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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Denivire commented on Drop Off:

Chris made a good point, the lion at the end of the clip had big, old man balls O.o. It`s disgustingly funny....



Denivire commented on Bubble Bobble:

Why such a long wait? Why did Nintendo cause so much anguish and bitterness amongst it`s fans waiting for this game?
But joking aside, The game is awesome. It did take me forever though with my cousin to finally get the proper ending we wanted.



Denivire commented on Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing:

Is there an option pass 5 stars? It deserves more!
Seriously, Once you get into the game, and are not so skeptical about the "minimal controls"(someone complained to me that it had lack of controls), you get right into the story. This was the only other game I wish my dad didn`t sell after beating it. I lost too many good games from this.



Denivire commented on Shining Force:

This game is not a game, but an icon of greatness.
Th only thing I want is for this game to be completely revamped and put on the DS, because we have the technology to make it look more organic.
But other then my personal want for this to be placed on the DS, I still love this icon. Sadly, my dad sold our copy when the Genesis was still big. biggest mistake ever.



Denivire commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math:

I think it was only put up there to make parents happy that you can learn from games... way to save your behinds with that one Nintendo!
Too bad no one will get it.



Denivire commented on Ecco The Dolphin:

It`s fun and all, traveling through time and space, BUT THE LAST LEVEL IS BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE! I never knew what to do in that part, it was just the boss and a henchman, and for some reason, I wasn`t hurting them, no matter what I tried.



Denivire commented on Streets of Rage 2:

I still have my cartridge, still play it sometimes.
I can honestly say I am not disappointed with that purchase.



Denivire commented on Super Castlevania IV:

Love it. There is no other game on the SNES I`d rather have then this and Link to the Past.
My favorite memory of this game was when my uncle gave me it, saying it took him 3 months to beat Dracula, and I did it in half an hour. His face was priceless xD



Denivire commented on Landstalker:

I only rented it about once or twice when I was little, and loved it, regardless of the fact I couldn`t do crap all due to how unmotivated I was as a kid. Yes, we all know the moving is , more or less, disastrous, but that makes for the challenge! Anyone who can get over such a stupid little thing will love this game.



Denivire commented on Beyond Oasis:

This was the game I played the most as a kid. I remember coming home from school, starting a new game, and beating it just before or just after supper because I played it so much. Wonder if anyone found the infinite Omega Sword, that thing rapes!