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  • News Arzest Emerges as Developer of Hey! Pikmin


    Hey! Pikmin, the 2D platforming portable take on the much-respected series, is heading to the 3DS in July. Of course some have wondered about its status within the series, though the name and style has always implied it's a portable spin-off as opposed to 'Pikmin 4'. That impression has only been solidified by the news of the game's...

  • News Layton's Mystery Journey is Coming to 3DS in Japan on 20th July

    That reminds us of a puzzle!

    Update: In happy news, it's been confirmed that this is due for a Fall / Autumn in North America and Europe. Original Article: After flirting with the idea for a dramatic change of direction in the Layton series after its first six releases on DS, 3DS and some smart devices, Level-5 shifted towards a more subtle...

  • News Evergreen Nintendo Switch Titles Stay in UK Charts as Yooka-Laylee Makes a Mark

    Playtonic's game fares relatively well on PS4

    The UK charts are out following this week's Bank Holiday, and the results are relatively predictable, with an absence of major retail releases allowing established titles to shift around in the top 40. Perhaps most notable, albeit irrelevant from a Nintendo perspective, is that the retail version of...

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