Funko isn't the only company turning your most beloved characters into oversized caricatures. Over in Japan, gachapon maker Panda no Ana has been making a name for itself with Shakurel Planet - a range of toy-capsules that contain miniature animals with oversized jaws - and it's now turned its attention to the cutesy world of Kirby and the Dream Land.

Gachapon (which refers to a long-running craze in Japan for toys and other items dispensed from vending machines) is big business in the East, so the new line - which includes Kirby, Whispy Woods, Meta Knight and plenty more - is bound to cause a stir in both the 'blind bag' and the 'toys with massive jaws' communities.


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The Kirby Shakurel will be making its way to Japanese vending machines very soon. While they're highly unlikely to get a similar release over here, would you want to import one? Does a chiseled Meta Knight float your boat? Let us know below!