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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Back in black

The Call of Duty series has come a long way from its humble origins as a Medal of Honor competitor, now standing as a world-conquering video game superpower able to clear release calendars with the mere threat of its presence in a month. On HD platforms, that is, with Nintendo's little white box relegated to answering the call in a much more limited fashion.

But oh, how far Wii've come from the barebones launch port of Call of Duty 3, with each successive entry bridging the feature gap. World at War brought a limited online multiplayer component, and Modern Warfare Reflex fleshed it out for an admirably close port... two years after the game originally released elsewhere and on the day its direct sequel came out (still waiting on that one, by the way).

This time around, Treyarch has topped Reflex in feature parity with the Wii version of Black Ops, plopping the most robust multiplayer suite the Wii has yet seen in a shooter with virtually every feature intact in some capacity. And yes, that includes zombie Nazis.

Regardless of platform, Black Ops is Treyarch's chance to rid itself of the Call of Duty "off-year" label it's been stuck with, and it does so splendidly by way of one of, if not the, best campaign stories the series has ever had and clever new additions to the franchise's stagnating multiplayer formula.

Black Ops is set against the backdrop of the Cold War, starting with an American assassination attempt on Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs and a subsequent tour through the Vietnam War among other locales. Unlike past games where the story weaved between American, British and Russian forces, Black Ops largely focuses on one man: special forces operative Alex Mason. The story unfolds through a series of flashbacks as Mason is interrogated by unknown persons, mostly following his exploits as well as a handful of supporting characters. While the action is still fairly bombastic, Treyarch does a better job than Infinity Ward at creating a believable action movie plot — especially after the ridiculous black holes of Modern Warfare 2's script. The entire single-player package buys into the setting wholesale; even the little things, like intel collected in stages to restore text redacted from classified documents, do a lot to sell the story.

Series veterans will find that Black Ops plays by and large just like every other Call of Duty game, with tons of scripted events and action sequences that play out in the way for which the series is known and copied. The biggest addition to the campaign is a helicopter that appears during the Vietnam section, so if you've tired of Call of Duty gameplay and brand of action then you'll not find much new here to convince you otherwise. If you're not, you'll find plenty to love.

And if you're here for the multiplayer (which, let's face it, you probably are), you'll likely find something new to love among the wealth of additions. The biggest fundamental change is related to unlocking weapons, perks and equipment: the new CoD Point currency. Instead of being automatically added to your arsenal at specific stages, items are now made available at certain levels and must be purchased with CoD Points for use. This allows you to buy only what you want to use and build up a character suitable to your own play style much quicker than before, but on the flipside it kills some of the incentive to level up further once you're able to buy the equipment you want. Better weapons and perks unlock the higher you go, but if you don't have your heart set on them then you might peak equipment-wise earlier than you otherwise would. For those in need of some practise and tips for multiplayer, there's a separate training mode to help you learn the ropes and not get crushed online if this is your first Call of Duty game.

Apart from normal gameplay, you can boost your CoD Point earnings through Contracts or Wager Matches. Contracts are a great way to add a little extra excitement to your matches: each contract costs a certain amount of Points and if you complete the given task in the time limit given (say, get 25 kills with a certain weapon in 40 minutes of in-match time) you're rewarded with many more Points and even an XP bonus depending on the contract. If you fail to complete the task, then you've lost those Points you invested. Available contracts cycle every few hours so there's usually something new for you to attempt. Wager Matches are new buy-in match types that reward winners with extra Points. Our favourite is One in the Chamber, an intense six-player game of three lives and one-shot kills — the twist is that every player gets a pistol with one bullet, and to get more ammo you need to kill another player.

If you're more of the cooperative type then you can head online (or play offline by yourself) for the popular four-player Zombies mode making its first appearance on Wii. Here you'll need to work together to take out never-ending waves of time-travelling undead Nazis while buying new weapons, rebuilding barricades and generally shooting a lot of things. While welcome, it's a bit disappointing that Wii gamers only get one Zombies map on the disc, but Treyarch's promise of downloadable content through the Wii Shop Channel means that more may come down the line.

Another nice thing about the online modes is that they essentially sidestep all of the things that have given Wii multiplayer a bad name. Friend requests can be made in lobbies without having to send Ally Codes, and you don't have to punch in a 12-digit number to talk to anyone if you use the new Headbanger Headset. Wii Speak owners are out of luck, though, as Black Ops doesn't support that mic. In short, the online experience on Wii is as close as can be to other platforms.

That being said, not all is equal. There are still no killcams, and matches being limited to five on five means that some of the maps feel much too large. A handful of new killstreaks were nixed, as were custom emblems on weapons. Treyarch put in Classic Controller support, and it feels for the most part just the same using a pad scheme on other consoles, although button layout isn't entirely 1:1 due to the lack of clickable analogue sticks — sprint and jump share a button and melee replaces weapon switching, which is now done on the D-Pad. It's still perfectly playable once you're used to it, and pointer players will be happy to learn that those controls feel rock solid with the same degree of customisation as before.

Weapons and explosions sound powerful, and the voice cast puts in generally strong performances. Alex Mason is voiced by Sam Worthington and sounds pretty much like every other role Worthington has ever played. Modern Warfare Reflex did an admirable job downscaling the HD game to the Wii's lesser hardware, and Black Ops is a further step above. Shading and particle effects seem to have gotten a boost and the world looks quite nice running on Wii hardware, although the framerate dips a bit during certain scenes. There are some noticeable cut corners here and there, but nothing that detracts too much. It doesn't look as good as GoldenEye 007, but then again Black Ops wasn't developed with the Wii's strengths in mind.


Thanks to an excessively robust feature suite and developers not treating the console with kid gloves, you're not going to find a finer online multiplayer shooter on Wii than Call of Duty: Black Ops. Solo players looking for an action-packed romp with a strong story will have a grand ol' time digging in to the game's eight-ish hour campaign, and anyone in between will lose hours cracking zombies over the head. Black Ops on Wii may not be the best version of the game out there, but for the console it is unparalleled.

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Zach said:

This sounds awesome. I may buy this for my father in law for Christmas. He was totally into World at War, his gift last year. If I had more time and money, of course, I'd get it for myself too, but what're ya gona do, eh. Anyway, great review, Jon!



DJ_Triforce said:

Really? 9/10? Wow... that was unexpected. Seeing the gameplay of this game really makes me wish that the Wii had better visual capabilities. It's just not as impacting as it's HD counterparts. Still a great game though, if the Wii version is your only option.



Marvelousmoo said:

Based on my experience with this and goldeneye, the two scores were very rightly given and accurately reflect the value of the games. I like IGN sometimes, but this is not one of those times.



Aviator said:

I do like how they did the story this time around. It makes sense, other than the random explosions seen in other CoD's.



Hardy83 said:

I don't blame IGN for giving it an okay store instead of a 9. They HAVE to compare it to the other versions. It's not like their comparing it to Halo or Medal of Honor, they are just comparing it to the other versions of black ops, thus they had to consider if it's worth your money, which obviously it isn't if you have access to another system.
It'll be rare for games like this to score high on any site, because their better brother on another system will just over shadow it.



Coveycomz said:

Once the online connectivity issues are addressed (which are bad currently for many players - check out CoD Black Ops Wii Forum)) I'll be back playing this game's online multiplayer but until then it's back to Modern Warfare Reflex for me, the game looks very promising online but I find it unplayable currently which is a real shame...get to it Treyarch! Great review though



erv said:

Was looking for the best online experience, and will probably get this over goldeneye.

Any sales numbers yet? I hope there's enough people to play against online...?



edhe said:

Better than Goldeneye then?

Because if I buy just one shooter game, it'd have to be one of the two.

Until Activision releases it's inevitable followup.



Jnes4 said:

Allright ! can't wait to pick it up (along with goldeneye) and play it !



nr_09 said:

is it online frame drops in the campain or also in the multiplayer



Boshar said:

I have Black Ops and GoldenEye. So far I prefer Black Ops for the online part.

There is another reason to play the Wii version over the HD counterparts. The Wii mote control setup! I still prefer the Wii mote above the dual analog controls (even compared to the HD consoles).

There are some strange cuts in the single player campaign. Where the HD versions have a boat trip to Laos wit lots of shooting and the Roling Stones soundtrack the Wii version gets a small boat trip with moveable machinegun crosshairs without enemies/bullets and no soundtrack. Why build a MG equiped boat and then do nothing to use it?

I quickly turned off the subtitles because it seems they interfere with the frame rate. The last mission has some strange jumps (looks like they skip a few scenes) and the 'victory' part at the end of the mission has frame drops an sound skips. I would have liked them to just leave out a few objects and concentrate on smoothness.

I stil prefer the butchered single player campaigns with Wii mote over the full HD dual analog control ones. Beter immersion for me with the pointer controls and the trimmed story plays slightly faster. (comparing MW vs MW Reflex and Black ops on XBox and Wii)



outrun2sp said:

Id like to get this even though I have the 360 version. I loved the reflex controls so wouldnt even play this with a classic controller.

Only problem I have with it is no Killcam so its like a campers paradise.



Shiryu said:

Over a week now and my game has not arrived yet. At least it gave me enought time to complete Goldenye, H.A.W.X.2 and started Sonic Colours. Hope this arrives today or tomorrow, else ill go insane. =)



mrPlow said:

Great review! Going to buy this next week, looking forward to the online matches pewpewpew . Has anyone here tested the headset yet, does it work well (excluding the usb-cord :/) ?



Boshar said:


For online multiplayer I'd recommend Black Ops.

For local Multi Player Goldeneye (not available in Black Ops).

For single player I'd go for Goldeneye because you can choose between stealth and gung ho in every level (gives you a reason to play through a 2nd or 3rd time). Black Ops is mostly guns bazing action oriented. If you played the campaign once there is little to come back for.



TheBaconator said:

I have the 360 version and if they play the same and have the same features in the Wii version, it is a much better game then Goldeneye HD graphics or not. In my opinion that is.



Kirk said:

GoldenEye is vastly superior in single player.
Actually has local multi-player.
And more or less the same in online multi-player.
It has better graphics, better presentation, better sound, better level design...
it is possible to get your point across without getting personal, thank you -- TBD



Spoony_Tech said:

Nice review Jon. When I get tired of Goldeneye ill have to pick this up but for now I hate sharing time with to online games and there is to many lifers playing Goldeneye to quit that anytime soon. As for the graphics. They do look a lot better then reflex and for a Wii game that's pretty good.



brandonbwii said:

Question: Can you speak with anyone online with voice chat or do they have to be on your allies list first?

I ask because I played the game and have yet to purchase a headset, yet I can hear others speaking through the television if I leave the voice chat option on.

I agree with you for the most part. I personally do like Goldeneye best. The stealth, the freedom, dynamic music, polish, heck even the "waggle" is well implemented. I guess if you go feature for feature though, and if features=value, then BO is the much better game. Goldeneye is a far more accessible and, dare I say it, "casual" shooter than COD. That actually helps to make 007 better imo.



Timwario said:

"GoldenEye is vastly superior in single player.
Actually has local multi-player.
And more or less the same in online multi-player.
It has better graphics, better presentation, better sound, better level design..."

Couldn't agree with you more.

You'd want to get Goldeneye if you have a Wii. If you want Black Ops get it on PS3 or 360 because the single player campaign looks pretty bad on Wii. Just look at the Gametrailers review and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'd get this only for the multiplayer and get Goldeneye for single player.



The_Fox said:

Kirk clearly hasn't played Black Ops. That won't stop him from whining about this review, however.



irken004 said:

"Since when the f'k did a bunch of mostly linear pre-scripted cinematic sequences that you just run around in become more important than actual f'n gameplay!"

Err... Goldeneye does that too, with lots of quicktime events.

Anywho, I'm excited for this. Improved online mode ftw! The single player looks good too, based on some videos of it I've seen on youtube.



Kirk said:


GoldenEye has various pre-scripted action events and some on-rails action sections but it's pretty obvious you can go through the vast majority of the game at your own pace and approach most situations as you decide, whether that be run and gun or taking ages to take down each guy as silently and covertly as possible. You can literally sneak around a level for ages just checking out the situation, finding little secret vents that allow you to take different paths and stuff, and figuring out exactly how you want to deal with it.

The whole point of GoldenEye is that it's about experimentation, discovery and player choice.

As shown VERY clearly in the video I linked BO is more about pulling you through a game that pretty much plays itself if you don't do what it wants you to do.

There's a major difference between that and gameplay that the player has lots of control over and where the player in a sense determines their own experience for the large part of the game as opposed to having it totally dictated to them and forced down their throats by the developers with very little say in the matter.

GoldenEye is clearly better VIDEOGAME design and Black Ops is more like some kind of modern interactive movie like design experience.

*@ The Fox *

PLEASE show/tell me something this game is doing that Reflex didn't already do similarly or that isn't completely evident in the video link I provided that would mean I simply can't have the slightest clue what this game is like if I haven't played it first hand...

PLEASE show/tell me how I can't have a perfectly reasonable idea of what Black Ops is like if I've played the likes of Reflex already, and seen plenty of gameplay footage of Black Ops, and read plenty of previews and reviews, which make it perfectly clear it's pretty much exactly the same experience...

That's basically like saying I can't possibly have any clue what a new 2D Mario game is going to be like when I've played 2D Mario games for the last 25 years and spent literally hundreds of hours studying these games and the way they are designed...and they are nigh on identical each time around save for some advances in the graphics and stuff and maybe an extra option or two here and there.

Are you seriously suggesting that because the story/settnig is new and a few minor design details have changed it's suddenly a totally unknown quantity and it's somehow absolutely impossible to have a pretty accurate idea of pretty much exactly what this game is like unless you play through the entire game first hand and spend 600 hours online with it, despite the fact I've already played the previous game in the series, which is mostly identical, read countless previews and reviews, and watched loads of direct gameplay videos?

Enlighten me here.



Chrono_Cross said:

GoldenEye's online was awful. The frame rate ruined the game along with no voice chat, and lack of guns/perks/maps. The maps where repetitive and boring unlike BO were they are of high quality. Controls were meh, (I mean you can't even customize them in GE nor BO. In The Conduit you can. Come on Eurocom/Treyarch). Along with that it was too easy to get killed/kills, leveling up was not rewarding as it is in BO, and the game modes were resembled from CoD... which CoD did better.

For example Golden Gun in GE well, CoD's One in the Chamber is MUCH more intense.

I agree with you for the most part. I personally do like Goldeneye best.
Yet you haven't played BO? And your deciding which is better? This isn't no MWR people. This is the real deal.



Kirk said:

@Chrono Cross

I've played GoldenEye online for tens of hours now and apart from lag sometimes, which every single fps I have ever played online suffers from at times, there isn't anything wrong with it at all.

Not having voice chat in no way breaks the experience. The maps are absolutely fine and lots of fun. There's enough guns and perks in there and complaining about stuff like this is just like moaning because there's not enough features listed on the back of a games box as opposed to actually judging what is there realistically. A bigger list of stuff doesn't automatically equal a better experience. It does however mean there's more crap to faff around with that half the time isn't even needed.

Most people agree that Black Ops online is overall better simply because it has more features, although some people I know say regardless of that GoldenEye's online is actually more FUN, but these games are not just about the online multi-player.

To pretty much focus on online and make it a priority above everything else, as though it is vastly more important than any other part of the game, is completely wrong and imo it's a problem with this generation as a whole where people seem to think online is all modern games are about, when the reality is the vast majority of gamers still absolutely enjoy the single player or local multi-player games just as much as any online game and consider those aspects of their games as important if not more so much of the time.

GoldenEye has a brilliant single player story mode, one of the very best this gen imo.

It has a fully featured local multi-player experience that Black Ops doesn't even have, but I'm sure some people think a half-***** Zombie mode is so much better

It has a great online multi-player, regardless of what some people say.

It has better graphics imo, better sound, overall better presentation, better level design (because you can actually do much more than just linearly get pulled and forced through them), and so on.

I know which is the better GAME design.

I know some people don't get what makes great INTERACTIVE GAME design (that's a fact by the way because some people just play the games without ever taking the time to understand game design, which is perfectly fair) and maybe they like the more casual, linear, scripted, and interactive movie like design of Black Ops, but make no mistake, GoldenEye is by far the superior GAME.



Kirk said:

I suggest we all go back and play these games in a years time when all the stupid hype around Black Ops has died down, and we've all beaten the main story modes at least once, so it's more about what the game offers after the initial cinematic presentation focused play-through and how much fun the underlying gameplay actually is, and we'll see which game holds up better overall.

I'll put my money on GoldenEye standing the test of time and repeat play far better, and to me that's the measure of what makes a great game you want to play time and time again as opposed to an interactive movie like experience you'll maybe only play a couple of times at best.

This is so not about online multi-player.



EdEN said:

I was considering buying the PS3 version but since it doesn't have Move support and we all know that Nunchuck+pointer is the best configuration for FPS I'll be getting the Wii version.



Chrono_Cross said:

Your not helping yourself by lying. The frame rate in the game's online is terrible take the Jungle level for example.

Not having voice chat in no way breaks the experience.
Not having it doesn't help neither.

There's enough guns and perks in there and complaining about stuff like this is just like moaning. A bigger list of stuff doesn't automatically equal a better experience.
BO has more. And yes it does it provides a better experience for everyone's preference.

*It has a fully featured local multi-player experience that Black Ops doesn't even have, but I'm sure some people think a half-***** Zombie mode is so much better *
Because... it is. The maps offline are limited and even worse than online. It's boring with four people as well especially when they f*cking screen skip. The offline was hyped way too much. There's no point in getting your friends for this game.

It has better graphics imo, better sound, overall better presentation, better level design (because you can actually do much more than just linearly get pulled and forced through them), and so on.
Nope, nope, nope. The graphics system in GE is better in a way. Offline it's better but online GE's graphics are god awful and the games server's are laggy. The sound I don't know how it's better but okay that's your opinion. Plus BO has nearly three times as many game modes as GE does whcih means its funner and better (there I can be a whiny 11 year old too.).

GoldenEye is by far the superior GAME.
In your opinion but NL begs to differ on that account.



irken004 said:

"This is so not about online multi-player."

Except that the Wii finally has a FPS game with exceptional online multiplayer? Goldeneye's online modes are ok, but this trumps GE just by the fact it has online voice support.

I do agree that GE's singleplayer mode and story is better than CoD BO's



The_Fox said:

That's solid logic right there. You admit to never playing the game and rather base all of your information on the prior games and videos you see online. Your opinion on which is superior is invalidated by not even playing both of them.
Other claims you make that have no basis in reality:

  • The zombie mode is "half-*****". You haven't played it. Your opinion is moot.
  • The fact that you seem to think MW and Black Ops are separated only by mild enhancements.
  • That a game can't be carried by online only gameplay (which isn't the case for Black Ops anyway).

Worst of all, you casually dismiss criticism directed at Goldeneye, while complaining about a game THAT YOU HAVEN"T PLAYED.

let's keep it from being too personal plz :/ -- TBD



LuWiiGi said:

@The Fox WIN.

Anyway, I'm glad Treyarch actually made an effort with this, but I still don't see why they left some features out. I know the Wii is less of a "hardcore" console, but surely they should still treat it the same. Why complain though, it got a 9 after all.



Tasuki said:

Great Review. I was debating on getting this game but I wanted to here what you had to day Jon. I will be looking to pick this one up when I get some money.



koops330 said:

I still think Goldeneye is better and well worth my money but I'm kinda glad to see that they improved call of duty for the wii



Zach said:

I'm going to admit that I haven't taken the time to read all of the above arguments, but I just want to say that despite both being FPS's, it seems to me that this and GoldenEye are two very different games trying to do two very different things and appealing to two very different mentalities. If Black Ops is trying to be a fantastic online game with a good 1 player story mode and succeeds, and if Goldeneye is trying to be a fantastic local multiplayer game with a good 1 player story mode and succeeds, I don't see why they can't both live in the same world.



Varoennauraa said:

I hate it when people talk like HD-Ready is the only reason to buy a game and that Wii-version is automatically weaker despite it has many advantages, and thus do not even consider Wii version as an alternative. I vastly prefer Wiimote aiming over HD-Ready(or PS3's under-HD-Ready) graphics and I have bought many Cods for Wii instead of PS3. I'm pretty good with last gen pads and I tend to be amongst higher rated players, but I never enjoyed playing fps with analog nubs. Wiimote is the first controller to make uncompromised FPS controls and it gives feeling of direct relation to game character which strengthens immersion, even in less immersive games, much more so than even keyb+mouse.

Wiimotes accuracy and dexterity is as much an opinion as HD-Ready graphics on XBox or sub-HD-Ready graphics on PS3. Wiimotes precision is a fact. Somebody might say that they don't like it for what ever reason, perhaps because they are not accustomed to it, but it is more precise and more agile method to control FPS's and Wiimote does make games faster and more fluid, and ultimately more fun. It makes games even look better in my twisted view, as clumsy last gen controlled characters move more like boats than people, which looks more profoundly awkward than Wiis low resolution.

In these conversations somebody always says, that "well Wiimote is not perfect either" to defend last gen pads, but its certainly more suited for fps controlling than analogue nubs. Wiimote+nunchuck is ideal fps controller in living room. I just hope that they start to use nunchuck more efficiently as well, because for example grenades in Conduit was piece of best playability in gaming history. Shame that Activision didn't copy that! Button grenades are just not as fast to use while shooting at the same time.

While I tend to play fps's on PC, Wiimote is just too fun alternative to mouse, and Wiimote+nunchuck has many advantages over keyb+mouse.



Token_Girl said:

If you only have a Wii and are:
Interested in primarily local multiplayer: Get Goldeneye
Interested in primarily online multiplayer: Get Black Ops.
Interested in primarily single player: Get friends or Metriod Prime Trilogy.

If you have both the Wii and an PS3/360 and are:
Interested in local and online multiplayer: Get Goldeneye on Wii and Black Ops on PS360.

Problem solved. You're welcome.



Varoennauraa said:

Or, If you have both the Wii and an PS3/360 and are:
Interested in local and online multiplayer: get Goldeneye and Black Ops on Wii, while waiting for Conduit 2.



turtlelink said:

Blah Blah Blah Another review, another argument.
Great review Jon. Though I think Sticks and Stones is the better wager game.



Hokori said:

@Locky Lock, No id rather have a frisbee of KEY or M: OM because ull be giving the people $$$, if you dont buy it thats better



BulbasaurusRex said:

What do you mean "Black Ops on Wii may not be the best version of the game?" It has very little content cut from the other versions, and with the vastly superior gameplay provided by the Wii's controls, the Wii version is clearly the best one.

If only they hadn't made it so gory to get an M rating, then I would consider eventually getting this.



Nintendaholic said:

Man, every one complaining on here about how it sucks that goldeneye does not have voice chat. Try using your phone if your only playing with one of your friends.



The_Fox said:

Oh, there are plenty of legitimate reasons people find the wiimote inferior to a stanard controller for FPS title. Let's not drag that up again here, though: there are like 20 different threads you can argue it in.



Z_Bone said:

I have Goldeneye and haven't played Black Ops yet, but I think Goldeneye is fantastic and I think Black Ops looks good too. I can only compare Goldeneye to MWR and WaW, but I personally think the maps in Goldeneye are a lot better than any COD map I've played on (Treyarch has a history of making really awful maps, btw). I also like that weapon power is more realistic in goldeneye. In COD, the weapons take an obscene abount of bullets to kill someone, and don't get me started on the pistols. It takes like four or five shots from the 50 cal desert eagle to kill someone. What? I never liked sniping in COD but I love it in Goldeneye. Shotguns sucked in COD but are awesome in goldeneye, as they should be. All the weapons seem to have the right amount of power in goldeneye, except the nerfed AK-47. Black Ops at least has a headset, but do I really need to here a whiny, foul mouthed 13 year old screamin in my ear? I'll pass.

And one more thing I'll say: in COD games for wii, the lag was always so bad that hit detection was unbearable. You had to lead them by a few feet if they were running perpendicular to you. In GE, it's spot on and almost never lags for me.



Chris720 said:

To be honest, I gave up on the CoD series after MWR. I mean, lets face it, there's gonna be a new CoD every year, so basically all your doing is shelling out 40-50 quid just to be played for a year, more-or-less.

Whereas GoldenEye feels unique, and just feels a more well-rounded experience over all. The only reason I would buy BO for, is Zombies Mode.

I wouldn't play on multiplayer due to the fact, you will most likely have a 10 year old screaming down your ear "Ahhh you beep*ing killed me you *beep"

It always happens... and BO just feels the same old CoD, I've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

CoD is boring, its time it died.



Z_Bone said:

I do thank Treyarch for putting the effort into making a good game for Wii that is close to matching all the features of the HD console versions. I wish the wii got more support like that.



Slapshot said:

Great Review Jon!

Love the Wii've that was slick

Glad to see the Wii is getting a great port of the game!



GammaGames said:

this is a great game! The story is epic, even though it was a little confusing at first. I love how on the news they said in Black Ops you get to assasinate Castro XD did they not want to give spoilers about SPOILER BELOW
how do didnt actually?
And, yes. it is a campers paradise. Especially in NukeTown, I'm a big time camper, laying behind the bunkbed in the yellow house pickin off people who charge in.



Varoennauraa said:

@The Fox

Oh please, DO drag those "plenty of legitimate reasons" here, because I sure haven't seen them in any of the numerous forums I read/write in.



The_Fox said:

What part of "plenty of threads here to argue it " did you not catch? It's been done to death. Feel free to look up any of them if you want to rehash it for the millionth time. I have no intention of cluttering the comments here with it.



The_Fox said:

@ zachts98
Yes, Black Ops has online multiplayer. (no online co-op, sadly)



cheapogamer4life said:

Relly enjoyed the local multipalyer from MWR so I'll be picking this one up when the time is right(price down,ftw).



PiribroH said:

Stop arguing and go back to the games that you like to play.

Too bad it doesn't have a split-screen co-op but neither has Goldeneye. Well I'll probably get both of them at some point.



brandonbwii said:

@Chrono Cross
I HAVE played Black Ops. Just because I had a question about it doesn't mean I haven't played it. While Kirk's hate is a bit unwarrented as I like both, the edge does go to Goldeneye imho.

This was also a very nice and very informative review. I like how Jon mentioned the notable omissions in Black Ops for Wii. IGN just cut and pasted a review and mentioned of features in the Wii version that didn't exist.



Chinch said:

Hi all I am new to this and too have a Wii and have to have CoD BO so I can either get it for Wii(with 2 wii classic pro controllers) or for my PC and just t ask when you guys say it lags do you mean online or just on campaign? On CoD for Wii does it have co-op mutiplayer split-screen?

Thanks a bunch



Junkface said:

I've played both and I like the controls on Black Ops slightly better. The online for Balck Ops just seems to feel smoother. Does anyone know if they will add more maps for zombies later on?



Alphack3r said:

@Hypno1001: ...and if there's any lag at all, you would only be seeing it online...unless you mess with the code no console game should have lag (well, Resident Evil 4 for ps2 was laggy in places, but it wasn't really meant for that system anyway).



Chinch said:

Thanks for the comments guys but my question still remains so I can either get CoD BO for Wii(with 2 wii classic pro controllers) or for my PC.



JonWahlgren said:

@Hypno1001: By "no local multiplayer", I mean you can't play splitscreen, so having two Classic Controller Pros would be useless for this specific game. If you want to do a lot of splitscreen multiplayer, you should get GoldenEye.



Kidpit said:

I think we are all missing the biggest thing here. Does the Wii Version have "Zork" in it like the other versions or not.



Kaluba said:

I did not realize black-ops was for the Wii. I thought it was meant for the HD consoles. Anyways, if you want to buy some games for the HD consoles, this is a great website to buy from:
It's a pretty cool site.



Boshar said:

After playing CoD online I just tried the Goldeneye online part.

Goldeneye feels strangely slow. The movement is slower and the enviroment has less details (looks sharper though). I'm used to the quicker moving & shooting in CoD and like that playstyle beter. For me the Wii version of CoD is beter then the HD CoD. Part of it is the Wii mote but also the fact that there are less player per map changes the experience. The smaller maps feel crowded on the HD CoD. I do mis the HD graphics and at one time I had to readjust to the Wii Mote. The biggest hurdle for dual analog players is that you need a lot of adjustment before the Wii Mote controls work perfectly. Default the turning is to slow and moving the pointer from the screen stops the movement. It might suit beginners but most multi format reviewers leave it at default settings and base their ´review´ on that experience.

Kind of like playing the game on the PC with a cheap low dpi mouse....



Tate24 said:

Just my opinion! but this is my worst online experience ever on wii. Game crashs loads and actually getting online ends up beening mainly pure luck. because most of time you end up seening dreaded error message. Or game freezing up on you:( Am so let down that these problems are still happening and even with update it renders game unplayable. Ive had to hard reset 10 times because of game freezing up:( ive checked online and seen Pc gamers and other wii owners are all having same problem....




mrPlow said:

@75 That's too bad . I also had some stutter/lag online issues but the latest update fixed it for me. Try to set the search mode to regional, it might help.



CaptainDingo said:

I don't remember who it was, but someone earlier in the comments said you can't customize Goldeneye's controls. Just to set the record straight, that's completely untrue. You can customize dead zones, turn sensitivities on both axes, cursor sensitivity, etc. just like in The Conduit and Red Steel 2. Must not have looked around the options enough, but they're there.



HeroOfTime007 said:

This game rips off The Conduit so bad its amazing. Why Treyarch, why?
Anyway, the online in this game is pretty good and for some reason its a lot more stable then the x-box version. I only experienced lag once or twice but they were modes with very few players playing overall.



Splat said:

I freaking love this game thank you to the developers for not watering down the Wii version like so many others do. IMO Black Ops is easily the best FPS shooter on the Wii and the online play is second only to the great Monster Hunter Tri.



SKTTR said:

After reading all this, there's just one option for FPS owners on the Wii:
Buy Metroid Prime Trilogy, GoldenEye and Black Ops.



FullbringIchigo said:

i actually didn't know this game was on the Wii i might have to pick it up now my 360 is dead i can play it on the Wii U and with Black Ops 2 my call of duty fix will be filled

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