Nintendo has revealed that the latest entry in Picross' 'e' series, Picross e8, will be released on Nintendo 3DS in the US on 21st December.

Just like previous titles in the series, this eighth entry will pit players against grid-like puzzles where numbers help to determine which squares should be filled in to create a picture. It's a very simple and easy-to-grasp concept, but it's rather addictive.

Developer Jupiter Corporation has promised that this new entry will retain all of the functions present in Picross e7, whilst introducing brand new puzzles. Also, if you have save data on your console from Picross e, e2, or e3, you'll be able to play "classic puzzles" from those games within Picross e8.

The game will be available for $5.99 when it launches this Thursday on the 3DS eShop in North America; we expect a European release to follow in the very near future as seems to be Picross tradition. Are you ready for a new wave of Picross puzzles for the holidays?