the Wizard with Secret of mana and Zelda:MM (Its not an RPG) for Earthbound. That would make it perfect



arobo21 said:

@ Serpent -
dude, zelda MM is an can u argue that it isnt?
the zelda series has always been rpg = upgrading your role-played character (Link) by moving through an open world, gaining upgrades in order to advance. that basically defines rpg. sorry, bud



ChocoDK said:

I really want Super Mario RPG to be released on the Virtual Console. I never really got to play it since it got released so late in the SNES life. I only rented it once and then sold off my SNES >=O!



Mirokunite said:

Even though I got most of these games on the list, I would probably get them again.

Hell I got 3 copies of Chrono Trigger. Two with boxes, and inserts, and one just the cart.



Kelvin said:

Damo, I'll join you behind cover, as I tend to think that Super Mario RPG is hugely overrated!

arobo21, your definition of the rpg would also include Metroid and Lords of Thunder ! There are arguments for counting the Zelda series as rpgs, but the problem is that you have to loosen the definition so much that it becomes meaningless.



DiscoBoy said:

Glad to see that PS1 made it to the list. With PS2 on the VC already and PS3 on the way, I'm hoping for PS1 really soon. It was my first jap-RPG and the memories just wont go aways. Long live Alis!



Corbs said:

I was watching an argument about the Zelda being an rpg topic not long ago and it was stated by someone that an RPG was a game in which a character leveled up throughout the game. Then someone chimed in that saying that would mean games like Hot Shots Golf and John Madden Football would have to be rpgs. I guess you can spin it any way you want to in order to try to prove a point. I think it's a case for the supreme court, personally.



E-dawg said:

Majora's Mask should be number 1! Hurry up and release it Nintendo...



Dazza said:

I always think of Zelda games as RPG-lite because they are so accessible to the non-RPGer. This is the only type of RPGs I really enjoy playing stuff like LTTP over hardcore RPGs because of my woeful attention span



Timmy said:

i want Zelda: MM on the VC, but I heard somewhere that Nintendo isn't putting expansion pack games on the VC which unfortunately includes Zelda: MM

I wouldn't call it a true RPG its more an RPGesque game



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I´m rooting for Earthbound as well. I´ve only played Earthbound Zero, but I liked what I saw.

When it comes to genre definitions, it´s rather pointless. You could say "Zelda is not an adventure game, Kings Quest is an adventure game" because that´s what point and click were called way back. There is a greyzone between textbased RPG.s and actionoriented. I find little reason to exclude a good game from a personal favourites list just because of vague genre definitions.

And thanks for mentioning Legacy of the Wizard, that´s an RPG I´ve never heared of.



jg233 said:

I just bought Illusion of Gaia, but its battery is dead Now I have to cut it out with an exacto knife and duck tape a new one in



PRP said:

As stated by Kevin, I would also like to see some Ultima games for the C64, possibly Ultima VI ( I know it's unlikely to happen, but can you imagine that game without the constant disk swapping on the VC and IR support? A Dream! ).
And wether it's an Rpg or not....give us Majora's Mask!!!!



Rapadash6 said:

Umm, why the h-e-double hockey sticks isn't Earthbound on this list? Not only is it a highly requested RPG but probably one of the most sought after VC titles, period. Personally I never really got into the game but I know plenty of people salavating at the thought of playing through this again. Personally I just want Super Mario RPG more than anything right now.



mr_w said:

While I don't argue the greatness of any of these fine role playing games, your list has a lot of games that have already been re-released in one form or another within the past 5 or 6 years. I think the VC should deliver some games that we haven't gotten within that time frame. We don't need Majora's Mask or another FF. Games like Y's, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Warrior sure. Secret of Mana plus it's ever so desired and unreleased in the western world sequel, a definite. I mean, Nintendo has my money and they don't even know it.



Lwaad said:

If they ever release them, I'll definitely put money down for Chrono Trigger, FF III, and Super Mario RPG.

Luckily, I still have Majora's Mask for the N64.



Grant said:

I thought I read somewhere that square is never gonna release CT on the VC, EVER.



Will said:

Mmmmmmmmmmm.......... Shining force2? Best megadrive RPG ever?



Charco said:

"Glad to see that PS1 made it to the list. With PS2 on the VC already and PS3 on the way, I'm hoping for PS1 really soon."

Cool, I for one can't wait to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 on the VC. This is great news!! Oh wait......Phantasy Star....................



Bass_X0 said:

Where the heck is Seiken Densetsu 3? .___.
Not translated. Not going to be translated. Impossible to play untranslated.



Corbs said:

I've played through the translated Seiken Desnetsu 3 game and it's unbelievably good. I didn't include it because it's not looking like the game is ever going to get an "official" English translation. Sad as it is. I kept hoping that Square might localize it for the DS, but even that's not looking very likely.



Larry said:

And what about Shadowrun (SNES)?

One of my favorite RPGs (if not one of my favorite games) on the SNES. Me and my friends played it for months.



the_truth14 said:

lufia II # 5. final fantasy III # 4. mario rpg # 3. earthbound # 2. and chrono trigger # 1 and the way it goes



tnk4god said:

what no love for wasteland????

Come on people this is the greatest rpg made, it ate up so man y of my days as a teen it was great. No rpg list should be created without it being near the top.



arobo21 said:

@ Adamant -
Blaster Master is a side scroller. yes u need upgrades to advance, but u need to do the same thing in metroid as well. also, BM is not an open world where u can go where u want when u want to and a lot of the time-IF you want to. the open world and choice element really makes zeldaMM and OoT alike RPG's

a shotgun to your point



Stuffgamer1 said:

@arobo21: Did you notice the Legacy of the Wizard screen shot in the article? It's a side-scroller AND an RPG (just a joke, I know what you mean, and I agree)! Also, some RPG's are very linear/don't have open worlds, such as FFX (until the very end, of course), so that's not a very reliable definition of an RPG either.



Corbs said:

The US Final Fantasy 3 is actually Final Fantasy VI (6) in Japan. The US Final Fantasy 2 is actually Final Fantasy IV (4) in Japan. It's a long story. : )



Sharecrow said:

Shadowrun was pretty cool - I hope it shows up on the virtual console. I wouldn't put it in my top 10 list, but I did enjoy it a lot. I only played the Genesis version....



Vivi said:

I really want Chrono trigger, Final Fantasy III (6...) and Earthbound



J_K said:

Wow another CT suck-up...and I will never understand why that game gets so damn overrated for Nintendo just like FF7 does for Sony. They're not so much mediocre, well they are in parts, but they just get more love than deserved and a lot of it I think lies in unfounded nostalgia. I had both back in the day, finished one of them, got far (ff7) in the other and while they were good, neither were earth shattering.

That aside I would agree with the listing as is here and it really does raise some good points.



Zinjak said:

i will never ever believe Zelda games are rpgs, and nothing anyone will ever say will convince me otherwise, upgrading equipment and open environments are in lots of other kinds of games ( that would make shadow of the colossus and the grand theft auto games rpgs, which they clearly aren't) its an action-adventure series, nothing more.



Adamant said:

" You could say "Zelda is not an adventure game, Kings Quest is an adventure game" because that´s what point and click were called way back."

Zelda is an action-adventure, King's Quest is a graphic adventure. See? Easy.



Adamant said:

" You could say "Zelda is not an adventure game, Kings Quest is an adventure game" because that´s what point and click were called way back."

Zelda is an action-adventure, King's Quest is a graphic adventure. See? Easy.

"BM is not an open world where u can go where u want when u want to and a lot of the time-IF you want to."

Yes it is. Did you not play the game? As for the point of it being a sdescroller, Tales of Phantasia is just as sidescrolling as Blaster Master, and that game is definitlyan RPG.



ARK1 said:

Dragon Warrior III definetly deserves to be on the list, since it's one of the best 8-but RPGs ever.



dark_moogle said:

I know that Lufia 2 is the better game in almost every way, but every week I die a little inside when I see that Lufia and the Fortress of Doom has not been released. It was so awesome starting off with Maxim and his party all at their high level 70's just to kick the Sinistrals asses. Really made the game feel more interesting then just starting off with a level 1 nobody.

Anyways, MORE LOVE FOR LUFIA 1!!!!!!



Chasmang said:

No EarthBound, yet Majora's Mask on a list of the ten most wanted RPGs?

C'mon, man.



Corbs said:

The only thing I hated about Lufia was the fact that your character would swing at nothing if the enemy you targeted was killed before the character had a chance to attack. That drove me crazy. But I still love the game.

Wow the Earthbound saga continues... : ) Maybe I should have put it on the list just to keep the peace. : )



Adamant said:

^that makes battles more interesting, as you need to actully use your head a bit and pay attention, instead of taping down the A button and going for a sandwich.



Chasmang said:

I guess it's just because I don't like when Zelda games are regarded as RPGs, but I think EarthBound is a very important RPG in Nintendo's library and it would be a shame not to have it on the VC, which is supposed to showcase Nintendo's classic library.



MrPoo6321 said:

Majora's Mask and Super Mario RPG are the only games I've played on that list, but then I never really got that into RPGs... I might have to check some of those out if they get released... I'm pretty sure Phantasy Star will come out... what was the point of releasing the Master System if they're not gonna put Phantasy Star up... Didn't we already get Phantasy Star III on the Genesis?



deggs said:

hmmm, from what little of it that i played, i remember enjoying the emulator translated FF3 (in japan) game for famicom a lot... Is it better than Dragon Warrior 3? Hard to say... I'm about half way through Dragon Warrior 3 at the moment but I'm starting to lose interest (but in it's defense, i am playing the gameboy color version of the game though it's the best version i've seen so far...)




Majoras Mask is at the top of my list of most wanted of all games on the vc. Its the only Zelda game i havent played and one of the only two i dont own. (I dont have Oracle of Ages either) Of course this dosent include those terrible Cd-i games.



Charco said:

It's a shame that we have to talk about games we would LIKE to see coming to the VC as opposed to one's that have been confirmed. The releases have seriously dried up, otherwise we would not have the need for this list. I hope the release schedule improves for all our sake.



hal said:

ah i kno, Charco --it really sucks!!! i hope they gain some competence n this area very soon, --instead of trying to find new ways to Charge ppl for their content. its completely backwards. +, at least, 3-4 games a week dammit!!!! what if iTunes were like this?!?! would there still b 1?! lol

+very good idea!!!to ad a bit:
i'd like (don't shoot me) Earthbound/mother1,2,+3 --though a DS release may work!
also, the "japan-only" rpgs would b optimial. imports r extremely desireble. a good game is worth more than whatever one plays it on, "new" +/or "old"



coldroses said:

What about Secret of Mana??? Arguably better than A Link To Past and an absolute must for any adventure/rpg fan...



Flamin_Skull said:

Strong reasons behind your choices but I stratch my head on Zelda...
Dragon Warrior was my first RPG and got me into it. I wouldve ranked it #1 because I felt this started it all.



Ads said:

I am glad that Super Mario RPG is on there. That is probably my favorite RPG game. But, I wonder where Secret Of Mana is. That game is so much fun.



massew said:

maybe SMRPG will come out when FF:CC get available...
Just like super mario bros 3 came out the lauch of Mario Galaxy...
And that I am pretty pure that Mario Kart Snes will come out the same day of Mario Kart Wii...

What do you think....



Mikaro said:

Where is Phantasy Star IV? Phantasy Star III is avarage but Phantasy Star IV is real classic. VC needs Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger, Majora's Mask, Phantasy Star, Super Mario RPG and Phantasy Star IV.



Cam said:

I'd like to add Soleil (Had a different name in the US I think), Action-RPG (Zelda Clone) on the Mega Drive/Genesis, and Shining Force II, Strategy-RPG also on the Mega Drive tot he list..

Great games that should be seen by a larger audience..



hotrod28 said:

how in the world could you not include earthbound on this list? not even a mention of it, yet majoras mask isnt even an rpg and its there. disgraceful.



RayWilson said:

@Damo Did you play 'Illusion of Time' all the way through? I can't believe you didn't like it that much! I had to lie down after reading that! It's my single most favourite game ever!!!!



Nintendude1 said:

im suprised that the mother series/earthbound is not on the list while i have not actualy played the game myself i have heard nothing but good about it



GameAddict said:

@ Damo: I am with you that Earthbound is overrated, I didn't find it to be so special.

The games I miss on the list are Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore and Illusion of Gaia/Time.
The games I am hoping for are Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III and Terranigma.



Computerrorist said:

I so hope Dragon Quest VI will be translated and released for the US / European market... that game rocks! But hey, what's the chances of squenix translating over 10.000 pages text to earn only a little money...



strade32 said:

gameaddict- more like drug addict if you believe Earthbound is overrated. and it should be #1 on the list and SMRPG should be #2.



Kevin said:

Now that there's a ds version of chrono trigger coming out I doubt we will be seeing it on the VC. Which sucks as much as I love the DS I enjoy playing games on a TV more.



MrPinguy said:

Since is a list from Corbie, i was expecting puting EarthBound out.
Opinions are opinions

But for me is the nº 1, since Mario RPG is out and Chrono is going to DS.



MaxPlastic said:

OMG Legacy of the Wizard is one of my favorite games ever. I would love for it to come to the VC... I still have my NES copy tho =D



Bensei said:

Chrono Trigger and FFIII won't make it to VC this generation because of the DS remakes.
I'm glad some wishes where already granted



deggs said:

thinking about it more and more.... here's my list again (just for fun)
i'm counting sidescrolling adventure games with rpg elements as well:

#1) Gargoyle's Quest 2 (nes)
#2) Golden Axe Warrior (sms)
#3) Terranigma (Snes)
#4) Soul Blazer (Snes)
#5) Faxanadu (nes)
#6) Golvellius: Valley of Doom (sms)
#7) Lufia 2 (snes)
#8) Star Ocean (snes translated)
#9) ff3 (nes translated)
#10) Brainlord (snes)



deggs said:

except for the two translated games, i think the rest of the list is at least possible...

(i'll throw in Robotrek (snes) as an honorable mention



dfalco said:

my top ten will have to be
10 earthbound
9 iliusion of gaia
8 dragon warrio
7secert of everymore
6orge battel
5fire embelm
4 final fanstsy 3
3soul blazer
2 the legend of zelda major mask
1 chrono trigger



Mr_Classic said:

We cry and cry and cry some more, but companies just don't care.
I wonder if any one except us look at the want's and needs players want either in their games or on their Wii Shop Channel, Xbox Live Marketplace or the Playstation Network?



deggs said:

wouldn't mind seein an update of this one...
still, most of a previous list i made is untouched so just for fun, here, here it is again...

#1) Gargoyle's Quest 2 (nes)
#2) Golden Axe Warrior (sms)
#3) Terranigma (Snes)
#4) Soul Blazer (Snes)
#5) faxanadu (nes) (i could go for either this or (Legacy of the Wiz)
#6) Golvellius: Valley of Doom (sms)
#7) Lufia 2 (snes)
#8) Star Ocean (snes translated)
#9) ff3 (nes translated)
#10) Brainlord (snes)

i doubt faxanadu will make it out unless they take out all of the people smoking. something tells me nintendo's censors are not hip to that these days...



jc1305us said:

I can't believe in almost 150 responses, no one has mentioned one of the greatest RPG's of all time, Konami's 'Destiny of an Emperor" Im 34 yeras old, so it may be a bit before your time, but it truly was and is an underrated classic. Even though it was a NES 8-bit, the story, graphics, and overall experience were better than anything I've seen since. Sometimes simpler is better! At any rate, the story is EPIC, taking place in China during the ruling dynasty period. You play as first generation warriors, then halfway through the game, you play as the sons of the original characters! And this was 1989! Meanwhile, the story explains everything clearly, and there's no convoluted storylines and nonsense. Just a great, great game. Oh, and by the way, I second Crystalis!

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