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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Northerner commented on Punch-Out!!:

Classic game - I remember playing this in a local Dept store where they had a Nintendo set up with 8 games in you culd select the game and you got 5/10 minutes to play said game - loved it from the start - its still great cartoony graphics have aged pretty well - its only the sound that dates it in my opinion - shame its not the Tyson version but great fun all round....a must for all retro gamers old and new.



Northerner commented on Splatterhouse:

I fell in love with this game in the arcades and prayed for a home conversion on the Snes or MD - Alas it was never to be - I couldnt afford a PC Engine on "grey import" - so now half a lifetime later its here - and Im still impressed with this game not as gory due to the conversion but Id recommend it nevertheless.



Northerner commented on Super Castlevania IV:

Had this on my Snes - first game I downloaded on the V.C simple,gaming genius - alot harder than I remember - maybe Ive just got old - lol - Highly recommended!