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  • News Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition Gets a Retail Release Date

    amiibo support is a thing, too

    In one of those 'sure, why not' announcements, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the physical retail edition of Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition will arrive on 10th November. Interestingly, the box art also has an amiibo logo, which suggests the range will be supported in the game via an update - or it's...









  • News Steve Carell In Talks To Star In Forthcoming Minecraft Movie

    Kinda funny

    Funnyman Steve Carell is close to signing on for Warner's upcoming cinematic adaption of the popular video game Minecraft, according to Variety. Carell is perhaps most famous for starring in the American version of The Office, and has been in several big Hollywood movies since then, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Evan Almighty,...













  • News Minecraft Wii U Edition Classification Has Been Removed By PEGI

    Was it all a dream?

    Compared to retailer listings, classification boards are normally considered a reliable source when it comes to spotting upcoming video game releases. When a rating for Minecraft Wii U Edition surfaced via the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) page last week, the news seemed too good to be true when considering factors such...

  • News Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI

    A dream come true

    Minecraft is arguably the most influential video game of all-time. While the masterpiece where players create their own adventure and the world around them has graced multiple platforms over the past number of years since its initial release on PC, Mojang has unfortunately skipped Nintendo systems time and time again. When...



  • News Minecraft: Story Mode is Heading to Wii U

    At last... sort of

    Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon, starting on PC before going on to achieve incredible sales success on consoles; long after release console versions remain as ever-presents in the charts. The disappointment for Nintendo fans is that they've missed out; that's now about to change... sort of. Minecraft: Story Mode is an...



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    Wii U eShop

    Review Cube Life: Island Survival

    A summer blockbuster?

    For the past few months, multiple developers have been releasing their own clones of Minecraft in an effort to provide Nintendo gamers with the closest approximation to that source material as possible. Though the concept may seem simple initially, most developers have failed to recreate it in any meaningful way, with...

  • News Cube Life: Island Survival Confirmed for 25th June Release in Europe

    Cypronia highlights positive early reception in North America

    We now have a few games available - depending on your region - that are heavily influenced by Minecraft, seizing the day in the absence of Nintendo system ports of the best-selling title. The latest is Cube Life: Island Survival from Cypronia, which aims to provide both an open-world...









  • News Developer Hints At How Minecraft Could Shape Up On 3DS

    One for the optimists

    Minecraft and Nintendo — a suitable match that's never actually got together. With Nintendo's systems popular with young gamers and the Mojang game being a phenomenon loved by children — and adults too, of course — it seems like a perfect fit. That's particularly the case with the 3DS and its large userbase, while the Wii...




  • News Notch "Not Aware of Any Plans" for Minecraft on Wii U

    That'll be that, then...

    Earlier this week we shared a rumour that Minecraft was in development for Wii U, but urged that you take it with a bucket of salt. It originated from a claim based on an unnamed retail source, and while we wondered how a retailer would know that Mojang was working on Minecraft on Wii U development kits, it was certainly...

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