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  • News Latest New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Challenge Packs Confirmed For Europe And North America

    Available to download right now!

    This morning it was announced that Japan would be getting two new downloadable challenge packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2, and during Nintendo Direct it was confirmed that Europe and North America can also join in on the fun immediately. This third set of DLC contains two packs, both designed especially for Coin...

  • News Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Drop Into Q2 2013

    Localisation and development to blame

    During today's Nintendo Direct broadcasts in North America and Europe, Nintendo showed fairly brief glimpses of Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with the Wii U title getting a little longer to flex its HD muscles. There was disappointing news, however, as Nintendo of Europe boss Satoru Shibata confirmed...

  • News Fire Emblem: Awakening Hitting North America 4th February 2013

    Release date confirmed during Nintendo Direct

    The highly-anticipated 3DS strategy RPG Fire Emblem: Awakening is coming to North America on 4th February, it has been revealed. The all-important date was disclosed during today's North American Nintendo Direct presentation. During the video, great care was taken to explain the game's relationship...

  • Nintendo Direct Watch The North American Presentation Live

    Wii U and 3DS titles to be revealed?

    Japan has had its turn, now it time for North America to get the Nintendo Direct treatment. At 9AM PT (12PM ET) Nintendo of America will hold yet another Nintendo Direct presentation, focusing on forthcoming Wii U and 3DS software due to be released both this year and early in 2013. The event will last for around...

  • Nintendo Direct Watch The European Presentation Live

    Find out what's in store for European gamers in 2013

    Following on from this morning's Japanese presentation and running alongside the North American event, Europe's Nintendo Direct is taking place at 5PM UK time. On the agenda are Wii U and 3DS titles for the remainder of 2012 and early 2013. As always, we'll be providing comments as the event...

  • News River City Ransom Sequel Punching Its Way To Japanese 3DS eShop This Month

    Villain Riku becomes the hero

    The WiiWare sequel may be on hold, but that doesn't mean that 3DS gamers won't get their fix of River City Ransom in 2012. Arc System Works is launching a spin-off title for the Japanese 3DS eShop called Riki Densetsu. As the title suggests ("Densetsu" means "Legend" in Japanese), the game will focus on series...

  • News Two More New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Challenge Packs Available In Japan

    Mega mushrooms and moving platforms galore

    New Super Mario Bros. U may be taking all the limelight at the moment, but it’s been revealed today that its portable cousin New Super Mario Bros. 2 will now receive two new DLC challenge packs in Japan. The first is a three-star rated pack known as C Pack, or Challenge Pack #7, and sees you traverse...

  • Nintendo Direct Watch The Japanese Wii U Presentation Live

    Covering the Wii U launch in Japan

    You may not realise it, but the Wii U hasn't actually launched in its native Japan yet. Us lucky westerners may already be knee-deep in Mario, ZombiU and Miiverse, but in the Land of the Rising Sun the system doesn't hit store shelves until the 8th of December. While the Nintendo Direct presentations for North...

  • News Wii U And 3DS Firmware Updates Go Live

    "Further improvements to overall system stability"

    Nintendo has pushed out firmware updates to its Wii U and 3DS consoles. In the case of both updates, Nintendo states that they offer "further improvements to overall system stability". This is the second update for the Wii U, following the 1GB install which occurs when new systems are switched on...

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    Review Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

    I want to play a game

    You wake up in a sealed metal bunker, surrounded by strangers, an odd bracelet secured around your wrist. You're told that there's only one way to escape: earn a certain number of points by participating in a deadly game with and against your fellow prisoners. But who can you rely on? Can you pick out allies from enemies? Would...

  • News Register Paper Mario: Sticker Star On Club Nintendo To Receive An A-peel-ing Sticker Book

    Limited to 10,000 copies

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star will finally arrive on European shelves — and of course in the 3DS eShop — this Friday, and Nintendo of Europe has cooked up a little reward to give you even more of an incentive to pick it up. This motivation comes with a glorious sticker book that will be available on Club Nintendo if you...

  • News Nintendo Unfolds Paper Mario Visual History

    It's so pretty

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star is days away in Europe and has been available in North America for a few weeks, and represents the first venture of the flat Mario onto a handheld. It's the fourth entry of a series over a decade old, meanwhile, games with enough RPG elements and dialogue to require a bit more development time than a...

  • News This Week's European Nintendo Direct To Focus On Wii U And 3DS Games

    2012 and beyond

    Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that a Nintendo Direct presentation will take place on the 5th December (that's tomorrow). The presentation will occur at 5PM UK time and will focus on 2012 and "early 2013" software for the Wii U and 3DS. It will be hosted by Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata. As always, we'll be covering...

  • News Wii U Titles Make Début in UK Top 20

    Early beginnings for a small install base

    It may be tempting to read the headline that Wii U titles are just in the top 20 of the UK software charts and wheel out the "Nintendo is doomed" line, as anything other than number one is a disaster of epic proportions. Of course, that's not how the real retail world operates, and the early results for Wii...

  • Feature Your Guide to a Nintendo Holiday

    Christmas time, Mario and Trine...

    It's Christmas time, and we all know what that means — rapidly depleting bank accounts, lots of food and merriment, and plenty of video gaming. The Holiday season actually means different things depending on your own perspective, of course, but to many it's a great opportunity to spend time with family and...

  • News Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Has a Pre-Order Bonus In The U.S.

    Exclusive to GameStop

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate is set to be released in early 2013 on 3DS, so Konami and GameStop have cooked up a little treat for those who pre-order the game in the United States. Yes, if you head down to your local GameStop and pre-order the game you'll receive a nice little case for your trusty 3DS -...


  • News Crimson Shroud Confirmed for 13th December Release On 3DS eShop

    Third Guild01 titles gets a confirmed date

    Level-5 has confirmed that Yasumi Matsuno's Crimson Shroud will launch on the North American and European 3DS eShop on 13th December. This is the third game to be taken from the Japan-only Guild01 collection, with Liberation Maiden and Aero Porter having already made the jump to the west. The fourth game...

  • News Wii U Wasn't The Only Nintendo Hardware Launch In Europe This Month

    We go hands-on with the gorgeous white 3DS XL

    Nintendo doesn't do things by halves. November may mark the release month of the Wii U console in Europe, but that hasn't stopped the company from pushing out another piece of tech in the same time period. Today marks the release of the white 3DS XL Super Mario 3D Land bundle in Europe, which...

  • Nintendo Download 29th November 2012 (North America)

    Should you drag yourself away from your Wii U for these downloads?

    While Europe readies itself for the Wii U and North America enjoys yet another week with the new system, the Nintendo Download roller-coaster continues. There's not a great deal to choose from this time, we're afraid - but then again, you're probably still enjoying New Super Mario...

  • News Latest Iwata Asks Episode Reveals Why Paper Mario Sticker Star Abandoned RPG Elements

    It was all Miyamoto’s idea!

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star takes a bit of a step away from previous iterations of the game in that many RPG elements are missing. This is something that has divided opinion throughout the Paper Mario fanbase and it’s been revealed Shigeru Miyamoto is to blame. During the latest Iwata Asks, President of Nintendo Satoru...

  • Talking Point Nintendo Shrinks Prices and Consoles

    It's all about the money, mini, money

    When we first reported the rumour of a Wii Mini, we made the mistake of including a slightly mocking tagline that referred to flying pigs. With the existing Wii models already selling at such low prices, the concept of Nintendo arranging the manufacturing, packaging and advertising for a new model this late in...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Surpasses One Million Sales

    E.X. Troopers has an underwhelming start

    When Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released in Japan, demand was so high that physical copies of the game sold out, while eShop download sales returned some rather impressive results. Subsequent weeks have remained solid, with the latest Media Create results showing that the title has passed the one million...

  • News Mario Kart 7 3DS XL Bundle Confirmed for North America

    Rumour drifts into truth

    Less than 24 hours ago we reported two fresh 3DS rumours, which involved a standard model price cut and a new XL bundle. It didn't take long for one of them to be confirmed by Nintendo, with Holiday shoppers set to be tempted by a blue 3DS XL that also includes Mario Kart 7. As previously reported, this bundle will have a...

  • News Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3DS XL Owners

    Download delights

    Club Nintendo is a nice extra for Nintendo gamers, though we imagine there are a few that don't necessarily bother to go through the process of logging in and completing surveys for all of their game or hardware purchases. That may change due to a handsome new promotion for 3DS XL, as Nintendo of Europe is offering a free retail...

  • News New Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Teaser Trailer Emerges

    Journey to a faraway land

    The highly anticipated Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan will be available in North America on February 26th 2013 in both packaged form and digitally through the 3DS eShop. Atlus, the game’s developer, has now revealed a new English teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure. The game sees you venture off to an...

  • Rumour 3DS Gearing Up For Another Price Drop

    Not quite as drastic this time

    Today's confirmation of Wii Mini, initially in Canada alone, is an intriguing move that is as surprising as it is creative. After all, our very first report of the rumour had a cheeky tagline referring to flying pigs; consider it a lesson learned, never underestimate Nintendo logic. Rumours of a fresh 3DS price drop...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. 2 Players Have Snagged Over 300 Billion Coins

    Nintendo Direct delivers the happy news, DLC launched to celebrate

    Nintendo Japan released a new Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday in which president Satoru Iwata announced that over 300 billion coins had been collected by New Super Mario Bros. 2 players worldwide. To mark the proud occasion, a DLC level pack has been made available free of...

  • News Wii U Shifts 400K Units in Début Week

    It's "essentially sold out of retail"

    Nintendo's revealed its sales results to incorporate the Wii U launch and the Black Friday festivities, with NoA COO Reggie Fils-Aime weighing in with the company's perspective in an interview with CNET. Nintendo's total hardware sales — according to internal data — hit around 1.2 million units in the U.S.,...

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    Review Real Heroes Firefighter 3D

    Burnt out

    A review of a game involving putting out fires wouldn’t be a review of a game involving putting out fires without some sort of nod to Sega’s classic Saturn extinguish-‘em-up Burning Rangers. So here it is: Burning Rangers was ace. Real Heroes Firefighter 3D on the other hand, is not. Maybe that’s an unfair comparison, given that...

  • News New Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Trailer Points the Finger

    More puzzling gameplay details solved

    Capcom and Level-5 have revealed more details about the gameplay in the latest trailer for upcoming crossover title Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. The game will feature a combination of elements from both series, switching between Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. Layton’s segments will see the player...

  • News Resident Evil Revelations Jumping Ship To PS3?

    Any port in a storm

    According to a Korean Ratings Board, the 3DS survival horror classic Resident Evil Revelations is making the jump to the big screen, but not on Nintendo's Wii U as you might reasonably expect - it's apparently coming to the PS3 instead. "Revelations has something to offer Resi fans old and new – there are few experiences on...

  • Events The Paper Mario Pop Up Diner

    Anything but flat

    Wii U may be releasing in Europe in just over a week, but that didn’t stop Nintendo UK yesterday from reminding everyone that Paper Mario: Sticker Star is on its way to 3DS on 7th December in Europe. Already released in North America — and seemingly going down well with the critics — it was only fair that those of us across...

  • News Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Dated For North America

    Plus a nifty pre-order bonus

    Atlus has lifted the lid on a release date for Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan; it will be hitting shelves in North America on 26th February 2013, and will also be available as an eShop download. Those of you that decide to pre-order a retail copy will also be treated to a limited edition art book and music CD...

  • Rumour SEGA Looking To Bring Classic Titles To 3DS eShop

    Space Harrier coming first?

    The 3DS eShop is the perfect place for old favourites from yesteryear to gain a new lease of life, and rumour has it SEGA has made plans to port some of its biggest classic titles to the service. According to gamer.ne.jp, SEGA is bringing the extremely popular arcade title Space Harrier to the 3DS in what will be known...

  • News Wii U on Plenty of U.S. Christmas Lists

    The kids are alright

    With the Holiday season upon us, there are a number of gadgets vying to be the hottest attraction for shoppers, with Wii U doing its best to join in. Of course, so much money at this time of year is spent on kids, and according to surveys conducted by research firm Nielson, Wii U is high on a lot of wishlists. Of those...

  • News Nintendo Brings Heat to Black Friday With Flame Red 3DS Deal

    Includes Super Mario 3D Land on the system

    The Black Friday weekend is almost upon us, an annual shopping frenzy in North America that's gradually creeping into retailers in other territories. Naturally, companies are seeking attention and offering tasty deals to part you from your cash, and Nintendo's no different. It's been confirmed that,...

  • News Colors! 3D Receiving Update Before The New Year

    A new kind of social network

    There have been a fair amount of artistic games released for 3DS since its arrival, and one of the more impressive applications around has been Colors! 3D. It's a tool which allows you to paint on five different layers to create a three dimensional painting that, with a bit of practice, can look good enough to hang on...

  • Feature The Making Of Myst

    We speak to one half of the Miller brothers about its creation

    Few video games have the ability to polarise opinion quite as sharply as Myst. When it hit shop shelves back in 1993 many critics scoffed at the sedate gameplay and predicted that few people would want to sit through a game that was little more than an ‘interactive...

  • News Soccer Up 3D Screens Viewable Via This Handy QR Code

    Cameras at the ready

    EnjoyUp Games has been busy in recent weeks releasing titles such as La Mulana on WiiWare and Abyss on DSiWare. Its next project is Soccer Up 3D, which as you may have guessed makes the leap onto the 3DS eShop. Soccer Up! has previously been released on WiiWare but obviously didn’t include any 3D visuals. Helpfully, EnjoyUp...

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    Review Puzzler World 2012 3D

    Puzzles, puzzles everywhere

    Puzzler is a big name in the world of pencil-and-paper puzzle compendiums, and Ideas Pad has been bringing the license to the digital age since 2008. Puzzler World 2012 3D is the first 3DS title following a long line of DS games, including the recently reviewed DSiWare release Puzzler World XL. While there haven't been...

  • News 3DS Passes Eight Million Sales in Japan

    Turning over a new leaf

    When it comes to keeping the accountants and shareholders happy, Nintendo can always point to its 3DS sales in Japan. While there's undoubtedly improvement needed in North America and, particularly, Europe when it comes to sales figures for the handheld, Nintendo's homeland consistently shows healthy sales that simply blow...

  • News Gorgeous New Fire Emblem: Awakening Art Book Coming To Japan

    More than just a stocking filler

    The lucky citizens of Japan have been playing the epic 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening since April now, while in North America and Europe release details are still sketchy at best – sometime in 2013. As if gamers in Nintendo's homeland weren't fortunate enough, it’s now been revealed that Japan will be getting...

  • News Rabbids Rumble Launch Trailer Fights For Attention

    In case you missed out on your daily dose of crazy

    Rabbids Rumble, the newest entry in the Raving Rabbids series, was released yesterday for the 3DS in North America, and is due out on November 16th in Europe. To kick off its launch, Ubisoft has released a launch trailer which should provide you with your daily (or weekly) dose of sheer insanity...

  • News Kick Off With PES 2013 On 3DS This Month

    Another one for all you football fanatics

    Konami has announced that PES 2013 will make its European Nintendo 3DS debut this month on November 30th. The yearly football hit hopes to bring its A-game to the handheld to compete with its rival FIFA 13. It exclusively makes use of the UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores competitions, and allows...

  • News LEGO Lord Of The Rings Dated For 3DS, Wii And DS In Europe

    Three games to rule them all

    November is looking to be quite an expensive month for European Nintendo gamers, what with the Wii U just around the corner and titles such as Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion and Rabbids Rumble on the horizon. It's not about to get any easier, either - amid all this money spending madness, Warner Bros. has decided...

  • Interview The Team Behind Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    We speak to the team behind the biggest 3DS title this Christmas

    The dust has barely settled on our Paper Mario: Stick Star review, but we're far from finished with Mario's latest handheld outing. Prior to launch we were lucky enough to speak with director Mr Naohiko Aoyama (Intelligent Systems), director and scenario writer Mr Taro Kudo (Vanpool)...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Already Sold Out In Japan

    Iwata reassures fans on Twitter

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf is one of the most anticipated games in the West right now, with fans of the series foaming at the mouth at the prospect of becoming the mayor of their own little town in 2013. Japanese gamers have had the game for a few days now, and it appears they loved it so much it has already sold...

  • Competition Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS) Giveaway

    Win a 3DS and a copy of Paper Mario: Sticker Star! (UK residents only)

    To celebrate the launch of Paper Mario: Sticker Star we've teamed up with Nintendo to bring you a very special Letter Box competition. Up for grabs is a brand new 3DS XL Console with a copy of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, wahoo! Two runners up will also receive a copy of the game;...

  • News Europe Is Getting White And Pikachu Yellow 3DS XL Consoles Before The Year Is Out

    Dreaming of a white Christmas

    It seemed as if poor old Europe was on Nintendo's naughty list this year seeing as it has missed out on several limited edition 3DS XL consoles - like the Charizard and Animal Crossing models exclusive to Japan - but thankfully this is not the case as Nintendo has revealed two new colours will arrive in Europe just in...

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    Review The Trash Pack

    Truth in advertising

    Are you a fan of the Trash Pack toyline? Your answer to that question dictates whether or not you'll find anything of value in The Trash Pack for 3DS, as there's nothing noteworthy about this release apart from its connection to that franchise. The Trash Pack forgoes story altogether and presents you, simply, with a menu. From...

  • Developer Interview Shin'en Multimedia on Nintendo, eShop Development, 3DS and Wii U

    Blasting onto eShop

    With the 3DS eShop continuing to grow, and the Wii U equivalent already shaping up with an increasingly encouraging range of confirmed titles, there’s plenty of positivity around Nintendo’s download offerings. Like any platform it still has its detractors and issues, such as the occasional broken mess on the release schedule...

  • News Nintendo Executive Describes Rise of Tablet Gaming as "Undeniable"

    Believes these devices can be "allies"

    In recent years Nintendo has continually faced the threat of smartphones and tablet devices to its handheld systems, though the Wii U GamePad's inclusion of its own touch screen is now attracting similar comparisons. It's not always a popular topic amongst Nintendo gamers, but the rise in popularity of gaming...

  • Out Now Animal Crossing: New Leaf Starts Life in Japan

    Time to get envious

    So, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out now in Japan, released on 8th November. Once we got over the irritation of discovering that we were a day late, we thought we'd look at what we know so far, point you to previous articles that have stacks of information, compile some nice gameplay footage and look at the reaction to the game...

  • News Yasumi Matsuno Steps Away From Level-5

    Taking a well deserved - but not permanent - break

    It has been announced that Yatsumi Matsuno has left Level-5, the developers behind the Professor Layton series. Matsuno tweeted to his followers that he was retiring from the company due to personal reasons which he didn't state. Matsuno had only joined Level-5 in June last year and had been...

  • News 3DS Continues Hardware Sales Dominance in Japan

    Sony platforms dominate software, however

    The 3DS LL (or XL, as it is known over here) saw a massive sales spike in Japan last week, jumping from the previous week's total of 38,089 to 63,993 units sold, according to the latest chart information. It was followed by the standard 3DS model, which racked up just under half of its larger counterpart's...

  • News Shantae And The Pirate's Curse Announced For 3DS

    Your wish has been granted

    Brace yourselves, WayForward fans - the latest edition of Nintendo Power magazine (second to last, we should say) features the announcement of the 3DSWare title Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse on the front cover of the magazine, and is a direct sequel to Shantae: Risky's Revenge. Not too much information has been given...

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    Review Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    Stuck on you

    If there's one thing we can learn from its 3DS catalogue so far, it's that Nintendo is great at the safe sequel. Sure, there are out-there exceptions like Kid Icarus: Uprising, but by and large we've seen a whole lot of remakes or new entries in fan-favourite franchises that are more interested in paddling along leisurely than rocking...

  • News Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Bug Infects Save Data


    Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is a recent 3DS release that — though unlikely to be a big-seller — will have attracted a committed group of enthusiasts that enjoyed 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on DS. While a number of gamers are no doubt enjoying the experience and its many, many endings, it's emerged that a save-breaking...

  • News XSEED Hints at Rune Factory 4 Localisation

    The big tease

    The thing about developers and publishers being on social networks is that they have another means to poke and tease us gamers. Gone are the days of big announcements being exclusively in gaming magazines, and now we have pre-announcement hints of teasers. Still, it sure keeps us interested. The latest publisher to join in is XSEED,...

  • News Number-Crunching Reveals That Nintendo's Handheld Market Is "Stable"

    3DS matching the sales performance of both the GBA and Nintendo DS

    Lots of industry experts are arguing that the expansion of mobile phone and tablet gaming is having an impact on the fortunes of dedicated games consoles like the 3DS, but Gamasutra's Matt Matthews has taken a closer look at the figures and found that the truth is somewhat different...

  • News Limited Edition Pink 3DS XL Available Online In North America

    Pretty in pink

    Nintendo of America has announced on its Twitter feed today the availability of the Pink 3DS XL. The cute coloured system is available in limited quantities, and you must be a member of the shopping site Gilt to purchase it. The Pink 3DS XL will come as part of two bundles - one with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and the...

  • News Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney to Receive Director's Cut DLC

    There's no objection from us

    Siliconera has reported that Level-5 is planning to release a director's cut in downloadable content form for its upcoming puzzle adventure crossover, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. The DLC, which will be available some time after the game releases in Japan on 29th November, features an unedited script of the...

  • News Exclusive Chinese 3DS XL Models Revealed

    Feast your eyes on these bad boys

    Distributor of Nintendo products in China, iQue, have revealed 3 gorgeous 3DS XL models which will launch this December 2012 exclusively for the region. No price tag has been put on the models as of yet. Below you can check out the 3 models: Mario White, Mario Silver and Mario Red & Gold (Limited Edition),...

  • News Castlevania: Mirror of Fate's Vocal Talent Has a Scottish Ring To It

    Meet the actors behind the Belmont clan

    As well as releasing a swanky new trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, Konami has given a few more details on the basic story, as well as revealing the actors who will be lending their vocal talents to the game. Mirror of Fate focuses on Simon and Trevor Belmont, who - in the...


  • News Castlevania: Mirror of Fate 3DS Trailer Appears Just In Time For Halloween

    Whip-cracking fun

    It's all about the timing. Konami has released a new trailer for its forthcoming 3DS adventure Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate - and guess what? Today is Halloween. What a spooky coincidence. The new trailer showcases the game's combination of whip-based action and platform exploration, and long-time fans of the...

  • News Nintendo Offering Real Gold To The Top New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Collector

    Real gold, you say?

    The crazy fellows over at Nintendo Germany are offering a solid gold coin — worth about €220 — to the country's gamer that's collected the most coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2 by 31st December 2012. It began with a small campaign, in which those that surpassed the one million mark and provided evidence would be awarded...

  • News Sin And Punishment Developer Treasure Working On 3DS Exclusive

    3D action shooter inbound

    Veteran studio Treasure - the team behind the amazing Sin and Punishment: Star Successor - has confirmed that it is working on a 3DS exclusive. Speaking to UK magazine gamesTM, Treasure CEO Masato Maegawa revealed the exciting news: We are making a new game on Nintendo 3DS now. Not multiplatform, but exclusive to 3DS...

  • Podcast NLFM Episode 23: Revenge of the Halloween Hootenanny

    Best served as cold as a corpse

    Grab your bluntest instruments and aim for the head because NLFM has risen from its grave for the third annual Halloween Hootenanny! More spooky, more sinister and more deathly, this episode is best listened to in a dark castle dungeon while eating raw pumpkins. Failing that, anywhere else will do. 1. Masanao...

  • News Dragon Quest VII Set to Venture Onto 3DS

    If in doubt, release a re-make

    While Dragon Quest X for Wii U was shown off recently during a Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast — though it's already been released on Wii in the Land of the Rising Sun — Square Enix hasn't yet finished re-releasing earlier entries in the series. According to JUMP magazine, at least. A scanned page from the...

  • News The Race To Be Australia's Fastest Mario Kart 7 Family Is On

    Get ready

    Think you've got what it takes to become the fastest Mario Kart 7 family across Australia? If the answer is yes then start your engines, as Nintendo is on a mission to find those who can prove they are the very best on the racetrack. There are some truly excellent prizes to be won: a Nintendo 3DS™ XL console signed by Charles Martinet,...

  • News Elminage Gothic Is Dungeon Crawling To The Nintendo 3DS

    Remixed and renewed

    Starfish's dungeon crawler Elminage Gothic is coming to the 3DS in 2013. A remix of the PSP edition, the developer hasn't yet said how this new version will differ from the original. It's not the first time the series has graced a Nintendo portable - Elminage DS Remix came out a while back in Japan, and was an update of a...

  • Nintendo Download 1st November 2012 (Europe)

    Monsters, samurai, spaceships and dragons

    It's that time again when we cross our fingers and hope for some downloadable treats from Nintendo, hoping against hope that we aren't subjected to tricks instead. This week is a mixed bag, with promising, awful and mystery downloads available across all platforms, so let's get to it. 3DS Download: Monster...

  • News Project X Zone Struggles At Japanese Retail

    Crossover RPG limps to 100,000 copies

    Namco Bandai's much-hyped tactical RPG Project X Zone isn't performing as well as expected in its native Japan, with just 12,450 sold during the week of Monday 15th October. That brings the game's total sales to 97,989 units since its launch a week before. In contrast, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has...

  • News Iwata: We Must Make Smart Devices Our Allies, Not Our Enemies

    Nintendo President addresses the rise of mobile in recent investor Q&A

    Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has spoken during an investor Q&A this week about the challenges Nintendo faces with mobile gaming on the rise. Iwata noted that devices like tablets and smartphones shouldn't be compared with traditional systems, as dedicated gaming...

  • News Professor Layton Puzzles His Way To Seventh Place in UK Charts

    Anything but puzzling

    According to UKIE's video games chart information for last week, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask has debuted in seventh place in the UK. The game, which is the fifth title in the beloved Professor Layton series, was released last Friday (26th October) in Europe, and has been warmly received by critics. While seventh...

  • News n-Space Not Happy With Heroes Of Ruin Sales Figures

    Sales were ruined

    n-Space co-founder Dan O'Leary has admitted that sales for Heroes of Ruin on the Nintendo 3DS have been very disappointing. The game was released for Europe in June and for North America in July, but the dungeon-crawler didn't captivate the hearts of many. We’re not satisfied with the sales. The 3DS attach rate is…...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Not Have "Unwholesome" Paid DLC

    No 99 cent purchases from Tom Nook, then

    Nintendo's spent a fair bit of time and effort this year taking steps forward in its download business on 3DS, with one notable area being in-game paid DLC. It's not as if extra add-on content is entirely new for the big N in 2012, but its profile undoubtedly increased with Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and...

  • News New 3DS Sizzle Reels Show Their Wares

    Upbeat music included

    After yesterday's Nintendo Direct broadcast, we've seen a gradual release of trailers to show some of the biggest titles on the way. We've already enjoyed juicy footage from some prominent retail games, but we reckon that plenty of people still enjoy some good old-fashioned sizzle reels. Sometimes one game per trailer isn't...

  • News Prize Awarded To Brave Knight Who Completed Ghosts 'n Goblins On 3DS

    Capcom gave a Halloween challenge

    Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins hits the North American 3DS eShop this week, and it's sure to have many gamers throwing their consoles at walls in disgust - not because it's a bad game (far from it) but because it's harder than Arnold Schwarzenegger in a suit of titanium armour. So legendary is this game's toughness...

  • News Charizard 3DS XL Blasting Its Way To Japan

    A thing of beauty

    The Pokémon Company released a special Pikachu themed 3DS XL last month in Japan; now it has another similar Pokémon-themed 3DS XL coming soon, this one featuring Charizard. You're going to need a Masterball to catch this one, as it won't be so easy to obtain. Between 3rd November and 26th November, at Pokémon Center shops...

  • News 3DS eShop Title The Denpa Men 2 Is Coming To The West

    Skin tight delight

    The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave developer Genius Sonority has confirmed that the Japanese sequel will be localised for western markets. Speaking to Siliconera before the recent release of The Denpa Men 2 in Japan, Genius Sonority president Manabu Yamana revealed the good news: Yes, we are releasing Denpa Men 2 on the Japanese...

  • News Paper Mario, Fire Emblem and Rayman Legends Get New Trailers

    Now with 100% more Lums, goats, and arrows!

    Yesterday, Nintendo of America broadcasted a new Nintendo Direct, which focused specifically on upcoming 3DS titles and software. We already posted the brand new trailer to the newly-named Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but Nintendo also released fresh trailers for

  • News Nintendo Download Sales Increase With 3DS

    Online connectivity rate also on the rise

    With plenty of information coming out of Nintendo's recent financial results and briefings, one particularly positive outcome is confirmation that the company's download sales are increasing for the first time since 2010. Considering the fact that Wii and DSi are on the decline due to newer systems, the...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Turns Over Some New Footage

    Prepare to spend a lot of time on 3DS

    As part of today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, it was confirmed that the new Animal Crossing title due to arrive on 3DS next year will be called Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It seems like an apt title as the new entry will, of course, introduce new features and mayoral duties. There was a decent amount of new...

  • News Liberation Maiden Bringing the Fight to North America Right Now

    Reggie brings the good news

    Announced in today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, SUDA51's Liberation Maiden is now available in the 3DS eShop. This title arrived in Europe after a similar broadcast earlier this month, bringing its brand of shooting action and quirky storyline to the handheld. As expected, this is part of the plan to release three of the...

  • Nintendo Direct Watch The North American Presentation Live

    Tune in

    Nintendo of American is holding a Nintendo Direct presentation today at 7AM PT. You can watch the live feed right here. The video is expected to last around 30 minutes. Expect news relating to new 3DS titles, with a look at what the system has in store for 2013.

  • News Nintendo Reveals Its Version of iTunes For 3DS

    Music to our ears

    Nintendo has unveiled a new partnership with RecoChoku today during its Japanese Nintendo Direct which finally brings a music store to the 3DS console. The service is scheduled to begin this December in Japan, and looks set to be Nintendo's take on iTunes for your 3DS. RecoChoku has one million songs in its catalogue and 3DS users...

  • News Two New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC Level Packs For Japan Today

    The Coin Rush lives on

    Two New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC level packs will be available in Japan today after being announced during the Nintendo Direct broadcast. Both packs will be sold for 200 Yen. The first set of levels is known as the Gold Mushroom pack and will see the player collect valuable - wait for it - Gold Mushrooms. The second Challenge...

  • News Nintendo Releases Updated Global Release Schedule

    Time to mark your calenders!

    Nintendo has published an updated release schedule for all its big upcoming Wii U and 3DS games. Back in August, Luigi's Mansion 2 was listed for a 2013 release back in August but now we have a more definite release window for the spooky sequel. It's also good to see that Brain Age: Concentration Training is definitely...

  • Nintendo Direct Watch The Japanese Presentation Live

    Live analysis provided at no additional cost

    Nintendo of Japan will host a new Nintendo Direct presentation today at 8PM JST (around 4AM PST for North American readers, and 12PM BST for those of you in UK). The presentation is expected to focus on both the Wii U and 3DS, and will last around an hour. It will be followed by a selection of trailers...

  • News Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots Stomp Into View

    Monster mash

    To neatly complement this morning's news regarding the European release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, here's a large helping of Monster Hunter 4 goodness in the form of 24 entirely fresh screenshots, issued by those lovely folks at Capcom Japan. The 3DS exclusive is due to launch in Japan in March next year, with a western release...

  • News North American Nintendo Direct To Air on 25th October

    Come and spend some time with Reggie

    It might be a little late for the announcement, but Nintendo of America has announced a new Nintendo Direct broadcast, which is set to air tomorrow at 7am Pacific / 9am Central / 10am Eastern / 3pm British Standard and 4pm Central European time. As posted on its Facebook page, the stream will focus on upcoming...

  • News Penélope Cruz Has the Answer in Professor Layton Advert

    Cruz control

    Movie star, Oscar winner and one-time moustache-wearer Penélope Cruz has returned for another stint at Nintendo advertising, this time turning her considerable talents to Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. During a break in filming, Ms Cruz and her sister Monica are playing the latest entry in Level 5's puzzle series. Penélope...

  • Talking Point The Message in "I'm Not a Gamer" Commercials

    Word-play, or hiding from being a gamer?

    A little over a month ago we mentioned a new series of commercials that Nintendo was planning to run, which it described as the "Play As You Are" campaign. The goal of these adverts was to show "how all kinds of women and young girls can explore their interests and express their individuality using the...

  • News Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Running Onto The Japanese eShop

    Game Gear returns

    The Game Gear version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is coming to the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console next week. It'll be available for download on 31 October for 300 yen, so gamers in Nintendo's homeland can give themselves a treat this Halloween. This 8-bit version of the game was also released on the Sega Master System featuring...

  • News Japanese eBook Service Delayed For Nintendo 3DS

    Will be turning pages in the near future

    We reported last month that Librica was to launch a 3DS application - Bookstore Anywhere - for the 3DS this month in Japan. Sadly, it has since been confirmed that the service has been delayed. Librica has said the hold up is due to the team's desire to make further improvements to the app, and that a new...

  • News Iwata Asks Talks Up Style Savvy: Trendsetters as a Game For Everyone

    It's "like a fighting game! (laughs)"

    Style Savvy: Trendsetters is now available in North American stores and on the 3DS eShop, which may not be news to excite a large number of gamers. That said, we awarded this 8/10 in our review, suggesting that perhaps the theme shouldn't completely distract us from the quality of the gaming experience. We...

  • 53


    Review Style Savvy: Trendsetters

    They see me stylin', they hatin'

    What's the hottest new fashion trend this fall season? Nintendo's hoping it won't be cobalt leg-warmers or autumn florals, but rather their newly released 3DS fashion sim, Style Savvy: Trendsetters. With engaging collection and customization-based gameplay and classy production values, they've certainly got a good...

  • News Don't Worry Europe, You'll Be Getting NightSky Soon

    November to be exact

    To everyone's surprise, Nicalis announced over Twitter earlier today that NightSky will be coming to the EU eShop 'sometime in November'. The indie developer revealed that the game has already been approved by Nintendo of Europe. The game releases stateside this coming Thursday (25th October). The full tweet reads: Hey EU,...

  • Nintendo Download 25th October 2012 (Europe)

    Heavy Fire and Mighty Bomb Jack make for slim pickings - thank goodness for Layton

    Ouch. Not much in the way of downloadable goodness this week, with just three games available - all of which are 3DS-based and one of which is a retail download. Aside from some downloadable videos and a smattering of DLC, there's not much else to report. 3DS Retail...

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