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    Review Mario Sports Superstars

    ​Jack of all trades, master of none

    Ahh sport, the great equalizer of the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether you're a red Toad, a blue Toad, or made entirely out of metal, athletes of all kind are welcome to set aside their differences and gather together in the name of friendly competition. From kart racing to hurdle hopping, Mario and company have had...

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  • News Dragon Ball Fusions Sneaks Into UK Top 40

    Pokémon Sun is still outshining Pokémon Moon

    The hope is that, in two weeks, we'll be looking at a UK top 40 games chart that has a decent number of Nintendo Switch releases near the top end. Time will tell on that, but for now we're limited to a small number of 3DS titles carrying the fight. Dragon Ball Fusions finally arrived in Europe and,...

Saturday18th Feb 2017

  • News RPG Maker Fes and Culdcept Revolt Set for Summer Arrivals on 3DS

    NIS America continues to localise intriguing titles

    NIS America is well-known for taking on the localisation of games out of Japan that, otherwise, would likely never see the light of day in the West. During an event in San Francisco it's now confirmed two more 3DS titles that it's bringing to North America and Europe. First up is RPG Maker Fes,...

Friday17th Feb 2017

  • News Poochy & Yoshi Offer Tips For National Love Your Pet Day

    Treat your pooch(y) today

    We're still feeling bloated from over-indulging on the recent National Pizza Day, but before you know it now it's the snappily-titled National Love Your Pet Day. Our friends over at Nintendo of America have helpfully sent over a charming infographic with Poochy and Yoshi offering 10 tips about how to honor your adorable...

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  • Talking Point Considering Nintendo's Portable Future

    It's all about the target audience

    The DS attracted an incredibly broad range of gamers, as its sensational sales attest, and the 3DS has also achieved positive results drawing in gamers of various types. Nintendo has also released variations of the 3DS for different audiences, too, with the 2DS - as an example - primarily pitched as a budget option...

  • Video 3DS Visuals Go to Battle With PS4 / Pro, With Predictable Results

    3DS wins, obviously

    Not so long ago we made a video comparing Yoshi's Woolly World to Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, with the lead-in that of course they're not truly comparable, as such, but that Good-Feel had done a jolly good job of bringing the title to the portable. After all, the 3DS does impressive things with a GPU that's six years old...

  • News Steel Empire Gets Permanent Price Drop In North America

    To celebrate Valentine's Day, apparently

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5Yb3IZnjtM Teyon has revealed that from today the critically-acclaimed 2D shooter Steel Empire will cost just $9.99 on the North American 3DS eShop. The 66 percent reduction in price is to celebrate Valentine's Day, and what better way could there possibly be to mark this...

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