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  • News NPD Results Highlight Record-Breaking Nintendo Switch Launch

    "March 2017 will go down in history books"

    Last week Nintendo got ahead of the NPD results to highlight the impressive success of the Nintendo Switch launch in the US - among the statistics shared was an attach-rate technically above 100% for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, allied with over 900,000 console sales making the system Nintendo...




  • News October NPD Results Show the 3DS Experiencing Steady Growth

    Five months straight of higher year-on-year sales

    With the Nintendo Switch just on the horizon, many have wondered how it will impact Nintendo's business strategy in the coming months and years. It's obvious that the Wii U is being put out to pasture – the console's already ceased production – but what of the 3DS? Nintendo has shown that...











  • News Nintendo Confirms Seven Million amiibo Sales in the US

    Splatoon also continues to sell well

    The August NPD results have made their way into the world - these only cover physical retail sales in the US and are, therefore, only relatively representative. Nevertheless they do bring us some updated sales numbers and trends from a vital gaming market. From a Nintendo perspective the software top 10 brings...















  • News NPD Q1 Spend Shows 1% Drop Despite Substantial Hardware Boost

    It's a tough market out there

    In recent weeks our coverage of the Japanese chart results has shown a certain pattern — sales are low and showing a lack of momentum. Despite two new home consoles in the past six months and Nintendo beginning to step up its efforts with both Wii U and 3DS, the latest figures for US retail sales are also showing a...

  • News Wii U Software Has a Boost in U.S. Sales as LEGO Takes Over

    Decent portable LEGO sales for Nintendo

    In what's one of the quietest NPD sales updates of recent times, some limited details have emerged of April physical retail sales in the U.S. There's a relatively minor piece of positive news for the Wii U, while the software top 10 has an air of familiarity and one brand showing continued strong form. In...


  • News NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U Struggles

    Fingers crossed for May and June

    The latest NPD results covering U.S. physical retail sales are now out in the wild, and they bring mixed news. Hardware sales are up, being driven by PS4 and Xbox One, software is down but, overall, total sales of $1.03 billion represent a 3% increase over the equivalent month last year. Nintendo hasn't issued an...





  • News NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest Wii U Sales

    3DS contributes towards NPD's best November hardware sales on record

    After some speculation over performance during the Black Friday period, the NPD sales results — which cover the U.S. market — have begun to emerge. Nintendo has issued its press release to give its version of events that paint a particularly positive picture for the 3DS, while...





  • News 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Drive Strong U.S. Sales in June

    Over 500,000 copies of New Leaf sold last month

    Today is NPD results day, where physical retail sales for the U.S. are combined with select information that manufacturers decide to provide. In the case of Nintendo, the company has been more than happy to outline its successes in June, largely driven by the 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For the...


  • News 3DS Tops NPD Hardware Sales for May

    Software results at lowest since May 2000

    It's that time again, with the NPD results showing us how game software and hardware sold in the U.S. during May. The headline result, from a Nintendo perspective, is that the 3DS was the highest selling hardware system for the month; no firm number was given, so it's only known that it was more than the...


  • News NPD Results Show Success for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    Ominous silence so far on Wii U figures

    It's that time again — though it seems slightly later than normal — with the NPD figures emerging to show overall games industry sales for March in the U.S. As often happens, Nintendo jumped ahead of the game earlier this week to tell us some impressive sales figures for the 3DS eShop and its software, but...


  • News U.S. February Sales Figures Make Grim Reading for Wii U and Wider Industry

    A marginal increase on January's poor results

    NPD has released its figures for February video game sales in the U.S., and they're not results to give cheer to Nintendo, or even retailers and those invested in the overall traditional gaming market. Taken as an overall sales figure, hardware, software and accessories across the board dropped 25% in...


  • News August NPD Results Are Good Reading for Nintendo

    Mario and 3DS XL boost figures

    As part of a monthly routine that is so vitally important for developers, publishers and the big three console manufactures, U.S. market research firm NPD has released its latest software sales figures for the region, covering 29th July to 25th August. While the news for the industry as a whole is grim reading, a...


  • News Nintendo 3DS Sales Pass 5 Million in U.S.

    Zelda goes gold too

    Nintendo of America sold over 155,000 3DS consoles in June to take the system's total U.S. sales past the five million mark. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D managed to squeak past the one million mark inside a year, joining Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 at the top of the sales tree. Those three titles have sold...


  • News Xenoblade and Kid Icarus Missing from NPD's April Chart

    For different reasons

    The NPD Group has published its list of best-sellers across the United States for April, but two of Nintendo's biggest titles are nowhere to be seen. Xenoblade Chronicles' exclusivity deal with GameStop meant it wasn't eligible for the top ten. Before the official chart analysts from PiperJaffray had predicted the...


  • News The U.S. Sales Results are in for Nintendo

    Not bad, not brilliant

    While Nintendo, or to be precise 3DS, continues to dominate in Japan, it's always interesting to see how the company is performing outside its homeland. In the UK our only regular insight is the weekly software chart, and courtesy of the NPD Group we now have our monthly insight into how the big N is performing in the U.S. In...


  • News Super Mario Galaxy Blasts Past 5 Million Milestone

    Come in, number nine

    Super Mario Galaxy just became the ninth Wii game to pass 5 million units in the United States after just four years on sale. Mario's first intergalactic adventure joins an auspicious list of other games sitting above the 5m mark in the U.S.: Wii Play (13.06 million) Mario Kart Wii (11.3 million) New Super Mario Bros.


  • News NPD Group Reveals America's 2011 Best-Sellers

    Where's Nintendo?

    After we brought you the UK's best-selling games of 2011, the NPD Group has revealed the biggest sellers for the United States. In a truly shocking event, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 outsold the rest, but Ubisoft's rival juggernaut threequel Just Dance 3 edged into second place. As with the UK charts, there are no...


  • News Nintendo Crows About November Sales for Wii and 3DS

    The figures are in

    Now November is long gone it's time to review how Nintendo did in the sales front across the United States. We know the 3DS beat the DS first-year sales in just 8 months, that Mario and Skyward Sword set series sales records, but here's Nintendo's official overview. November was a the biggest month yet for 3DS, with 795,000...


  • News 3DS Sales Jump 260 Percent in US After Price Drop

    Jumps to second place

    The much talked-about 3DS price drop had the desired effect in the United States, helping to shift 235,000 units of the machine in August. Of those sales, 185,000 machines sold after the price drop on 12th August, a 260% increase on the same period in the July. The upped sales were enough to take it to second place in the...


  • News Ocarina of Time 3D was Second Best-Selling Game of June

    United States figures are in

    Although The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D launched in the middle of the month, 11 days was all it took for the Zelda remake to establish itself as the second best-selling single-format game for the month of June. According to independent market research company NPD Group, more than 283,000 copies of the game were...


  • News Pokemon and 3DS Helped Nintendo to a Record-Breaking March

    2.4m critters sold

    Pokémon Black & White were monster sales successes in March, shifting nearly 2.5m units across North America and raking in the dough for Nintendo. The new games, combined with the 3DS launch, resulted in Nintendo's best March ever for portable gaming. In four days on sale the 3DS sold just under 400,000 units, not far behind the DS family's month-long sales of 460,000..




  • News Nintendo Shows Who's Boss of the August Sales Chart

    It's them, taking ten of the top U.S. spots

    The month of July saw Nintendo dominating the U.S. sales charts, shifting more machines than its competition and moving over 192,000 happy homes for copies of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Additionally, nearly 142,000 copies of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1 to 4 were sold, making it the top-selling handheld title. So how was the month of August? Once again, Mario's..



  • News Nintendo Leads U.S. Sales for March

    Mario leaps over the competition

    The independent NPD Group recently assessed March U.S. gaming sales, placing Nintendo systems and games at the top of the list. The DS/DSi and Wii took the top two spots in platform purchases, moving 700.8K and 557.5K units respectively, with Sony's PSP system selling a comparatively unsubstantial 119.9K units. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 hold the third and..



  • News Nintendo Still Dominating NPD Charts

    MotionPlus off to a good start.

    Another month, another Nintendo sales win for the U.S. Despite declining overall hardware sales by 38 percent year-over-year, Nintendo still managed to carve out over half of console and portable sales for the month of June, with Wii moving around 374,000 units and the DS family raking in a bazonga 766,500 handhelds. Observe: All three home consoles saw modest..


  • News Reggie: Wii Games Must Sell a Million to Make a Profit

    That’s a lot of copies, how many have made the cut?

    Unfortunately, not that many. In fact, most games typically sell less than 150,000 copies according to a New York Times article, where Nintendo of America’s head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime shared this interesting information. Fils-Aime said “[one million titles] was a lower threshold than for the other consoles,” and to make that number..

  • News Halo 3 Gets Wii-Fitted

    Bungie's third iteration in its console-profiling Halo series has recently been 1upp-ed in sales by Nintendo's calorie-zapping Balance Board title.

    As well as topping the NPD charts for last month in the U.S of A for what seems like the gazillionth time, Wii Fit has also reached the milestone selling amount of six million (that's a lot of flab dancing about right now). In comparison, the XBox 360's..