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Thu 10th April, 2008

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Chasmang commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

Haha, just reading through the review's comments then Luc's pity plea on his blog is just ridiculous. The guy is a baby who can't take any criticism whatsoever. What's worse is that he actually tried to pass the buck to his programmer, then switched gears to "pity me" mode where he would just complain that people were belittling his "baby".

Grow up and good riddance.



Chasmang commented on EarthBound:

EarthBound placed number one, twice in a row in Nintendo's Power's poll for the most wanted Virtual Console games. NOA would be insane to ignore those numbers.



Chasmang commented on Top 10 RPGs We Want To Come To The Virtual Con...:

I guess it's just because I don't like when Zelda games are regarded as RPGs, but I think EarthBound is a very important RPG in Nintendo's library and it would be a shame not to have it on the VC, which is supposed to showcase Nintendo's classic library.