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  • News WayForward And Arc System Works Announce River City Girls

    Joining forces to work on a classic IP

    Earlier this month, a game rating was spotted for a new title called River City Girls. It has now been officially confirmed the independent game development studio WayForward (responsible for Shantae) and Arc System Works (known for game series like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear) will be collaborating on this brand...


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    Review River City: Rival Showdown

    Come get some!

    Following on from last year’s River City: Tokyo Rumble, Natsume is taking the rough ‘n’ tumble Kunio-Kun out for another spin in a follow up action game. River City: Rival Showdown largely follows the same beats as its predecessor, but refines many of its ideas down into a tighter and more enjoyable experience. Though it still...


  • News Natsume Confirms Two River City Games for 3DS This Year

    Knights of Justice and Rival Showdown

    Earlier this week Natsume confirmed that River City: Knights of Justice is coming to 3DS in the West; now we have a release window for that game and news of another entry in the series due this year. First off, Knights of Justice will be a 3DS eShop release and is due in the summer - some PR spiel and one of...