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  • News Fire Emblem Heroes Gets A Helping Of New Content

    Lunatic challenges & bonus login

    For those still picking up their daily bonus in Fire Emblem Heroes, you may have noticed a few more gifts than normal from simply signing into your account; This is because Nintendo of Japan has been running a special Fire Emblem Heroes quiz over on Twitter. After fans successfully answered 5 questions regarding the...

  • News Super Mario Run Is Finally Coming To Android Next Week

    At long last!

    Super Mario Run has been available on iOS for quite some time now, but Android users have had to endure quite a painful wait for the Italian plumber's debut smartphone adventure. An Android launch window of March was confirmed some time ago, but the majority of the month has passed without any confirmed release date - until now, that...

  • News A Large Update Is Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes in April

    Inherit skills! Hero Merit! New combat rules!

    It's been about a month now since Fire Emblem Heroes released, and admittedly it seems like the hype around the game has died down rather quickly. Still, Intelligent Systems has been keen to keep the game updated with a regular supply of new events and heroes, and it seems that a rather large update is...









  • News Nintendo Clarifies Reasoning for Pokémon GO Plus Release Delay

    Preparations for updating the app are cited

    The Pokémon GO hype has been quite something to behold, though it's calming down a little despite the app's continuing success. As we heard earlier in the week, the Plus accessory - which allows you to receive updates and play aspects of the game with the press of a button - was pushed back to September,...

  • News Pokémon GO Updates to Make Game "Respectful" of Private Institutions

    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum already removed from the game

    The rapid rise of Pokémon GO has brought plenty of benefits, fostering communities of fans and helping players explore and get exercise. There can be negatives, however, and not just in terms of absent-minded players being robbed of their phones. There have been multiple reports of...

  • Random Pokémon GO Road Signs Are a Reality

    Dutch event made cool signs that were stolen, entrepreneurs steps up

    The Pokémon GO craze has various weird and wonderful parts to it - we're had many bizarre PR emails plugging GO 'walkers' that you pay to play the game for you, and even 'recharging rescuers' in town centres. Where there's a craze, there are entrepeneurs seeking opportunities...

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