Ever Oasis - News


  • Video Get Warmed Up for Ever Oasis With This Overview Trailer

    Monsters, desert, chaos, you know the drill

    Ever Oasis is shaping up to be an intriguing release on the 3DS - developed by Grezzo (a talented and reliable studio with credits including the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 3D re-releases) it is making positive impressions ahead of its 23rd June release. We recently gave it a whirl and were impressed...

  • First Impressions Exploring a New Land in Ever Oasis on 3DS

    A nice little spot in the shade

    Recently Nintendo hosted events in London and New York City, and we were fortunate enough to attend and grab a little bit of time with one of the 3DS’s lesser-hyped upcoming titles, Ever Oasis. For a game that launches in just over a month, we’ve heard and seen surprisingly little of Grezzo’s first independent...


  • E3 2016 Nintendo Reveals Ever Oasis for the 3DS

    Developed by Grezzo, Koichi Ishii is leading the project

    Nintendo has unveiled the New IP RPG / Adventure title for 3DS, and it's called Ever Oasis. In development by Grezzo (well known for the 3D Legend of Zelda remasters on 3DS, for example), the project is being led by Koichi Ishii. Ishii-san played a key role in early Final Fantasy titles, and...