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Tue 15th Jul 2008

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CyclopsScott commented on Strong Bad's Homestar Ruiner Gets Release Date!:

I'm excited, but I'm eager to see what the compilation ends up as. Considering Sam & Max is 8.95 an episode and then all 6 releases on disc in the $30 price range, its kinda painful to think of the total of the installment vs the complete package. Still though, the Sam & Max games ARE fairly long per installment, so all the complaints over 1000 Wii Points, really there's nothing to worry about here, this will surely have quality and quantity both in spades.

I really hope the "buy them all, get it on disc later" offer applies to the Wii version too. Anyone got any info on that part?



CyclopsScott commented on Frat Party Games - Pong Toss:

It just really blows my mind that this is a simulation for throwing balls into cups. Really, I'm sure that for 8 bucks (the price of the download) you could hit up a dollar store and get some plastic cups and balls or something to toss, and play it for real. Unlike MLE (which is way way way more deep than I'd anticipated) this just is way basic seeming.



CyclopsScott commented on Super C:

Weird that Contra isn't out yet but this is, but honestly I always prefered Super C anyway.



CyclopsScott commented on Sin and Punishment:

Quite curious about this one, but it really just seems to stand out as a shooter... which doesn't seem worth the 12 bucks from my perspective.



CyclopsScott commented on World Games:

A HUGE favourite along with California Games. Epyx really was amazing back in the day.



CyclopsScott commented on Review: Major League Eating: The Game:

I actually downloaded this and found it surprisingly good. The minigames aren't all that bad, though yeah they are distracting, but what frustrates me is if you want to pick up and play, its always starting from scratch it seems. I'd like to be able to attempt specific foods instead of the fighter style format, but I get that that is the idea but still...

One major thing is it isn't gross... yeah there's farts and burps but its way way way cartoony and really, if that still grosses you out, well, not much I can say to defend it at that point.



CyclopsScott commented on JV Games Interview - Pong Toss:

What I find worrysome is their saying "this version" won't have internet capabilities, and follow that up with no plans of add-on content. So... Pong Toss 2 will have the online I take it instead of patching the game that should have had it in the first place. Bah.