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Wed 23rd Jan 2008

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D00M commented on Review: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Virtual C...:

Golgo, No problem. I'd pick up Rondo as it has far more replayability than Rebirth's 6 stages...I think Rondo may be cheaper too.

Rebirth seemed more like an tribute to Castlevania than the real deal.



D00M commented on Review: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Virtual C...:

You can save your progress, when you lose all lives you can save and quit.

Also with Rebirth, at the game start screen push right for 5 seconds to start at previous levels you've completed.

@ Crunc, Rondo has some very tough bosses, However if you unlock Maria you can cheese your way through. minor SPOILERS...

One stage is just one long boss fight and I had a very hard time getting past it.



D00M commented on 5th Hanabi Festival Inbound:

So no one else is pissed at the fact they release Rebirth and Rondo within two weeks? If I had known I would of only had to wait a week for the far superior Rondo I would of saved my points, I think thats kinda a dirty trick on Nintendo's part.

I love Castlevania to the point that it's my favourite game series, but Rebirth is not worth the points, far too short and not much replay value, it would of been far better suited to the DSi.
Now I'm going to have to wait frigging ages to get any points again >



D00M commented on Review: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (...:

Wouldn't it be great if all Wii & DS games came with a option NOT to wave your arms around like a loon and scratch the sh$t out of yr lovely DS screen? I love Indiana Jones and would of bought a version but I really dont want to use the wiimote like a whip and so on, I want to kick back and play games like this, thats why I bought the cube version of Twilight Princess.
There are plenty of games which give you the option to use a classic controller. kudos to those companys that do so.



D00M commented on Review: Yoshi's Island DS (DS):

I traded it in, It comes no-where close to the first one. It's almost as bad as a fan boy remake.
The character swaps are dull and pointless, the level designs were boring & uninspired and trying to grab red coins annoyed the living crap out of me, at least in the first game you had a chance of grabbing red coins and then if you didn't grab them all you had a better chance next time, this one? GAMEFAQS...>

If you love the first game, don't even bother with this one. seriously.
It's insulting & just a cash in.



D00M commented on Review: The Revenge of Shinobi (Virtual Consol...:

This is the best Shinobi out there, and that includes the arcade version. Shinobi III has it's moments (jet-powered surfboard) but never comes close. Took me a long time to finish it back in the day unlike #3 and I even recieved a medal for it, presented by the Queen herself.



D00M commented on Boulder Dash:

Excellent release and a classic C64 game, the sound effects bring back fond memories



D00M commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

@BlackFira, There was a cheat on that last level so you could grenade 006 through a shed, Worked on all difficulty levels too, so opening up those sweet bonus levels were a breeze:)



D00M commented on EU VC Update - Samurai Shodown II:

C'mon, You really believe Pitstop 2 holds up these days compared to other C64 games? How about some Monty Mole, or ATF, Bolderdash, The Batman games, Dizzy series. Do I need to go on?
So yeah, thats me disregarding the C64...



D00M commented on EU VC Update - Samurai Shodown II:

Yay! Another beat em up...:S

Can we please have something different from shooters and beat em ups? Who the hell is in charge of putting VC games out? Sounds like two people, A beat em up maniac and a dribbling moron who's never heard of C64 before.
How about a N64 FPS? Turok 1 & 2 would do nicely, I'm not even going to hold out hope for Doom 64...
Or how about Pilot wings? or a SNES decent platformer? The amount of classic games on C64, and they put out crud like Pitstop 2...
I haven't bought a VC game in months too, I'm temped by Splatter House 2 but I know how hard it is, so thats wasted money.

Rant over and congrats for those waiting for SShowdown 2.



D00M commented on Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou:

D/L this last night, I wasn't going to till I found it was the same version I played in the ye olde arcades.
Man, it's tough...till I found the option screen o_O



D00M commented on The Last Ninja:

I'll prolly give it a miss, which is a shame because the music on that video is awesome.
The C64 had such a great soundchip...



D00M commented on The Last Ninja:

I'd like to know how this plays with the classic controller, and in terms of difficulty, how does this rate? what game can it compared to?
Also, more ninja games please :TG-16 Shinobi arcade and Revenge of Shinobi for Genesis/Megadrive



D00M commented on Japan To Get Dracula X And Metal Slug Next Tue...:

I'm sure I can hear the sound of mocking laughter from Japan

And if you need RoB so bad, I suggest forking out for the PSP version while you wait. If you're into Castlevania that bad, chances are you'll have it already.



D00M commented on Renegade:

Dazza, I think it was one of the best scrolling beat-em up's on the Speccy, It had great levels, and if you were lucky enough to have it for the 128k it loaded all in one go and had excellent music.
Loved the car park level with the bikes/bikers (Can't beat a flying kick to a speeding bike!) and the level with those annoying dogs.

One of the few Speccy games I finished



D00M commented on Double Dragon:

Double Dragon for the Megadrive/Genesis instead please.



D00M commented on Renegade:

We need Target Renegade for the Spectrum 128k



D00M commented on US VC Releases - 14th April - Mega Turrican:

I thought Ninty's plan was to release decent VC games when Wii releases dry up? So why did EU get 4 games on Friday when MKWii came out? Don't you think it would of made sense for EU and NA to get SNES Mario Kart in case people couldn't afford MKWii?
And yeah MKWii is great but really it's not that groundbreaking, Most of the new tracks are meh...



D00M commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2008:

What was so bad about the PSP version of RoB? The remake was beautiful and it had the original version on there as well.
The only thing bad on that UMD was the butchered version of SoTN.
Regardless, this is great news and I can't wait to download RoB



D00M commented on WiiWare microtransactions - good or bad thing?:

Rather just have the whole package rather than drip fed to us.
I don't mind games being delayed if there're adding more stuff to it, but paying for content that really should of came with/or could be unlocked it is kind of a F U to gamers.

I hope the trend stops.



D00M commented on Konami to bring us WiiWare goodness?:

Another Castlevania whore here too so...Yes please! Castlevania and Gradius content will delight me in several strange but erotic ways.
How about releasing some Castlevania Anime on the channel? huh? huh?

And dont give Iga ideas Kenryoku, The SotN remake on the PSP is dreadful



D00M commented on Super Turrican:

Yup, great music if you can hear it above the sound of the carnage
Awesome game all round though, The 2nd one is too on rails for me so I'm sticking with this one and waiting for the Amiga versions.



D00M commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

I just remembered a series of games for C64 that I would pick up.

Monty Mole...I played the living crap out of Auf Wiedersehen Monty on the spectrum 128+ (it had music while playing! wooo)

And another vote for Turrican, though I would prefer the Amiga versions.



D00M commented on EU VC Releases - 1st February - Adventures of ...:

Damn, I have 2900 points waiting for a decent game...least the wife will happy with Lolo 2 :S

I know how you feel saturnkid, I couldnt wait anymore so I recently bought a PSP just to play Rondo of Blood (Dracula X chronicles)
(will still buy when/if it turns up on VC)



D00M commented on Wii Neo Geo Joystick Coming in April:

Nice, I just hope we get something like that for N64 games,
I found the classic controller terrible for StarFox64, so much in fact I haven't gone back to playing it and regret my purchase, I had no problem with it using a N64 pad back in the day either.

So, fingers crossed for a N64 pad, I can't see the N64 FPS games working very well without it, I believe this could be the reason why there are NO FPS from the N64 catalogue on the VC.
I wants some Turok 1 & 2 and Doom 64...



D00M commented on Super Castlevania IV:

Best Castlevania on the VC at the moment, Though It might lose it's crown when Castlevania 3 finally appears.
Even though I prefer the Metroidvanias, This is pretty high up on my all time favourites list.
One of the best Castlevania soundtracks, great graphics and top gameplay.
(Note to Konami, bring back the 8 way whipping!)




D00M commented on Adventures of Lolo:

Bought it for the wife, Cant stand it myself but she loves it.
Im no good at puzzle games, I get her to do the puzzles in other games too



D00M commented on ActRaiser:

Top game, owned it back in the day as well.
A remake on the DS would be great.