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    Review River City: Rival Showdown

    Come get some!

    Following on from last year’s River City: Tokyo Rumble, Natsume is taking the rough ‘n’ tumble Kunio-Kun out for another spin in a follow up action game. River City: Rival Showdown largely follows the same beats as its predecessor, but refines many of its ideas down into a tighter and more enjoyable experience. Though it still...


  • News Natsume Confirms Two River City Games for 3DS This Year

    Knights of Justice and Rival Showdown

    Earlier this week Natsume confirmed that River City: Knights of Justice is coming to 3DS in the West; now we have a release window for that game and news of another entry in the series due this year. First off, Knights of Justice will be a 3DS eShop release and is due in the summer - some PR spiel and one of...