Kong Pow

If you like to follow fellow Nintendo gamers on Miiverse your options for tracking their gaming habits are nevertheless relatively limited; you're reliant on others actively bothering to post in game communities, in most cases.

Exceptions to this rule include Hyrule Warriors - and a select few other games - that include optional automatic achievement notifications on Miiverse. The Wii U lacks Trophies or Achievements at a system level, but titles like this offer the chance to automatically share snazzy in-game achievements with a nice medal or screenshot; it's a pleasant and low-effort way to show off, at least.

According to the code-scrabblers at The Cutting Room Floor, a mechanic like this was planned for Retro Studios' brilliant platformer Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. A 'Miiverse' strings file has a whole load of strings that are clearly achievements, but for whatever reason this wasn't included in the final product. It's a massive list, but a few of our favourites are below - presumably these would have auto-posted with a screen or medal to Miiverse, as per other titles.

You hit every boss to the max! Flying fists of fury!

You beat the level without taking damage! This Kong is untouchable!

You've completed all the levels on this island! Kong supremacy!

You've filled the diorama gallery! You could stare at it for days!

You bopped 3 creatures in a row! Look, Ma, no ground!

Whoa! You've used Cranky's Cane Jump 10,000 times! Hop to it, gramps!

It seems a pity that these achievements never made it in - frankly, we'd happily have them in a patch, even as the game approaches one year old.

Would you have liked Miiverse achievements in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, or would you prefer that everyone stop showing off? Let us know.

With thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.

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