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  • News New My Nintendo Discounts Go Live In Europe

    Mario Golf! Chibi-Robo! Wonderful 101!

    A host of new discounts have gone live on the My Nintendo site in Europe. As usual, we're looking at 3DS and Wii U content here. All of these discounts are active until April 1st. No fooling. 3DS Discounts 20% Discount on Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo eShop): 250 Platinum Points 30% Discount on...




  • News My Nintendo Updates with New Kirby and Star Fox Rewards

    Along with plenty of others

    It’s pretty safe to say that the My Nintendo rewards service has been disappointing to many, although it has been showing some signs of improvement in more recent months as the rewards have been ever so slowly getting better. Whether or not that upward trend has been continued will be up to you to decide, but Nintendo...





  • News My Nintendo Gets a Fresh Batch of Rewards

    The new Nintendo Direct wasn't our only gift from Nintendo

    My Nintendo has added new rewards as a celebration of the upcoming Spring holiday season with Yoshi, of course, leading the way in North America. Similarly there's 'Springtime Fun' in Europe that also includes some Pikmin 3 discounts. For North America, you can find the following rewards on...



  • News New My Nintendo Rewards Try to Show The Love for Valentine's Day

    Tainted love?

    Well, as it's February it's time to shoehorn in references to Valentine's Day, the season of love, tacky cards and over-priced chocolates. Maybe just focus on the first thing there and forget the Hallmark nonsense, we'd suggest. As it's also the start of the month it's time for new My Nintendo rewards, with Nintendo of America...


  • News My Nintendo's New Year Rewards Add Some Fresh Discounts

    Mario! Wario! Yoshi and more!

    With a new year underway little time was wasted in adding some additional rewards to My Nintendo, with new options landing on 1st January. Anyone hoping for exciting surprises to kick off 2017 may feel underwhelmed, but there are nevertheless some quality games now on discount. Details for Europe and North America are...


  • News My Nintendo Rewards Site Gets A Fetching Facelift

    New rewards and "Child Accounts" available, too

    The My Nintendo rewards programme hasn't been running all that long but Nintendo has already given the main site something of a makeover. Almost every element of the site has been updated, with a new main page and refreshed sections for current rewards, points balances and ongoing missions. There are...



  • News My Nintendo Adds More Rewards for Discounts in Europe

    Bayonetta! NES Remix 2! Mario Golf: World Tour! More!

    As another month gets under way there are updated My Nintendo rewards to consider in Europe. It's worth remembering that short term Nintendo Selects discounts were added earlier in the week, whereas today they're the more 'typical' additions. No full downloads have been added this time, so we...


  • News New Rewards Are Now Available On My Nintendo

    Kirby! Yo-Kai Watch 2!

    If you've got a wealth of coins to spend on your My Nintendo account then you might want to visit the rewards site today as some new items have just gone live. For 200 coins you can get either a Kirby Robobot Armor T-shirt or Kirby & Qbby (of BOXBOY fame) T-shirt, both of which can be used in Miitomo. In North America, a...

  • News More Discounts Added to My Nintendo Rewards in North America

    A mix of old and new

    Alongside everything else going on today we've had updates to the My Nintendo rewards. We've already reported on the offerings in Europe, and the North American details revolve exclusively around discounts. In total nine more games have discounts; there's a mix of retail and smaller downloads, with some Virtual Console titles...

  • News Nindies and DLC Included Among New My Nintendo Rewards in Europe

    Full DLC option and discounts on offer

    We've been waiting for the next batch of My Nintendo rewards, and with the first day of the month rolling around some additional options have now been confirmed for Europe. We're not sure they're going to blow any minds, but do include discounts and one full code for some high quality content. Overall we have...



  • News Two More Discounts Arrive on My Nintendo in Europe

    A classic and some ninja action

    My Nintendo in Europe has frequent but small updates, no doubt designed to keep users interested and logging in regularly. Two mid-month discounts have now arrived in the region to tempt us to part with our Gold and Platinum points. There's one discount apiece for Wii U and 3DS, one being Virtual Console and another...

  • News More Discounts and Downloads Arrive on My Nintendo in Europe

    Taking flight

    Pinch, punch, start of a new month. Nintendo of Europe has added a small batch of new Rewards to My Nintendo in the region, and as is normal is going for smaller and regular updates in comparison to Nintendo of America. This time around we have two full downloads - or rather one across two platforms - along with a handful of...

  • News ​New My Nintendo Rewards Are Now Available in North America

    Not bad, not bad...

    The highly anticipated My Nintendo program launched a few months ago, though it seems that response to it has vastly cooled down since. The bulk of rewards are Miitomo outfits and coupons for digital games that usually can be found cheaper in physical form, which has understandably upset those who had higher expectations...











  • News Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for September

    Take to the skies and march with the minis

    It's that time of the month when Nintendo offers up some tasty rewards for North American Club Nintendo members to enjoy. This year really is flying by isn't it? Two Wii Shop and two 3DS eShop games will be available to download in exchange for your hard earned coins and of course Wii U owners can access...


  • News Club Nintendo Rewards Get Active for August

    Going retro and training your brain

    It's that time again, North America, when you can trade your Club Nintendo coins for a free downloadable game. This week has an undoubtedly retro feel, with a good variety on option for redemption as 3DS or Wii Shop downloads — the latter can also be accessed on Wii U via the Wii Mode. There are a couple of...









  • News June's Club Nintendo Rewards are Here

    A little bit of everything

    Saving those Club Nintendo Coins for a special occasion? Well, it's a new month, and that means new rewards. Here's what North American Club Nintendo members can choose from now. 3DS Virtual Console: Donkey Kong (Game Boy) — 100 Coins. DSiWare: Brain Age Express: Sudoku (this reward is only available through the 3DS...


  • News May's Club Nintendo Rewards Are Up Now

    Here's what they are

    It's a new month and that means new rewards for Club Nintendo members in North America. Here's what you can spend your coins on before 31st May. WiiWare: Snowpack Park (Nintendo, 150 coins) — A game full of penguins, read our Snowpack Park review. Eco Shooter Plant 530 (Nintendo, 200 coins) — Developed by Fire Emblem studio...



  • News March's Club Nintendo Rewards Are Up Now

    Coins at the ready

    It's 1st March, which means the North American Club Nintendo just updated with its new digital offerings. Coin-holders can exchange their hard-earned currency for three downloadable games, which are: Art Style: Cubello (WiiWare) — 100 CoinsMario's Picross (3DS Virtual Console) — 100 CoinsRadar Mission (3DS Virtual Console) —...






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