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Super Castlevania IV (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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In the peaceful country of Transylvania, there is a legend of an evil castle and its master, the Prince of Darkness, Dracula.

Once every hundred years, the powers of good mysteriously weaken, and evil attempts to resurrect Dracula. It's up to the Belmont clan to take up the eternal fight against the vampire. Players take on the role of Simon Belmont, armed with the legendary whip, Vampire Killer, to defeat Dracula and his evil minions.

Luckily, Simon has many additional weapons at his disposal, including axes, holy water, crosses, knives and even a magical stopwatch that can stop the flow of time for a spell. Simon must travel through 11 stages, beginning in the countryside, to reach Dracula's Castle, all the while overcoming perilous traps and hideous monsters. Only the power of the Belmonts can quell the looming darkness.

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Fangs for the memories

The Castlevania series is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment, thanks largely to MercurySteam's commercially successful Lords of Shadow sub-series. However, as many hardcore Castlevania fans will repeatedly tell you until they are blue in...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Castlevania goes super

Every now and then you play a game that simply changes your life. To me, Super Castlevania IV is that game. I recall playing it at a friend's house and regardless of the slow pace of the first few levels, it had a real impact on me. The game was quickly...

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User Comments (84)



eMonster said:

A great game in all respects. Hard to believe it was one of the earliest entries for the Super Nintendo. As mentioned before, impressive music and graphics. Like many games of this generation, this game will have you pulling your hair out at times. This game is not for the faint of heart. You may very well find your controller lodged into your TV. Not from your Wii strap breaking, but from the rage of getting killed instantly by a falling spike for the gazillionth time. This game is AWESOME!!



yeehaw said:

I always thought this was a great game, so i decided to download it. But weird things are happening in the game, things like; when I jump the legs are missing or sometimes my character starts disappearing. It's really weird. Why do you think this happens? BTW, I have a PAL Wii.



JNoodles said:

I have a very hard decision on my hands. Castlevania IV or Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts? Help!



yeehaw said:

I tried almost everything (yes even deleting it and downloading it again), it still wouldn't work properly. The only thing left to do was erasing the save file. And guess what! It worked! So if any of you guys out there experience graphical problems with certain games, I recommend erasing the save file, then it'll work;-)



commanderworf said:

getCrunk............... If you are using the component cable you will get graphical glitches in a game which runs at 50HZ. Only games running at 60HZ are fully compatible with the Component cable. The only way around this is like you said to erase the save file or use the normal av cable supplied with the Wii. This means you can keep those save files intact. Hope this is of some help.



deggs said:

This game is amazing. It was the last Castlevania I played before I stopped playing video games though so I have no idea how it compares to later games in the series. Still, I remember it being absolutely amazing. The level design and graphics were so great and the controls were the best that the castlevania games had ever seen (you could move the whip around any way you wanted to). I remember making it to the rotating level (level 4 i think) and freakin out at how amazing it looked. For 91, those were pretty much the greatest graphics ever seen on a video game console. This game is insanely fun to boot. Also, the music is amazing. The early Konami snes games had some of the best music I have ever heard in a video game. There were times where I would just sit back and enjoy the tunes.

The game I'm really hoping for in virtual console is Castlevania 3 because I never got a chance to play that one (it came out so late in the life of the nes and I had already moved on to Sega Genesis. Still, many remember that game fondly and I hope I get a chance to play it on a console at some point in time.

__Mr 64


Mr 64 said:

Konami's fourth Castlevania was it's first forary onto the 16-bit font of fantastic gaming that was the SNES. At the time, anything and everything that was released on the SNES seemed almost like a cut above everything else. Castlevania 4 was no exception. Whereas the NES games had evolved a more adventure game style approach, especially Castlevania 3, this was a real 'back to the roots' effort, harking back to the pure "hack and slash" gameplay of the original NES game and "Vampire Killer" on the MSX.

A decade and a half later, how does Castlevania 4 compare. Well, there are some fantastic graphics for the time and also some slightly ropey graphics (especially some of the backgrounds), but what hasn't dated is the outstanding gameplay. Every item and enemy seems to have had it's place thought out to perfection. This game must have been play tested to high heaven. The soundtrack is also one of the best I've ever heard. And the chandelier level still nearly gives me a heart attack too!

All in all, this game is absolutely brilliant! It's still as playable as it was back in the early 1990s. Well worth downloading.



TheNintendoBoy said:

I think the old school series of Castlevanias are slightly overrated as a whole. The stiff controls, knockback and frustrating segments of some levels are harder to stomach today, when the graphics and sound aren't as overwhelming. Still, it's very much worth playing and I'd give it a 4/5.



Mr_64 said:

I have to be honest, I think the stiff controls are more to do with the Classic Controller, rather than the game as I seem to die more playing it on the Wii than on the SNES with my 10+ years old (well broken in) SNES pad. Hopefully the Classic Controller will soften up with age as I know what you mean, especially on those swinging rope bits on world 3!



Ive just been on the shop channel and noticed this had an update, any ideas what it's for?




I wanted to write a small review to warn others from spending points on this mediocre title since it seems so strongly suggested here.

I have no idea why so many people seem to like this version. I have played just about every Castlevania and this, while it isn't the worst, it is far from a "great" game.

The music is OK, but it doesn't fit the game. Overall it is very monotonous and lulls you to sleep. Not bad, but it's not dark like most of the the Castlevania games tend to be.

The gameplay is just average. No better or worse then past generations. This is the first time you can hold your whip out and actually swing it around even after it has fully extended.

Overall this game is pretty boring and I would not recommend it. If you never played it and you're a big Castlevania fan, go ahead and get it. If you are on the fence, save your points/money and pass.



Damo said:

Kevin - seek help my friend. You clearly have a screw loose.

'If you never played it and you're a big Castlevania fan, go ahead and get it'

I would say that if you haven't played this, you're not a Castlevania fan.



deerslayer said:

I never played this back in the day. The only Castlevania I had was the original one, which I back then thought was allright, but insanely difficult. Maybe cuz I was 7 at the time. I just downloaded this and I am absolutely loving it. Anyone who likes platform games should get this. 5 out of 5.



sashaboo said:

Castlevania for the snes is one of the best platform games i have ever played. The graphics and music were very good at the time and still look and sound good to this day. I downloaded with no hesitation. I think anyone who compares this game to super ghouls and ghosts is out of there mind. That game was so much more fustrating than super castlevania and is nowhere near as good



By my Knowledge this game has recieved 2 updates (VC updates)
i notice the speed being a bit faster then in the beginn' when i downloaded the game... has anyone else experienced this?



link64 said:

"I wanted to write a small review to warn others from spending points on this mediocre title since it seems so strongly suggested here.

I have no idea why so many people seem to like this version. I have played just about every Castlevania and this, while it isn't the worst, it is far from a "great" game.

The music is OK, but it doesn't fit the game. Overall it is very monotonous and lulls you to sleep. Not bad, but it's not dark like most of the the Castlevania games tend to be.

The gameplay is just average. No better or worse then past generations. This is the first time you can hold your whip out and actually swing it around even after it has fully extended.

Overall this game is pretty boring and I would not recommend it. If you never played it and you're a big Castlevania fan, go ahead and get it. If you are on the fence, save your points/money and pass."

You sound as if you haven't got very far on the game yes the music is very slow paced on the first few levels but then the first few levels are very slow paced and very easy compared to the last levels.

When you get though the first few levels the gameplay and music are at far faster speed.



Mendez said:

This is the only Castlevania game I've ever played, and it's truly excellent! I was worried incase it was being overhyped here, but I was very wrong.



Andrew said:

its hard to get used to ,but it hooks you. ive beaten it four times
one of the times because i liked the music in the treasury room. being able to dangle you wip wuz pretty cool too. this game got me playing anything konami comes out with.



Robert said:

One of the best snes games ever, amazing soundtrack ,great level-design and unmatched atmosphere.



sami said:

such a big difference compare to the first castlevania with the movement and the graphics. i hope they make a new castlevania for the wii



Northerner said:

Had this on my Snes - first game I downloaded on the V.C simple,gaming genius - alot harder than I remember - maybe Ive just got old - lol - Highly recommended!



Dazza said:

The game features a password system where you enter symbols to continue your progress, or better still use the in-built Virtual Console suspension save state to pause and pick up directly from where you quit out of the game.



sashaboo said:

Good point Dazza. I find that i dont even need to save my games on the VC. All you have to do is press menu on the wii remote and next time you access the game the VC holds it right where you left of even if your half way through a level on castlevania or any other game.



FirebrandMustDie said:

What a game this is! As soon as I bought my Wii (not longer ago actually, hangs head in shame) I downloaded this. It brought back so many happy gaming memories when I was a kid. The atmosphere it creates with the moody graphics and fantastic music is sublime. I've just completed the game first time through and am on the hard level now...not sure these old gaming hands can do it!

Bring on SOTN!



usmc2003 said:

Love teh graphics and music, as well as teh 8 way whip. The best feture of the whip in this one is the ability to swing with it
I was a little dissapointed that dracula did not have a second form to fight.



darthmix said:

This is Castlevania perfected. The later Metroid-vanias (SotN, and the GBA games) are fine, but they're fundamentally a different animal. This takes the concept and spirit of the original NES game and amps it up in every way. We've seen thousands of get-to-the-end-of-the-level-and-kill-the-bad-guy action games, but few are done as stylishly or with as much care as this. Super Castlevania IV is the defining action game of its era, and one of the best games ever made.



Denivire said:

Love it. There is no other game on the SNES I`d rather have then this and Link to the Past.
My favorite memory of this game was when my uncle gave me it, saying it took him 3 months to beat Dracula, and I did it in half an hour. His face was priceless xD



Mip said:

1.11-0.55 time left in the video = best music in a video game EVER.
The music was so amazing in this game, and gameplay is awesome too!



Sharecrow said:

I never played this until I downloaded it on my Wii. I wanted to play it when it came out but did not have a SNES. It was a great game, though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it...



snabald said:

This game was a masterpiece of action/platforming, the graphics and sound were incredible at the time, espcially considering it was released so early in the SNES's life.



NESgamer said:

I kid you not. This is one of my favorite games from all time!.

For is time, the graphics, the gameplay and the music, everything was perfect!, you have full control of the best vampire killer in the saga (Simon Belmont) while fighting a horde of evil creatures till you beat the Death and Dracula himself!.

Perfect difficulty, not so hard near impossible (not really frustrating parts except the falling stair on the last stage), but either too easy.

I just love this game, i own it on SNES (played it as a kid) and downloaded it on the VC, it never gets old.



Mad_Bomber said:

Um. I didn't like this game. Please don't hit me.

I actually played this on my friends SNES years ago and while he was completely in love with it I did not find it fun at all. I downloaded it based on its critical acclaim and while I was mildly amused by it, I found myself thinking that it felt very very old. Slow, plodding gameplay, muddy graphics, and boring levels. The sound is excellent (the score is brilliant) and the whip mechanics where very cool, but I still can't believe that this could be considered superior to Castlevania III by anyone.

I guess if you loved it back then you'll probably love it now. This is probably the best Castlevania game on the VC right now, but when Castlevania III and Castlevania: Bloodlines come out that will no longer be the case.

Please note that my favorite NES Castlevania was II. (III was technically superior, but I still favored II because of its adventure/rpg elements) I know I'm in the minority there as well but that might help explain my low opinion of this game to some of you.



D00M said:

Best Castlevania on the VC at the moment, Though It might lose it's crown when Castlevania 3 finally appears.
Even though I prefer the Metroidvanias, This is pretty high up on my all time favourites list.
One of the best Castlevania soundtracks, great graphics and top gameplay.
(Note to Konami, bring back the 8 way whipping!)




Cally said:

Trivia: This game was made by the team later to be known as "Treasure" before it broke off from Konami.

I can't believe almost every 2-D Castlevania after this still had us using up-plus-attack to use a subweapon. I mean, in this game, hit the R-button and you'll throw a weapon while crouching, staying STILL on those freaking stairs (like, without accidentally ascending them).

Castlevania IV eschews the ambitions of its (also awesome) predecessor, such as multiple paths, endings, and companions, keeping things kind of straightforward and therefore fantastically polished, though it succeeds in being a spectacle of style and substance--the music and art direction really make things come to life as an "experience" as much as a game, with each level loaded with lots of character and feeling like separate romps through folklore and mythology, though remaining cohesive. It's also worth noting that Super Castlevania IV arguably sports the best-balanced difficulty of the entire series, knowing precisely the balance between challenge and frustration, well-placed checkpoints, and smooth rise of difficulty . . . although maybe Dracula is a little too easy here.

Altogether, to me this game is bliss from start to finish. Not to be missed.



McCabe said:

the first game I downloaded...amazing game that I totally don't mind having bought twice.



Garlyle said:

Ah, my first Castlevania game, which I over-played in my youth and ended up selling off to get Secret of Mana - and in the end missed the game, even if SoM was awesome. Regardless, I do recommend this game fairly heartily, even if it might not last too long.



Virus said:

This is a great game for people who even just like the "Metroidvania" versions of Castlevania. Although I wouldn't recommend it as much as the main reviewer, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure I nearly destroyed my controller in anger after missing a platform a kagillion times or hitting the spikes for an instant death a bazillion times, but during the other times (yes, even after a bazillion and kagillion times there were other times) I had great fun. The music is fantastic, the whip beats all, and even as a SNES game, it has "Oh-geez" moments of awesomeness. Be warned though, those who frustrate easily should avoid this game or otherwise you might develop a heart attack from playing it (or maybe I just suck at the game, who knows).

7.5/10 If you read this Damo, don't kill me. I'm still indignant about the KoF thing.



Nigel said:

I love Castlevania in all its incarnations, and although I give the edge to the metroidvanias such as SOTN and all the fantastic GBA and DS games, THIS GAME IS COOOOOOL. Lots of fun. Addicting. Another classic for a classic system!

5 stars for sure!



michinmuri said:

IMO this is the best Castlevania next to Symphony of the Night. I've played the NES ones, this, SotN, and one of the GB Advance ones. This game is just awesome. Even if a bit easy at times, the graphics, music, and details really pull you into this enjoyable game. This might not be the best VC game on here at the moment, but it's up there! The VC needs to get the one that was released on the Turbo Duo in Japan (Castlevania X I think?)



Lurch said:

Great game. A couple of month ago, i didn't even know the castlevania series. thatnks to the Virtual console, i know posess 3 of those creepy games. A good adventure with a way too straight forwards gameplay is defnetly worth the download. 4 stars from me



pdrydia said:

I downloaded it because [1] I like recent DS Castlevanias a lot, [2] it's recommended by close friends, and [3] the older Castlevanias have a huge fanbase. I was hugely disappointed--the game has not aged well.



benja86 said:

this is a great game for its time
i think this is when they started being a bit more creative
in other words if this game sucked we wouldn't have SOTN or afterwards



johnny5555 said:

If you like the original Castlevania, you'll like this. Nothing spectacular, but pretty good.



CyclopsScott said:

I was hooked on this, but never owned it. Always rented or borrowed it. REALLY tempted to grab it now.



Epyo said:

The main problem is that the game has a few boring levels that really slow down the momentum--level 3 is a definite bummer, as well as the first few castle levels. This problem is emphasized by the extreme linearity of the game-- there isn't a single fork in the road, even within a level.

However, the gameplay is great, because of the incredibly fun controls, the atmosphere is excellent, the game is beautiful, the music is...awesome, but not near the best of the Castlevania series.

An excellent classic action sidescroller, almost a masterpiece of the genre, however, I'd definitely take the god-like Dracula X: Rondo of Blood over this, once that comes to VC, and Castlevania 3 over this as well, since it's nonlinearity and depth adds so much more replay value.



Marvel_Maniac said:

You know what? I'm a HUGE Castlevania fan, but this is probably one of my least favourite in the series. Its okay that I say that, since it still makes it a better game than most games out there. Don't worry, Castlevania for GB is still the worst one in the series, I'm not comparing SC4 to that garbage. I guess this one is just missing the seriously dark mood and theme of some of the other games. Symphony of the Night, Rondo of Blood and Castlevania III do it all very very well, so its hard to compare to them. Nevertheless, this was the second download for my system (just after Super Metroid) so that's got to say something for how cool it is.



deggs said:

the second castlevania for the original game boy (belmont's revenge) did rock though. i bought that off ebay a few years ago and it was still awesome many years later.

but yeah you're right, everyone stay well clear of Castlevania Adventure for the original black n white (or puke green as the case may be) game boy. Adventure is probably the slowest, most annoying piece of garbage i have ever played and definitely the low point of the castelvania series.



Cally said:

"I guess this one is just missing the seriously dark mood and theme of some of the other games"

Interesting point. Rondo of Blood, "Chronicles," and Legacy of Darkness all had really dark rituals for intros . . .



Rootbeer said:

Am I the only one who would like this game 10x more if the whip animation was better or at least glowing like in other Castlevanias? I know it's petty and silly, but I don't enjoy this game as much as I should due to the whipping being so stiff looking for 16-bit



Cally said:

"So, is it just me or does anyone else here want them to put Castlevania 64 on the VC?"


I really don't know what everybody's problem was with Castlevania 64. I thought it was an awesome re-imagining of Castlevania in 3-D.
. . .
man, if Konami knows anything, it's how to get the best sound out of hardware, too. Even the Genesis Castlevania sounded memorable , which I thought was impossible to do on that system.



I second that YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cally. I would love it if Castlevania 64 was released. My old copy is about to bite the dust.



cr00mz said:

how is the saving in this game? i haven't played it since 94 so my memory is rusty. Is it that you have to finish it in one sitting or you can save after each level?



Big_A2 said:

It uses passwords, I think. But you can use the Wii's save state thing.

I can't decide between this or Super Street Fighter II.



cr00mz said:

"It uses passwords, I think."

  • Big A2:

Similar to Goemon? I know that when you die in Goemon you start from the beginning of the level you died on. If you turn off your console (SNES you need the password to get to where you died otherwise you must start from level 1, thank to save state now when you die you start at beginning of level you died on but just go in Wii menu and you will save where you are and dont need the codes, is it the same way in castlevania? i assume it is since both are konami games)



FirebrandMustDie said:

It's Halloween so time to play Super Castlevania through once again with the volume turned right up and lights off!



Falk_Sturmfels said:

I rembember that you have to beat it in one session. Thats why i never finished it back in the old days.



Klaarover said:

People come up with titles like Lords of Thunder or Gunstar Heroes, which are supposed to be on par or better. If it's any sort of obscure action vg, then that's not to say that it's all that great.

The music today is cheesy retro, but it's like nothing else, and very layered. They're musical numbers we hear instead of the average atmospheric noises. And the final moments of the game from the clock tower onwards are crazy.



deggs said:

i'm just playing through circle of moon for gba for the first time and that game uses some music from this. just got me to thinking how amazing the music for this game truly is. i really love this game sooo much. i never got it on vc because i never stopped playing the snes copy i own.

but i also wanted to say that circle is amazing. if the other gba titles or symphony of the night (i haven't played any of those games) compare favorably to circle, then they must be amazing...



Divock said:

It looks fun. I'll probably get it. I haven't played many Castlevania games and they look fun, I'll start with this one probably.



GN0LAUM said:

This was actually more fun to play through for me the second time. After the brutal difficulty of Castlevania III, its sometimes nice to sit back with an easier experience and soak it all in. Still wish the music wasn't so happy sounding



WiiFreedom said:

@ vonseux

Seriously? Besides in SCIV, You get more control over Simon and control his limping whip, which is an good defensive move against magic projectiles. Infact you can shoot your whip in all eight directions which is a huge improvement. This game overpowers Bloodlines, even though you can play as John Morris and Eric Lecarde, SCIV has more feel in the castlevania franchise.



Ryno said:

One of my favorite games of all time! The soundtrack is one of the best. Half way through the final battle or so with Dracula andSimon's theme starts playing, defintely one of the coolest moments in all of video games!



Eddsnake said:

Got this for Christmas in '94 alongside Donkey Kong Country, and for me SCIV blew it away despite being 3 years older. The music is still the best I've heard in ANY game, so atmospheric, dark and haunting, and back then as a 14 year old it was actually pretty scary! The controls, with the eight way whip in particular, are superb and for me the graphics fit the game perfectly (and for 1991 must have been spectacular, especially the famous mode 7 rotating level). I've downloaded Rondo of Blood and played the original GBA Castlevania but for me this is a far better game than both of those, with greater control over the central protagonist, far better music, and a more direct pathway, with an admittedly easier but also much less frustratingly difficult challenge, whilst still being no cakewalk. Still need to play SOTN (and maybe Castlevania III?) to decide which is the best game in the series but for me this is right up there along with my other favourite SNES games SMW, F-Zero, LOZ:ALTTP, SFIIT, Super Metroid, LOTMN, Super Tennis and SMK. A fantastic game for a fantastic system (and don't be put off by the relatively uninspiring first couple of levels, this builds up to be a true masterpiece by the time you've finished it).



ogo79 said:

on my personal opinion this game was lack-luster.
i dont think it compares with Bloodlines or Rondo Of Blood...sorry
i was left un-inspired with "super" castlevania 4



Beau_Skunk said:

I loved Rondo of Blood to, but in some ways this game has a few things better, as well, I felt.
The play control, and movements when jumping felt smoother to me personally, (while in Rondo of Blood you can't really change direction when jumping unless you hold down the A/jump button, wich is something I always forget when playing it) and I kinda prefer having more control over my jump movements then in the NES Castlevania games. I also really loved the ability to swing your whip in 8-directions, or being able to flail it around, wich is more fun then it sounds. (Especially if you use the analogue stick, or a GameCube controller.)

I've seen some people argue that being able to whip in 8-directions makes the game "to easy," but I still had trouble in some levels regardless, and there's still some pretty challenging platforming areas, and bosses in the game. (Not to mention once you beat the game, you'll get a "harder" mode after the credits.)
And after having such a hard time with Castlevania 3, I'm actually a li'l greatfull for a more balanced difficulty curve in a CV game, and one that's a bit more relaxing without being "to easy."

Regardless of never owning it previously on the SNES, and what some people say, I felt this was a great Castlevania game, and it was alot of fun. It also has some great visuals, (especially the Mode 7 effects) and pretty good music. It feels more advanced then you'd expect an early-SNES game to be, and it's a good game for those who never played a Castlevania game to try out to.



OneBagTravel said:

They constantly make SOTN clones but they haven't made a true sequel to this style of Castlevania.

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