Bring out the Brawlers

Let's tell the story of an unknown, completely random Nintendo fan. We'll call him Jim Smatshaw.

Jim was excited for amiibo from the start, and went to a Toys 'R Us as soon as the first wave came out. That night he chose to buy Wii Fit Trainer and Fox, and fortune smiled upon him. Then, limiting himself to three, he tried to decide between the Villager or Mario.

"Surely, I'll be able to pick the Villager up next time!" Jim said to himself. "We should go with Mario, because... Mario!"

Now every time Jim sees one of dozens upon dozens of Mario amiibo stacked up on store shelves, he thinks about the Villager amiibo that he's never seen in real life since that fated day.

Many have their own stories of the One(s) that Got Away, but those in North America seeking some harder-to-find past amiibo for their collections might possibly find some hope in a re-release announced on Nintendo of America's Twitter feed.


So if you need a Shulk, Lucario, Greninja, Little Mac, Fox, or Captain Falcon, you might want to keep an eye on your local stores. It is not fully clear whether Shulk, Lucario, and Greninja, who were previously exclusive to particular stores, will have those same limitations upon their re-release. Reports have stated these figures have shown up in the stock systems of other stores.

Alas, for poor fictional-ish Jim Smatshaw, the Villager and certain others are not yet announced for reappearance.