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Fri 25th Jul 2008

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Rootbeer commented on Ten Games We'd Like To See On The Virtual Cons...:

Lost Vikings on SNES? No's gotta be the Genesis version. More levels and 3 players make it the clear cut superior version. I play that sucker just about every week with 2 of my friends, and it's an incredible experience. I don't see how anyone could play Lost Vikings by themselves or with only one other person.



Rootbeer commented on Space Invaders: The Original Game:

Really? Space Invaders? I didn't even know they bothered with this on the SNES. The Atari 2600 version of this was good enough for me, and you could probably pick up the Taito collection for the same price as this unnecessary port.



Rootbeer commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

A multitap is needed just for 2 players? No wonder nobody I knew owned this thing back in the day. I never looked all that closely at the system when it was still alive, but that would have been a good enough reason not to buy it alone at the time.



Rootbeer commented on J.J. & Jeff:

I SHOULD like this game judging by the premise, but after actually playing, I discovered it really is devoid of fun.



Rootbeer commented on Super Castlevania IV:

Am I the only one who would like this game 10x more if the whip animation was better or at least glowing like in other Castlevanias? I know it's petty and silly, but I don't enjoy this game as much as I should due to the whipping being so stiff looking for 16-bit



Rootbeer commented on Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition:

This is going to suck without the Genesis 6-button controller. If they would release one of those for the Wii, then we'd have a winner. Otherwise, I would stick to the SNES versions if you insist on buying SF2 games on VC, just because the control scheme works better (but definitely not as well as on a real Genesis 6-button).



Rootbeer commented on Golden Axe III:

Man I wish they had tried harder on this game. A Golden Axe game with the quality of Streets of Rage 2 would have been incredible. Unfortunately, the game is sadly crappy when you consider it was released in 1993. Maybe that's why it didn't get a US release...since things like Streets of Rage 2, Final Fight 2, TMNT, and all those great beat-em-ups were out by that time and made GA3 look awful.



Rootbeer commented on Clu Clu Land:

Clu Clu Land drives me nuts. Maybe I just suck at it, but I really don't have much fun playing this game. I can see the appeal of it, but it's not on my list of games I like playing. Besides, I wouldn't pay $5 for it even if I did enjoy it considering I have it on Animal Crossing and e-Reader.

@Mr. Cheez - Clu Clu Land D I have on Animal Crossing as well, and it isn't really different at all as far as I can tell. They appear to be pretty much the same game. But, like I said, I suck at Clu Clu Land and don't like it much so I haven't spent all that much time with Clu Clu Land D either. Just use an AC code generator and find out yourself for the best results



Rootbeer commented on TurboGrafx-16 Releases - September:

With Cho Aniki, at least when the 13 year olds start saying "this game is gay" it will be fairly accurate for once XD

I too am looking for Rondo of Blood...I would guess it's coming at some point if they're bothering to release something like Cho Aniki here. I'm hoping they release all of the Turbo CD games we don't have yet at some point.



Rootbeer commented on Hanabi Festival 3 Kicks Off:

Are they seriously going to export Spelunker? Of all games...geez.

ATTN PAL region: Do yourself a favor and do not even think of downloading Spelunker.



Rootbeer commented on EarthBound:

One of the best parts of Earthbound is avoiding unnecessary battles and instantly whipping weaker enemies. It's pretty satisfying to chase enemies you once feared when they start running from you, and then proceeding to promptly punish them in less than 2 seconds when you catch up to them.



Rootbeer commented on Earthworm Jim:

It IS one of the greatest games of all time. I actually spent a few hours last night on the Genesis playing it. I won't be buying it when it comes out on VC, since I actually have it in my Genesis console right now and have the GBA version too...but when this comes out I would highly recommend it to anyone even remotely curious.



Rootbeer commented on Splatterhouse:

Saying Splatterhouse is a beat-em-up is like saying Castlevania is a beat-em-up. It's a side-scrolling action game. Don't get this game expecting a beat-em-up.