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  • News Nintendo's 'Quality of Life' Project Lives On

    "Our aim is to enable consumers to make daily efforts to improve their QOL"

    Way back in 2015 it was suggested that Nintendo's Quality of Life initiative had been put on the back burner following the untimely passing of company president Satoru Iwata. Given that not much has been said about QOL, you'd be forgiven for assuming that Nintendo had...

  • News Sports Direct Buys 25.75 Percent Stake In Embattled UK Retail Chain GAME

    "GAME is pleased that the strategic value of the group has been recognised"

    Controversial UK retail chain Sports Direct has purchased a 25.75 percent stake in GAME, the UK's biggest high street video game specialist. Despite its dominant position in the UK video game market, GAME has endured a difficult year. It recently posted a profit warning,...





  • News Kojima-Free Konami Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks Very Much

    Profits up a whopping 70 percent

    When Hideo Kojima parted company with Konami under a cloud and reports began to appear that the firm didn't have the best track record for staff morale, it seemed as if the veteran publisher was finally planning its escape from the world of AAA video games. However, fast forward to the present and the "new look"...


  • News Veteran Publisher Majesco Exits The Video Game Business

    Merges with a medical tech company, of all things

    Video game veteran Majesco has merged with PolarityTE, a company which operates in the medical industry, signalling its exit from the video game arena. Founded in 1986, Majesco has published titles like Cooking Mama, Data East Arcade Classics, Bomberman Generation, BattleBots and BlastWorks on...





  • News ​Lead and Assistant Designers Quit Nintendo Software Technology

    The unwanted stepchild of Nintendo development teams

    Some of you may be familiar with Nintendo Software Technology, the American studio that Nintendo opened to create games that appealed more to Western markets. Though it was started with the best of intentions, things began to fall apart with the ill-fated Project H.A.M.M.E.R., which seemed to...

  • News Nintendo Reconfirms March 2017 NX Launch And Quality Of Life Concept Development

    NX is a "brand new" concept, as we've been told before

    Nintendo has just published its 2016 Annual Report, and tucked away alongside all of the numbers and figures you'll find some interesting titbits about the company's future products. First up is NX, which was once again confirmed as coming in March next year: Nintendo is also devoted to the...

  • News ​Scott Moffitt is Leaving Nintendo

    Evidently, the departure was amicable

    Though it's easy enough to think of Nintendo headquarters as being something akin to the interior of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, the reality is that it is a corporation that's run by a hierarchy just like any other. Scott Moffitt – Executive VP of Sales and Marketing – is a face and name that many...


  • News Activision Was Closer To Owning Rare Than You Might Think

    Xbox co-creator Ed Fries says it was a close-run thing

    UK company Rare is responsible for some of the best games of the past 30 years, and was once a Nintendo second-party studio thanks to the Japanese giant purchasing 49 percent of the firm. Nintendo and Rare's alliance resulted in titles like Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing, GoldenEye 007,...

  • News Publisher Future Confirms £14.2 Million Takeover Bid For UK Rival Imagine

    The country's two gaming giants are merging

    Future Publishing - the UK media veteran whose portfolio includes (or has included in the past) EDGE, Official Nintendo Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine, Total!, Super Play and many more games mags - has announced that it has agreed terms on a £14.2 million takeover bid for UK-based rival Imagine...

  • News Nintendo Signs Greek Distribution Deal With CD Media SE

    Greece is the word

    Nintendo of Europe has inked a deal with CD Media SE which will see the latter distributing the former's hardware and software in Greece and the Balkan region from October 1st this year. Nintendo has lacked a distribution partner in the territory since the end of last year, when its deal with Nortec Multimedia SA came to an end...

  • News Vivendi Continues To Gobble Up Ubisoft, Bit By Bit

    Media conglomerate now owns 20.1 percent of French publisher

    Media giant Vivendi has increased its stake in French publisher Ubisoft days after wrestling away control of sister firm Gameloft from the Guillemot family. Vivendi has been planning a hostile takeover for Gameloft - the mobile publisher founded by the Guillemots, who are also in charge...






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