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Sat 15th Mar 2008

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MyAnonBox commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

I hate to say it, but this is just one more push for me to go down the dark path of emulation. This muscle flexing from NoA and favoritism from Nintendo in general of their home market over the world is just getting disgusting.



MyAnonBox commented on USA VC Update: Chase HQ and Art of Fighting 2:

I might actually get Art of Fighting 2... I remember playing it at the arcade... having a full emu version of it at home is still kind of cool to me.

And for the whole hardcore gamer definition thing... there may be some grey area but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It's kind of like art - I know it when I see it.



MyAnonBox commented on USA WiiWare Update: Dr Mario Online Rx And Fam...:

MSOG = Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

And thanks for the review. For me it was concise and answered all of my questions. How much is the game? How similar is it to the original? Do I have to use motion controls?

The same gameplay with nicer graphics is just what I wanted. And $10 for that and a few extras is good for me - I just paid that much for Pokemon Snap which I hated. $10 for this in the stores would be a steal, I'm off to buy now.



MyAnonBox commented on Balloon Fight:

I just CAN NOT believe that all of those games come with Animal Crossing. I've bought like half of those for the virtual console!!! Gah! Several others are games that were up next to buy on the console, so I'm really glad I was on the fence about this game so I could read the review and find this out. Thanks!



MyAnonBox commented on WiiWare microtransactions - good or bad thing?:

I like the option if they're honest with what's included. I love Brawl but I'm not going to be ready for more for a long time to come - but I'd pay through the nose for more character for Ultimate Alliance... like the ones that X-Box has!

I think a lot of games I'd skip the added content on, but the option is nice.

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