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  • News Mario Party: The Top 100 Gets a New Festive Release Date in Europe

    It's par-tay time

    Mario Party: The Top 100 is out now in North America - yes, we're working on bringing you a review - and promises much, combining some of the most popular games in the IP's history. It's been one of those split releases, though, with Nintendo of Europe previously stating it'd arrive in January. In a move somewhat reminiscent of...

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    Review Kirby Battle Royale

    With added cheese

    When Nintendo confirmed a 'multiplayer-focused' Kirby title plenty speculated over the approach it would take, but Kirby Battle Royale ultimately delivers a rather predictable spin-off release. What we have, once you get past an initial introduction that suggests a different style entirely, is a minigame collection, one...

  • News The Results of the First Kirby Copy Ability Poll Are In

    Guess what won?

    Kirby has got a good year ahead of him, with the spin-off Kirby Battle Royale due out on the 3DS later this year and with Kirby Star Allies on track to deliver a more conventional Kirby experience sometime this spring. Kirby has always been defined by his copy abilities, so Nintendo has taken to running a poll to see which copy...

  • News Super Mario Maker Updates Are Now Live

    Goodbye, Miiverse!

    The day has finally dawned when Miiverse—Nintendo’s ill-fated attempt at a social network—is seeing its end. Miiverse was an integral part of the Wii U experience, and though the sluggish console OS discouraged heavy usage of it, the network still played a significant role in many games, like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker...

Monday6th Nov 2017

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  • News Get Ready To Party With This New Trailer For Mario Party: The Top 100

    The party returns

    Just when you thought that Nintendo was finished with the 3DS, as units of the Nintendo Switch fly off shelves, here comes Mario Party: The Top 100 to confirm Nintendo's ongoing commitment to its veteran handheld line. If you've played a Mario Party game in the past, you will likely have a good idea of what to expect here. The...

  • News My Nintendo in North America Adds New Sonic Rewards

    50% off games! Wallpapers! Themes!

    Sega enjoyed a good moment in the spotlight late this summer with the release of Sonic Mania, the 2D return to form that the series has been long overdue for. That’s not all the Sonic we’ll be seeing this year, however; Sonic Forces is due out later this month, hopefully to similarly impact the 3D line of Sonic...

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