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  • News Mario Kart 7 Is Still Selling Like Hotcakes

    Wacky races

    While many pundits have declared that the 3DS is now officially dead with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's latest shareholder reports suggest that evergreen titles like Mario Kart 7 are still enjoying fantastic success. In the last financial year, it has been revealed that Mario Kart 7 shifted 1.21 million units across the...


  • Deals School's Out, Time For A New Nintendo 2DS XL Bargain Bundle

    New Nintendo 2DS XL + 3 Games for £129.99

    While the mighty Nintendo 3DS is almost ready to be put out to pasture, for families with young kids there has never been a better time to pick up one of these classic handhelds in order to make long car journeys pass without any drama. The New Nintendo 2DS XL is certainly the way to go with young 'uns –...









  • News Nintendo of America Confirms Another 2DS Bargain Bundle

    The one that hit Europe back in 2014

    Sometimes specific bundles and special editions take a while to hit various regions, but Nintendo of America wins the prize for one of the least expected 'catch ups' we've seen in a while. It's confirmed a 2DS bundle for the region, a version of which arrived in the same basic form in Europe way back in July...




  • News Japan Is Getting A Yellow And White 2DS This December

    With New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-installed

    Nintendo has confirmed that Japan is getting a new 2DS model this December. The rather fetching yellow and white model will come with New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-loaded and will retail for 12,938 Yen. Also included in the bundle are a 4GB SD card, AC adapter and the traditional 6 AR cards. The bundle...

  • News New 2DS Colours on the Way, Apparently Thanks to Luigi's Freakishly Stubby Fingers

    A useful insight into the workings of Nintendo of America

    The 2DS is likely to be a big part of Nintendo's marketing this Holiday season; it's the affordable option that can tempt newcomers while they consider releases like Pokémon Sun and Moon. Nintendo of America has now confirmed two new colour designs on the way, which swap the primary colours...

  • News Nintendo Hopes You'll Be Tickled Pink By Its Fashion Forward 2DS Bundle

    Fashion on the cheap

    We were rather impressed by Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward earlier this year; if you're the target audience, then it's well worth a look. In any case, those yet to jump into the 3DS generation - or looking for an affordable option for a child / loved one - have another option coming this week. A pink...



  • News 2DS Gets a Price Cut to $79.99 in North America

    Including options with Mario Kart 7

    The Nintendo 2DS has been a smart product, targeting parents with young children in particular. By taking away the age-restricted 3D screen and utilising a tough-as-nails slab shape, it's been a welcome affordable (and durable) option in the market. Nintendo of America is now moving to make it even more...


  • Guide Which Nintendo 3DS or 2DS System Should I Buy?

    There's life in the old dog yet

    Though we have a new generation of Nintendo hardware set to be revealed this year, there's life yet in the current generation. With the 3DS family of systems celebrating its fifth year anniversary in the West, it's worth taking the time to consider how much it still has to offer. With the range of portables...





  • News Yo-Kai Watch 2DS Bundle Coming To North America On November 6th

    Comes with the game pre-installed for $99.99

    Nintendo is releasing a new 2DS hardware bundle to mark the launch of Yo-Kai Watch in North America. The console - which comes with the game pre-installed - will launch on November 6th for $99.99, alongside the game's full retail release. Yo-Kai Watch is the first in a series which has taken Japan by a...

  • News Nintendo's Official UK Store Promotes 2DS Price Cut

    Lots of bundles for under £100

    We're creeping towards the busiest shopping season of the year, and Nintendo like many other companies will be running promotions and bundles to tempt us into parting with our cash. One potential stocking filler for this year, particularly for younger games, could be the 2DS, and in the UK Nintendo's Official Store...


  • News Nintendo 2DS Drops To $99 In North America

    30 bucks off, Mario Kart 7 still included

    Nintendo is slashing $30 off the recommended retail price of the Nintendo 2DS in North America. The price drop to $99.99 comes into effect on August 30th. The system still comes bundled with Mario Kart 7. Nintendo is hoping that the price drop will boost the sales of Little Battlers eXperience, which...




  • News GAME is Selling a 2DS + Mario Kart 7 for £79.99

    Perfect for little 'uns, or young-at-heart big 'uns

    Though the New Nintendo 3DS is now just a few weeks away, it won't be the perfect option for everyone. The 2DS - with its tablet design and 2D-only screen - is targeted at young children, or those that fancy a change from Nintendo's clamshell systems. For those in the UK that have been...





  • News Nintendo UK Details The 3DS & 2DS "Made For Play" Tour 2014

    Climb Bowser’s Castle and meet Mario, Luigi and Pikachu

    Nintendo UK has released details on its 3DS & 2DS Made For Play Tour 2014, which will visit five UK cities this summer and give both parents and their children the chance to see the latest games and take part in fun activities. The tour will feature themed sections — such as Mario's...


  • News Nintendo UK Store's Kirby Hypernova Pack Aims to Suck You In

    2DS deals everywhere

    If you've not yet picked up a 3DS — what are you doing? — then the 2DS is perhaps a tempting option. Released by Nintendo to target a young demographic, it also provides a slightly lower entry point than the standard and XL 3DS models; all you lose is the 3D effect and clamshell design. When it last provided figures...

  • News "Play Nintendo" Tour Rolling Through the U.S. this Summer

    Play 2DS/3DS games! Sit in Yoshi eggs! Poke Kirby!

    To "play Nintendo" was once a phrase attributed to the use of just about any electronic entertainment device. Not so much anymore, with the wider variety of choices out there, but Nintendo is bringing the term back somewhat with a 12-city summer tour. The Play Nintendo Tour, running from 6th...

  • News 2DS Hardware Bundle With New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coming on 4th July

    It's all about the coins, remember

    In its recent financial results, Nintendo confirmed that over two million 2DS systems had been sold since its launch in October 2013, a solid return considering its arguably limited demographic. The company remains keen to promote the system, particularly to young gamers, and has now announced a new bundle set for...






  • Weirdness It's Finally Here, a Labrador Retriever-Themed 2DS Case

    Paws for thought

    When the 2DS launched Nintendo also weighed in with official colour-matching cases, a necessity due to the tablet form stripping away the screen protection of the original clamshell design. It's only natural that third-party companies join in with their own versions, and one that's been confirmed for the UK market is the pictured...





  • Hardware Review Nintendo 2DS

    We spend some time with the newest member of the 3DS family

    When the 3DS first launched and showed the world exactly how incredible glasses-free 3D gaming could be, it was quickly dismissed by many as a gimmick and a dying fad. Now, almost three years and 30 million shipped units later, the 3DS is one of the strongest consoles on the market, and...

  • News Junichi Masuda Confirms That the Pokémon X & Y Overworld is 2D Only

    "We really wanted to make the overworld as beautiful as possible"

    There has been some online chatter over the past 24 hours suggesting that the overworld in Pokémon X & Y is 2D only, naturally leading to some disappointment amongst all of the hype around the title. Speaking to Digital Spy, director Junichi Masuda confirmed that to be the case,...

  • News Without iOS Support Nintendo "Doesn’t Reach Today’s Kids" Says Apple Advocate John Gruber

    Tech Bloggers Go To War Over Nintendo's Future

    The unexpected announcement of the 2DS has led to some rather interesting opinion pieces appearing online, many of which actually defend Nintendo's move and see the cut-price console for what it truly is: an entry-level proposition that is sure to find its way under many Christmas trees this holiday...

  • Rumour Nintendo Renaming The 3DS Page On Facebook

    "Nintendo Handheld Gaming" looks set to replace it on 19th September

    Nintendo is renaming the Nintendo 3DS Facebook page, according to an email sent from the social network to a selection of people who like the page. When Facebook pages change their names, an email is sent out by the social network to inform people of the change. Nintendo hasn't...

  • News Nintendo UK Preparing Major Advertising Push For Pokémon X & Y and 2DS

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf has had the most video game TV ads in the UK

    The Holiday season means big bucks in major gaming territories as parents, children and older gamers all look to spend plenty of money on the systems and games that tickle their fancy. This year promises to be one of the most crowded and competitive seasons in recent memory, with...

  • Weirdness This 1DS Spoof is Remarkably Well Done

    Or the 1Dees, as ABC news would call it

    The 2DS has, despite its obvious reasons for existence in the market this Holiday season, been open to plenty of incredulity and mockery online. That was its inevitable fate, as no amount of logic — or the fact it's not threatening anyone — will spare it some teasing on the web. We must doff our caps to...


  • Round Table Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii U Price Cut

    It's going to be a bumpy ride

    This week certainly wasn't dull in the world of Nintendo. To the surprise of everyone, Nintendo announced the 2DS, a member of the 3DS family that abandons the clamshell design and, yes, the 3D effect. The initial reaction was generally of bemusement, yet Nintendo's target audience of young children and uncertain...

  • Weirdness ABC News Tells Us All About How the 2Dees Can Play 3Dees Games

    Also the Wii 32GB model, which strangely looks like a Wii U, gets a $50 cut

    This week Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime did what almost any Executive in his position would do, he stated that the Wii U name wasn't the issue with the system, but did point out other areas that clearly have held the console back to date. That said, it's also clear...

  • Talking Point Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to the 2DS and Wii U Price Cut Reveals Wasn't Surprising

    When going Direct isn't the right call

    Yesterday may have brought huge Nintendo news, giving the company coverage on any technology or gaming site that you'd care to mention, but how that news was disseminated was interesting. With major releases we've become accustomed to short-notice Nintendo Direct broadcasts, which build hype and then drop the...

  • News Nintendo 2DS is Actually Made With Just One Screen

    An interesting innovation

    Earlier today Nintendo formally announced the 2DS, which is essentially a 3DS that doesn't show images in 3D. Interestingly, it does not feature the typical clamshell design we're all used to and it turns out that would have been pretty tough to accomplish, as the 2DS is in fact made up of just one screen — the...

  • Reaction Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2DS and Wii U Price Cut

    Some NL staffers share their thoughts

    Well, today wasn't a sleepy Wednesday for Nintendo. Somewhat out of the blue, both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe issued some major announcements. Nintendo of America gave more specific details on release dates for the most notable games of the Holidays, but both regions were united in revealing the...

  • News 3D Gaming is Very Much A Part of Nintendo's Future Plans

    "We don't want to walk away from that at all"

    If you haven't heard, Nintendo has announced the latest addition to its handheld family, the 2DS. Many people are wondering what this means for the 3D feature incorporated into the 3DS and 3DS XL and Nintendo has been quick to point out it is still very much a part of its future plans. In an interview...

  • News Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D

    $129.99 price, launches in October

    Update: GAME has rather quickly revealed its UK pricing for the 3DS, detailed below. It has a price of £109.99 and includes a 4GB SD card, as well as a charger — the 3DS XL does not include a charger in Europe. Original article: Well, that was unexpected. Nintendo has just revealed the latest addition to its...