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Fri 1st Feb 2008

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Lwaad commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

Cool. I just recently played through this game on the N64. The game design is a bit frustrating. You often get halfway through a sidequest and then realize you don't have to tools to complete it. But the storytelling is by far the best in the series.



Lwaad commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64):

Personally, I thought this game was very frustrating at points. I played it recently on the N64 and I was surprised at how many times I just didn't know what to do next. I found myself wandering around, working my way halfway through quests to find that I needed some item to complete the quest. In spite of the frustrations, it was a good zelda game and had some fantastic storytelling. I just don't think it was quite a 10/10 game.



Lwaad commented on Double Dragon:

No two player co-op really kills this one for me. I must've played the Genesis version. The glory of this game was the co-op mode. And then after you beat the final boss you duke it out for who gets the girl. Gloriousness!



Lwaad commented on Earthworm Jim 2:

These games were crazy. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them on the VC



Lwaad commented on US VC Releases - 4th February - Operation Wolf:

You know, maybe I'm in the minority here, but there are A LOT of good games on the VC right now, more than I have the time or money to keep up with. Even though there are still a lot of good ones out there, I'm not really sure we can expect the quality to greatly improve from here on out. At some point, all they can do is keep cranking out crappy games b/c all the good ones are gone, right?



Lwaad commented on Columns III: Revenge of Columns:

I loved this game. It was a great multiplayer game back in the day. The competitive matchups were always good, and the music, sound effects, and colors always made me feel a little trippy.



Lwaad commented on Are Virtual Console games good value for money?:

I recently tried to collect some of the classic systems and games on ebay and found it was a lot more expensive than I originally thought. A large part of the reason I got the Wii was because it was clearly cheaper and superior quality, but with the same nostalgic feel that comes through perfect emulation.

The virtual console helps you avoid paying inflated prices and shipping costs, buying bundles where you have to resell half of it, waiting forever to find the right ebay price, dealing with sellers who rip you off, cleaning overused cartridges, messing up your living room with innumerable controllers, and in the end dealing with 20 year old electronics that are barely holding on. The VC is far superior in my opinion